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Items of interest - Basement


Book Collection

Basement Book Stacks

Our main book collection is housed in the Library basement. Turn to your right as you exit the front stairwell or elevator. As you enter the room, you'll find the Dewey 000's along the wall to your left. This first range of stacks continues on to approximately Dewey 291, and is continued in the second range of stacks immediately to your right.

The second range of stacks contain books from the Dewey 291 to 499 call number range. The third range contains books from 500 to 699. Beginning and ending Dewey numbers for each range of shelves is located at the end of each row.

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Study tables

Study tables along the outside walls of the basement

Study tables are located between a number of shelves in the first range of stacks (to your left as you enter the room), and a lighted study area is located along the left wall. Another lighted study area is located along the wall to your right as you enter (between the Oversize book shelves). Electrical outlets are located in these lighting units, so laptop users may wish to use these areas.

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Oversized Book Collection

Oversized books (Dewey numbers 700 through 999) and study table

The Library has a number of books that are physically too large to be shelved in our regular collection. They are located along the outside wall in both corners to your right as you enter the room. The call number of these books are preceded with "Basement Oversize Stacks" in the online catalog. The spine label call number is preceded with an "X".

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Bound Periodical Collection

Periodical shelves

Our bound periodical collection is housed in the Library basement. Roughly one half of our back periodical collection is bound, the rest is retained on microfilm. Turn to your left as you exit the front stairwell or elevator. As you enter the room, you'll find a photocopy machine, and to your left, bound volume titles beginning with the letter "A" are shelved. Our periodicals are generally shelved alphabetically by the current title. Check Serials Solutions for holdings, both physical and online. Be sure to ask for help if you do not find your title.

You may also get to our bound periodicals by using the stairwell located near the Periodicals and Interlibrary Load desks on the main floor. If you use this stairwell, you will enter the room roughly facing the "J" titles.

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Special Collections / University Archives

Entrance / Research Area

Entrance to Special Collections _ Special Collections reception desk

Our Special Collections and University Archives areas are located in the basement of the Library. Every effort is being made to protect our collections, using climate controlled systems and ....

Visiting scholars are afforded a quiet, well lit area to view our material. A photocopy machine is readily available for material that are in good enough condition to copy....

We house more than 50 collections of material dealing with Southeast Kansas history. Photographs, correspondence, clippings, manuscripts, and diaries are but some of the material available to researchers. Some collections contain material that is a bit harder to categorize, These collections are being processed and the collection information made available on the web. The Eva Jessye Collection is an example of one of our processed collections.

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The Haldeman-Julius Collection

Desk and office equipment of Haldeman-Julius

The E. Haldeman-Julius Collection contains the private library, correspondence, business records, and realia of E. Haldeman-Julius (1889-1951) and his wife, Marcet Haldeman-Julius (1887-1941), with a nearly complete collection of their publications, the Little and Big Blue Books, newspapers, and magazines. Manuscripts approximate one-third of those known to exist, the rest deposited at the Lilly Library (University of Indiana) and the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle.

Other collections are maintained on celebrities such as Louise Brooks, William Inge, Eva Jessye, Martin & Osa Johnson, Gordon Parks, Vance Randolph, Charles Sheldon, James Tate, J.A. Wayland, and Harold Bell Wright

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Compact Shelving

Compact shelving used to store Special Collections _ Compact shelving used to store Special Collections - another view

The bulk of our Collections are stored in "compact shelving". Shelves are mounted on tracks and are usually kept nestled together. Not only does this allow for more shelving in a smaller area, but also helps to keep light and dust away from the material.

When a particular item is needed, the shelves are separated literally with the touch of a finger, forming an aisle way.

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