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Letter by Laura Dewey Bridgman

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Bridgman letter (Dec. 28th, 1879) 
 pgs. 4 (L.) & 1 (R.) Bridgman letter (Dec. 28th, 1879) 
 pgs. 3 (L.) & 2 (R.)

S Boston Dec 28th.

My dear Friend,
I am staying up to my sunny & cosy room this A M. It is not as frosty to day, as it has been for a few days. I wish you a merry Christmas & a jolly & happy new year. I respond many thanks to you for the box full of bounties that I rec'd with so much pleasure & joy this week, ere Christmas. There was not of any injury about the nice box, & is all safe. I wished to write you before, but my time was so crowded with business, & etc. I should be happy to send you a gift, for a new year. Do not think of a thing as a token. I was ill a few days, & feel so languid most of time I will write you again some time. God bless you during a happy new year. I'm so busy now.

Your loving friend

L D Bridgman.

[ 15 1/2 " lace, accompanied by the following note : ]

Lace knitted by Laura Bridgman of Norwich Vt--First educated deaf, dumb and totally blind person in the US. Her Instructor was Dr Howe of Boston Mass.

Gift of Gretta Gudgen
March 2, 1983

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