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Eleventh Annual Faculty Author Reception (1993 - 1994)

Flyer for the 1994 Reception

The Leonard H. Axe Library held its 16th annual Faculty Author Reception on Thursday April 21, 1994 from 3:00pm to 4:30pm in the Library browsing area. The reception continued the Library's tradition of honoring University book authors and editors.

As a library, we wish to recognize works of PSU faculty published in paper or electronically. University members that have authored, co-authored, or edited books published since last year's Reception will be honored, as well as published creative works such as musical compositions, art exhibit catalogs, or audio recordings.

University authors of journal articles, book chapters, or conference proceedings are also honored with a display at the Reception.

Julie Allison

Rape, the Misunderstood Crime
Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, © 1993

Charles Cagle

The Ballad of Spring River (In: III Novellas, ed. by Philip Miller & Mahlon Coop)
Topeka, KS: Woodley Memorial Press, © 1993

Stephen E. Meats

Looking for the Pale Eagle
Topeka, KS: Woodley Memorial Press, © 1993

Joan Sheverbush

Current Trends and Issues in Nursing: Kansas State Nurses Association president's messages and speeches, 1989-1991
© 1993

Donald W. Wilson

The Indispensable Man Sudomo: The Continuing Journey
Jakarta, Indonesia: Yayasan Persada Nusantara, © 1992

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