PSU TV Production

Office of Instructional Media
Division of Learning Resources
Pittsburg State University

Television Production

The main advantages of using video technology for instructing students are:

    Instructional material is better organized as a result of being committed to a video format.

    Instruction missed by students may be made up by students watching a monitor instead of taking up teacher time.

    Students learn more because they can review the lesson presentation more than one time, if necessary.

The Office of Instructional Media is capable of producing a wide variety of high quality materials, including video production. Please use the expertise of our media staff to develop special teaching materials for your students.

    Studio Recording
    State-of-the-art Three-Camera Color Studio
    Location Recording
    Duplicating (subject to copyright regulations)
    Off-air Recording (subject to copyright regulations from Local Television Stations & Satellites)

Our closed-circuit TV system offers a marvelous opportunity for production and playback of high quality video presentations. Off-the-air TV recordings provide our faculty with access to the latest TV programs, nationwide.