Hi-Tech Classroom,PSU

Hi-Tech Classroom

In a well-designed and well-equipped classroom the instructor can readily use computer, CD-ROM, CD-Interactive, laserdisc, DVD, music, animation, video, and Web technology in his/her instruction. Hi-tech classrooms provide instructors with a number of enhancements that support the systems of teaching and learning.

Hi-tech classrooms allow instructors to access multimedia materials instantly and display them both proximally on the workstations and distally on the wall screens. Certainly effective hardware and software components are the prime key in providing instructors with several abilities such as:

Computer hardware and software can be used for a variety of purposes in a hi-tech classroom, including presetation of multimedia materials. Think of video as a powerful medium of communication to intersperse with lecture, demonstration, computer presentations, and group discussion.

Video camera (Elmo) is the handiest way for displaying information or real objects. All materials should be uniform in size and format (landscape) to avoid continuos zoom/focus adjusting.

Design Elements

With the introduction of technology into the classrooms, the general design standards such as adequate cabling for voice, video, and data are important. Computer projection adds the need for careful consideration of room darkening capabilities. Also, computer projection adds varying requirements on the mounted projection screens in the classrooms. The ceiling-mounted projectors generally display higher quality images with flat matte rather than glass-beaded screens. Other important areas are: