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Donald Wayne Viney

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Charles Hartshorne and the Existence of God
Albany, NY: SUNY Press, © 1984

. . . presents a comprehensive, accurate, and highly readable summary of Hartshorne's use of the classical arguments for the existence of God (ontological, cosmological, design, epistemic, moral, aesthetic). The thrust of the analysis may be summarized in two points, one explicit and the other implicit. Explicitly, the book clearly presents Hartshorne's position that while any individual classical argument is inconclusive, considered together they constitute a convincing cumulative case for the existence of God. Implicitly, it demonstrates Hartshorne's conviction that if you do not like the conclusions he draws, you are obligated to fault either his logic or his premises. Good luck! Viney's book is a good, short introduction to Hartshorne's thought in general and an excellent summary of his arguments for the existence of God. It sparkles with choice quotations and has a magnificent set of end notes. [ More... ]

- J. Edward Barrett - Theology Today. 42.4 (1986)

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