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Fourteenth Annual Faculty Author Reception (1996 - 1997)

Flyer for the 1997 Reception

The Leonard H. Axe Library held its 14th annual Faculty Author Reception on Thursday, November 6th, 1997, from 3:00 to 4:30 in the Library browsing area. The reception continued the Library's tradition of honoring University book authors and editors.

As a library, we wish to recognize works of PSU faculty published in paper or electronically. University members that have authored, co-authored, or edited books published since last year's Reception will be honored, as well as published creative works such as musical compositions, art exhibit catalogs, or audio recordings.

University authors of journal articles, book chapters, or conference proceedings are also honored with a display at the Reception.

Donald Baack

How to Survive Your Child's College Education
Secaucus, NJ: Citadel Press, © 1997

Kenneth E. Clow

Services Marketing
New York: John Wiley & Sons, © 1998

Maeve Cummings

Management Information Systems for the Information Age
Boston: Irwin/McGraw-Hill, © 1998

John R. Darling

International Management Leadership: the Primary Competitive Advantage
Binghamton, NY: Haworth Press, © 1997

Whether you're an individual involved in a management training program, a management consultant, an executive manager, or a student of international management or business, you'll appreciate this book's take on the competitive factors of leadership in international business today. As a textbook, "International Management Leadership" provides students with a broad perspective on the practice of managerial leadership and organizational life in the global arena-bringing examples to life and going far beyond what is needed to simply pass a course.

- Haworth Press

Elwyn H. Davis

Processes for Analytical Decision Making
New York: Harcourt, © 1997

Harvey Dean

Changing Education: a Success Story
Dallas: Arete Publishing © 1997

Changing Education chronicles how an education revolution was born of one man's near failure as a student, his experiences as a teacher, and his innovations outside the classroom. Harvey Dean's solution for today's education needs, the Synergistic System, is the tool through which his desire to help make school relevant for student has been realized. Through a hard look at the numbers, and with a finger on the pulse of a growing teacher frustration, he addresses the challenges we face by schooling 21st century students with 19th century methods, while detailing how an easy-to-transfer "systems approach" to teaching has revolutionized more than 1,300 classrooms across the country.


Oliver D. Hensley

Epistecybernetics: a New Approach to Knowledge Stewardship
Pittsburg, KS: International Society of Epistocybernetics, © 1997

Linda Jones McCoy

Helping the Struggling Reader: What to Teach and How to Teach it
Lawrence, KS: Curriculum Solutions, Inc., © 1997

Gary L. McGrath

Processes for Analytical Decision Making
New York: Harcourt, © 1997

Paul J. (Skip) Morris

The New Literacy: Moving Beyond the 3Rs
San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc., © 1996

Jerry R. Stockard

Lifetime Fitness Concepts
Pittsburg, KS: © 1997

Laura Lee Washburn

Watching the Contortionists: Poems by Laura Lee Washburn
Aiken, SC: Palanquin Press, © 1997

Duane Whitbeck

Themes Teachers Use
Glenview, IL: Good Year Books, © 1996

Fresh, class-tested, and requested often by teachers, these 39 thematic units are filled with age-appropriate, child-centered learning activities for such new topics as art and artists and science and scientists. Adaptation suggestions are great for multiage and mainstreamed classrooms.


Bobby N. Winters

Processes for Analytical Decision Making
New York: Harcourt, © 1997

Kelly A. Woestman

Instructor's Resource Manual with Video Guide
Boston: Houghton Mifflin, © 1997

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