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Ninth Annual Faculty Author Reception (1991 - 1992)

Flyer for the 1992 Reception

The Leonard H. Axe Library held its 16th annual Faculty Author Reception on Thursday, April 30th, 1992, from 3:00 to 4:30 in the Library browsing area. The reception continued the Library's tradition of honoring University book authors and editors.

As a library, we wish to recognize works of PSU faculty published in paper or electronically. University members that have authored, co-authored, or edited books published since last year's Reception will be honored, as well as published creative works such as musical compositions, art exhibit catalogs, or audio recordings.

University authors of journal articles, book chapters, or conference proceedings are also honored with a display at the Reception.

Gene DeGruson

Dust, by Mr. and Mrs Haldeman-Julius; With an Introduction by Gene DeGruson
Topeka, KS: Center for Kansas Studies, Washburn Univ., © 1992

Galen L. Rupp

Polyform, Inc. A Computerized Decision Case for Cost and Managerial Accounting
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, © 1991

William Mark Simmons

When Dreams Collide
New York: Warner Questar, © 1992

Ben S. Vineyard

Advancing in the World of Work/Grades 7-12
Lake Forest, IL: Glencoe, Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, © 1992

Succeeding in the World of Work [5th. ed.]
Lake Forest, IL: Glencoe, © 1992

Donald W. Wilson

The Next 25 Years
Indonesia's Journey into the Future

Jakarta, Indonesia: Yayasan Persada Nusantara, © 1992

The purpose of this second volume is to deal with a selective number of issues that affect the next 25 years of Indonesia's development. It is my desire to look to Indonesia's future, which I believe can and must be positive. Indonesia has great and abundant natural resources, a beautiful archipelago of islands, a diverse and willing population and an untapped potential to be a nation of significant achievement and sharing. The direction that Indonesia takes politically, socially, economically, technologically, educationally and ecologically will determine her future success. The Sixth Repelita (1993 to 1998) will set the tone for Indonesia's future, as will the following four Repelitas. These combined Repelitas, five development and planning periods covering the next 25 years (1993 to 2018), are crucial to national development. In planning for the Sixth Repelita, Indonesia must look ahead 25 years to the year 2018. The incredible changes that are taking place internationally must be studied carefully and understood. The lessons of that analysis must be incorporated into strategic planning and action and in a way that will be acceptable to the unique environment and culture of Indonesia.

- Donald W. Wilson

Paul W. Zagorski

Democracy vs. National Security: Civil-Military Relations in Latin America
Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner Publishers, © 1992

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