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Yale Cemetery Records

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Compiled by Debbie M. Swindle

Willie Dorsey - Died May 27, 1909 - Aged 11 yrs.

The Yale Cemetery (established in 1893) is the final resting place for many African-American coal miners and their families. Most of these coal miners had originally come from the South in hopes of a better future for themselves and their families, and the abundance of mines in southeastern Kansas at the beginning of the twentieth century proved an irresistible opportunity. Even though the community of Yale is in Kansas, the cemetery, located on the east side of State Line Road, three-quarters of a mile north of Highway 160 (which runs just east of the town of Mindenmines), is in Missouri.

The cemetery has evidence of at least 248 graves with only about 15 marked with headstones. If you locate an ancestor among the following and would like to supply a picture to accompany their information, or if you would like more information on the Yale Cemetery, please contact Debbie Swindle (

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