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The Southeast Kansas Symphony Orchestra
Raul Munguia - Artistic Director & Conductor

The Music Library

The Orchestra Music Library

General Information

The Southeast Kansas Symphony Orchestra has an extensive music library available for students, faculty, and community musicians. We invite you to make this a resource for your professional development and performance opportunities.

The Music Library, located in room 110 Whitesitt Hall, is organized into three main sections: parts, scores, and miniature scores. Works ranging from symphonies and concerti to chamber pieces are available for research and practice.

The Symphony, Band, and Jazz Libraries share campus extension 4471 (620-235-4471 from off-campus), so if you call us please specify which collection you are interested in.

In addition, we are in the process of cross-referencing our catalogs with the recordings available in the PSU Music Deptartment's Listening Lab.

If you need a title that is not available in the Music Library, it may be available at the Axe Library - check their online catalog for holdings. If it is not owned at Axe, you may be able to obtain it for a short time on Interlibrary Loan. Please contact this department directly for more information.

Library Hours

Fall 2002:

These hours are good through Dec. 17th. All music must be turned in by 2:00pm, or other arrangements made before that time. The Orchestra Library will re-open on January 17, 2008. Hours are to be determined.

  • M-W-F
    • 12:00 noon - 3:00pm
  • T-Th
    • 2:00pm - 3:00pm

If your schedule does not permit you to visit during these hours, please make alternate visiting arrangements with the Graduate Assistant. Library hours change each semester, according to the Graduate Assistant's course schedule.

Loan Periods / Renewals

All loans are subject to recall by the Orchestra Director at any time. Renewals are generally available, if there have been no other requests for the item.

  • Students:
    • Loans - Items may be borrowed for two weeks (14 days) at a time.
    • Renewals - Generally granted upon request.
  • Faculty:
    • Loans - Items will be loaned for up to six weeks (42 days).
    • Renewals - Until the end of the current semester, at the discretion of the Orchestra Director and Graduate Assistant.
  • Community:
    • Loans - Loan period is negotiable, based on concert date, and is at the discretion of the the Orchestra Director and G.A. The loan period may not exceed one semester.
    • Renewals - Renewal may be permitted if the concert is postponed, and is at the discretion of the Orchestra director and Graduate Assistant.


Late Fees:

Overdue items will incur late fees of $1.00 per day, for up to two weeks.

Replacement Charges:

Please note that we cannot replace individual parts or scores.

If a single element is lost or damaged, we must replace the entire piece. Food & beverage spills, major tears, and pen marks may be cause for replacement at the borrower's expense. If you notice preexisting damage for which you do not wish to be held accountable, please notify the library G.A. before you check the piece out.

Replacement charges may be waived on return of each item, however late fees are not waived.

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