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Maureen E. Korp

Sacred Art of the Earth
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Sacred Art of the Earth: Ancient and Contemporary Earthworks
New York, NY: Continuum Publishing Company, © 1997

"In this fascinating study, Korp explores the various ways in which cultures have defined sacred spaces and the ways in which those spaces have been immortalized in various works of art. Korp argues that space is consecrated in the place where the barrier between sacred and profane is so thin that a creative 'irruption' of one realm into the other occurs. Korp makes useful distinctions between hierophany, the experience of the sacred presence in landscape, and theophany, the attribution of the sacred to the presence of a particular divinity in a particular place. Korp reviews the major ancient sacred places on the North American landscape. She also discusses some works by contemporary artists of landscape sculpture. While one-quarter of Korp's book is endnotes and bibliography, it lacks an index. Even so, Korp puts forth a good discussion of how various modes of human artifice attempt to complement and emphasize the sacred character of landscape."

- Norman Dubie

"Northrop Frye once asked:"Where is here?" Maureen Korp provides an original and stimulating rout to exploring that question through an examination of how some artists confront the land...

"Korp skillfully lays out a path that leads us to glimpses of understanding why some places strike us as significant, why we can be overwhelmed by their power by simply being there, and sometimes experiencing visionary states. They centre us to the earth; they point our ways home...

"Sacred Art of the Earth" opened my eyes in marvellous ways. Maureen Korp addresses profound issues in a wonderfully down-to-earth voice."

- George Tillman, Ottawa - The Globe and Mail.
Saturday, March 14, 1998

"Korp's book is a valuable, creative statement for the philosophy that mystical feelings from a spectacular mountain view or a quiet walk in the woods are not merely aesthetic, internal, subjective feelings, but they express the cosmic, creative power in which we all participate. Highly recommended."

- Lee W. Bailey - Philosophy and Religion, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.
Studies in Religion 1998 27(2):242

"Korp takes as her starting point two works from a gallery exhibition in Quebec, but her concern in Sacred Art of the Earth is with works of art which are site-specific and which can not (with rare exceptions) be exhibited in a gallery. Ancient or contemporary, such "earthworks" share common features as sacred places, and the religious and aesthetic concerns of contemporary artists can provide insight into those of their ancient counterparts. Korp's goal is not, however, theological or artistic: she is interested in universal, trans-cultural responses to sacred sites, as places. - [More of Danny Yee's Review."]

- Danny Yee, Danny Yee's Book Reviews

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