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Axe Library Virtual Tour - Main (1st) Floor

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Items of interest - First Floor

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Library Entrance

Library Main Entrance . Restroom, Telephones, Display Case

The entrance of the Axe Library is equipped with and ADA style door. There is usually a student on duty who will be able to answer basic directional questions. To your left is an elevator, directly in front is the stairwell leading to the Circulation desk. A display case is positioned under several large windows in the Browsing Area.

Water fountains and restrooms are available to your right, as well as public and Campus telephones.

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Circulation Department

Circulation Desk

The Circulation desk is located directly in front of you as you enter the main floor. Check out and return all Library materials here. The book drop is located on the left side of the desk.

To the right is the browsing area, to the left of the Circulation desk is a main corridor leading to the Library Director's office.

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Browsing Area

Browsing area, facing parking lot . Browsing area, facing stadium and clock tower

The Browsing Area is to your right. This is a large open area with a number of tables and is ideal for individual or group study.

The Browsing Area also holds our collection of newspapers, "new books", the "Axe Grind", and a Campus bulletin board. An emergency exit is located to the extreme far left corner of the room.

Also located in this area is a CVC ("Cash Value Card") machine, where you may put money on your Banana Bucks or Gorilla Card. Money may be added using a credit card through an account you establish on these web sites.

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The "Axe Grind"

The 'Axe Grind' coffee shop .

The Axe Grind is currently not in operation.

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The Main Corridor

the Library Main Corridor

The main corridor of the Library is to the left of the Circulation Desk. To the immediate left of this corridor are a number of public use computer workstations. This is a great place to do a preliminary search in our online catalog, or in one of our online databases.

The corridor leads to the Library Director's office (on the right hand side of the hall), and the Computer Lab (to the left). This corridor also houses our ERIC document collection, journals and newspapers on microfilm, the Annual Report files, Travel Files, and other materials.

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Office of the Dean of Learning Resources

Office of the Dean of Learning Resources

The Library office is located in room 109 at the far end of the Main Corridor. Please stop in if you would like to fill out a student work application, schedule use of the 202 classroom, voice a concern, or make a suggestion on how we can serve you better.

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Reference Desk

Reference Desk

The Reference area is located to the left of the first floor entry and elevator. You pass a number of public use workstations on the right to get to the Reference desks. The main Reference collection is located beyond the desks and several tables holding public use workstations.

If you are not sure what to look for, or how to go about finding what we have in the Library, please stop and ask at Reference. We will be happy to show you how to do a basic online search, or how to fine tune a topic you have chosen. If you have not found material on your subject, our Reference staff may be able to, or suggest alternate material, even direct you to Interlibrary Loan if necessary.

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Reference Collection

Reference shelves

The Reference Collection is located near the Reference desks on the main floor. Material covering all topics are conveniently located near the Reference librarians in order to give you access to quality material and easy assistance if you need help.

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Special Services / Interlibrary Loan Desks

the Special Services and Interlibrary Loan desks

Special Services offers services such as a fax service (AxeFax), computer searching, Off Campus services, and a fee-based photocopy service (AxeCopie$)...

Interlibrary Loan provides access to a 'world-wide' library. Materials that are not owned in our collection might be obtained from other libraries. Patrons may fill out an online form for material that is not in our online catalog. Books and photocopied journal articles are the most commonly obtained items, however any material needed and not held in our collection is worth investigating.

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Periodicals Desk & Current Periodicals

the Periodicals desk

The Axe Library retains over 1600 periodical titles. Many are current subscriptions; other titles go back as far as the mid 1800's. The Periodicals department is in charge of subscriptions, cataloging and maintaining these titles. Current titles (including newspapers) are kept on the main floor. Back issues are held on microfilm (first floor), or in bound volumes (basement). Check our online catalog for titles and exact holdings.

"Serials Solutions" provides a way of locating our journal holdings, either in physical form or subscriptions to journals in one of our full text databases.

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Microform Scanner

Microform scanner

The Axe Library has one microform scanner that is available for patron use. This scanner gives you a full range of use when using our microform collections. Newspapers, journals, ERIC documents, all may be scanned and excerpts saved to disk, inserted into Word or PowerPoint files, or saved to the desktop and sent to your email account. The computer is also connected to our Print Lab, so scans may be printed out if necessary.

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Computer and Print Lab

Animated graphic - various scenes of the Axe Computer Lab

Located within the Library is a computer print lab housing 24 computers, five of which are iMacs. Software packages include the latest version of Microsoft Office, SPSS 10.1 for Windows and various Internet Resources (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Telnet, Ace FTP, and Adobe Acrobat Reader).

All print jobs from our first floor workstations go to the print lab. When you are ready to pick up your items, tell the lab operator which computer you were working on, and he or she will print them for you.

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Library Instruction Classroom

The Axe Library Instruction Classroom

The Axe Library houses a state-of-the-art Library Instruction classroom. This classroom has 25 student computers and one instruction computer with overhead projection capabilities. PSU Faculty may schedule instruction sessions that introduce their students to basic research, or in-depth instruction on particular Library databases.

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Library Instruction/Reference Office

The Axe Library LRI/Reference office

PSU faculty may schedule classroom instruction sessions for their students by contacting the Library Resources Instruction Librarian at 235-4887. We provide basic instruction, such as how to use the Axe Library online catalog, to in-depth instruction of particular online databases and tools that enable students to better research their topics.

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