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First Annual Gene DeGruson Memorial Lecture
March 3rd, 1999

First Annual Eugene DeGruson Memorial Lecture
March 3rd, 1999
Balkans Room, Overman Student Center, 6:30 p.m.

"Why Save the Past?: Communities and Historic Preservation"
Cathy Ambler, speaker

"No issue can divide a community or heat up more quickly than the demolition of a cherished landmark, whether old county courthouse or imposing Victorian home. Why do we value old buildings, and what do they tell us about our identity" Are progress and preservation really at odds in changing communities?" Cathy Ambler from the Kansas State Historical Society will deliver this very timely presentation. All University Staff and area residents are invited.

Cathy Ambler holds a Ph.D. in American Studies from the University of Kansas and a Master's degree in historical administration and museum studies. She is the assistant director for Cultural Resources with the Kansas State Historical Society. Dr. Ambler's studies focus on the relationship between historic structures and the rural landscape. Dr. Ambler joined the Kansas Humanities Council Speakers Bureau in 1996 and her lecture is being funded by KHC.

The Kansas Humanities Council conducts and funds programs that promote better understanding of the history, traditions, and ideas that shape our lives and impact the communities we live in. KHC is a non-profit organization with offices in Topeka. In 1997, KHC celebrated 25 years of providing community-based cultural and educational programs for adults statewide.

"Axe Library Friends set memorial lecture" Pittsburg Morning Sun article (Wednesday, February 24, 1999)

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