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Laura Lee Washburn

This Good Warm Place
Watching the Contortionists
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Book Cover


This Good Warm Place
Greensboro, NC: March Street Press, © 1998

"Laura Washburn's poems make an odd union of the grotesque and the domestic. They suffer a powerful realism while exercising a most eccentric republic of voices. There is something strangely narrow and menacing in the dramatic speeches of Washburn's poetry and yet there's also that wonderful sense "of the voice that is great within us." The emotions, the common scandal of these poems come shockingly close to what we all know about ourselves but nevertheless find unspeakable. This is a young and a brave poetry."

- Norman Dubie

"Laura Lee Washburn's poems are as muscular as they are personal, a joining of spirited opposites into a singularity that will distinguish her in the world of letters. She is onto something all her own. I read her work with pleasure."

- Alberto Rios

Book Cover


Watching the Contortionists
Aiken, SC: Palanquin Press, © 1997

Watching the Contortionists was a Palanquin Press Chapbook Prize winner.

- Palanquin Press

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