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The Southeast Kansas Symphony Orchestra
Raul Munguia - Artistic Director & Conductor

Music Education Sources

Links of interest for students and educators alike. Be sure to take the "Resources" link at the top of the page for composer and instrument links.

For Current SEKSO members

Some links may not be active until a particular time in the concert season, such as the "Concerto and Aria" applications.

  • Southeast Kansas Symphony News Blog - use this for the latest news, schedules, and interesting musical 'diversions'.
  • 2008-09 Student Handbook & Contract
  • 2008-09 Syllabus
  • Southeast Kansas Symphony Orchestra 2008-2009 Concerto/Aria Competition - Audition information and application form (pdf)
  • SEKSO Music Library - information on checkout policies, length of loans, etc.

Future SEKSO members

In addition to receiving stipends for Marching Band and Pep Band, qualified students may apply and audition for Music Department and Orchestra Scholarships. The University administers a major financial aid program that includes other scholarships, grants, and loans.

Audition dates are usually:

Scholarships may also be available through other PSU departments, and you may also find helpful information at the PSU Office of Financial Aid

Related PSU links:

Resources for Teachers

Resources for Students

A number of nice web pages have been written for kids. Some by professional Symphonies like the New York Philharmonic and Dallas Symphony, explaining how an orchestra is put together and what each instrument does. Others web sites help you understand how music works, using pictures or games.

If you are interested in playing in an orchestra, these sites might give you ideas on how to start, what instrument to choose, and show you just how much fun you can have!

If you are a teacher of young musicians, perhaps you will find some of these web sites helpful in your instruction.

Orchestra "Kids Sites"

There are a number of sites, many produced by major symphony orchestras, that offer great instruction in music... instruments, composition, excerpts. Instructors of young kids will also find these sites handy. A few are:

  • Arts Alive (Canadian National Arts Center) is a great place to discover the excitement of the performing arts.
  • BSO Kids (Baltimore Symphony)
  • DiscoverESO (Edmonton Symphony)
  • DSOKids (Dallas Symphony) - information for teachers & kids
  • MSO Kids Page (Memphis Symphony) - What to expect at a concert, Maestro Academy, Kids questions
  • NSO - Nashville Symphony Orchestra
  • Kidzone - New York Philharmonic
  • SFS Kids, the San Francisco Symphony Kids' Site

More Student Links