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Axe Library - Dean of Learning Resources

The Leonard H. Axe Library and the Kansas Technology Center Library make up the Pittsburg State University Division of Learning Resources. The office of the Dean of Learning Resources is located in room 109 of the Axe Library.

The mission of the PSU Libraries is to provide materials and services which effectively enable members of the PSU academic community and Kansas citizens to reach their learning, teaching, and research and service goals. The Library staff strives to instruct students and other users in Information Literacy and appropriate skills in use of the Library's resources. A subsidiary mission is the collection and preservation of the region's cultural and intellectual heritage.

Axe Library is dedicated to meeting the needs of the "Information Age" not only through the traditional print sources of books and journals, but also through electronic resources and emerging new technologies. Access to information has expanded beyond the walls of the Library through the innovative uses of of on-line resources, computerized interlibrary loan, and desktop videoconferencing. Online Library holdings and online database holdings are available via computers in the Library, throughout the campus and via the World Wide Web.

Electronic resources now provide rapid and easy access to vast amounts of information which previously required tedious searching through print publications. Student exposure to the best sources of information, modern or traditional, is encouraged in order to enhance academic success as well as to prepare students for their future roles in society.

Resources are selected to provide materials and services to support course offerings and to foster independent study and research. The Library staff places great emphasis upon patron services. Assistance is provided with reference materials, electronic information sources, periodicals, and the general book collection. Materials relating to the region's heritage are collected, preserved and made available through the nationally recognized Special Collections and University Archives Department. AxeDigital is now available providing quick and wide access to portions of the Library's Special Collections. Axe Library is also the home of the most extensive collection of government documents in the region. Automation is utilized to speed and improve the process of purchasing, cataloging and circulating materials.

The Leonard H. Axe Library, open 89 hours per week and with holdings of over 700,000 print items, 800,000 microforms, and numerous on-line resources, offers a comfortable atmosphere for study and research. The Library features wireless internet connections throughout the building and the Axe Grind, a convenient space to purchase coffee, other drinks, and snacks.

Axe Library Mission Statement:

The Mission of the Leonard Axe Library is to provide materials and services that effectively enable members of the University community to attain their teaching and learning, discovery, and engagement goals. The Leonard Axe Library accomplishes this Mission through the creation and maintenance of adequate facilities, collections, technology enhancements, skilled librarians, and efficient service. Special emphasis is placed on staff development in order to provide efficient and effective services to all who use the Library. The Leonard Axe Library identifies its needs through strategic master planning and links these goals, objectives, and strategies to the University budget. The Library serves the needs of scholars and other users from the region, the state, and the nation.

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