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The Twenty-Sixth Annual Faculty Author Reception (2008-2009)

The Leonard H. Axe Library sponsors an annual Faculty Author Reception to highlight the accomplishments of PSU faculty who have published books and other creative works. Authors, editors, composers and recording artists have been among our honorees.

Book authors

A display cabinet in the Library entrance showcases the book authors. A copy of their work and a photograph of the author is on display several weeks before and after the reception. The authors are present during the reception, and their items are relocated to the Library browsing area.

Each book author has a representative page, showing their works. Navigation boxes allowing you to go to a particular author or Annual Reception page are located at the bottom of every Faculty Author web page. Separate pages listing authors by year and an alphabetical list of authors are also accessible from the Author/Reception navigation box.

Display of other published works

The Library also recognizes authors of other published works such as journal articles, chapters in books, published conference papers, poetry, short stories, art exhibit catalogs, software programs, musical scores, patents, etc. An annual display is created in the Library Browsing Area to feature these authors. Authors submit a copy of the first page of their publications for the display.

Bibliographies of other published works:

Beginning in 1995 a bibliography was created to provide a record of the published works by authors featured in the Reception displays. The bibliographies are in an Adobe Acrobat format.

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