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The Dillard Collection
Phamplets and Printed Materials Removed for Cataloging

Anderson, T. B., "The Christian Amendment and the Liquor Traffic." [National Reform Assocation] National Reform Leaflets, No. 21. 12 pages.

Ballard, Frank Otis, "Straight Lines in Church Finance." [Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church] 24 pages.

Close, Charles L., "Welfare Work in the Steel Industry." [U. S. Steel Corporation] 45 pages.

Collier, Francis J., "The Temperance Pledge." [Permanent Committee on Temperance of the United Presbyterian Church] No. 38, [4] pages.

Cuyler, Theodore L., "Six Reasons for Teetotalism." [National Temperance Society] No. 285. [4 pages]

Cuyler, Theodore L., "The Sunday Newspaper: The Influence of the Sabbath Secular Press Upon Public Morality." [Philadelphia Sabbath Association] [4] pages. (3 copies)

Hale, Wilfred S., "Mormon Doctrines Analyzed and Their Errors Demonstrated in the Light of the Holy Scriptures." [Argus Company] 18 pages.

Hall, John, "A Thing to Cry Over." [United Presbyterian General Assembly Permanent Committee on Temperance] 4 pages.

Hill, Grace Livingston, "I Know When to Stop; A Parable." [Permanent Committee on Temperance . . . United Presbyterian Church] No. 37. [4] pages.

Hill, John Clark, et al., "Suggestions on Organizing Men's Societies in the Churches." [Westminster Press] 16 pages.

Holland, J. G., et al., "Temperance Recitations; Original and Selected." [Permanent Committee on Temperance of the Presbyterian Church] [4] pages.

Keeney, F. T., "The Next Day After." [Methodist Episcopal General Assembly Committee on Evangelistic Work] 15 pages.

Kellogg, James H. "What Employers May Do to Lessen the Ravages of Strong Drink." [National Temperance Society] No. 284. 4 pages.

Kent, Virginia J., "Foundations." [National Temperance Society] No. 183. 1 page.

Kent, Virginia J., "Sam -'s Place." [National Temperance Society] No. 182. 1 page.

Laird, Washington R., "The Value of State Sabbath Laws." [Pennsylvania State Sabbath Association] [4] pages. (3 copies)

McAllister, David, "The Moral Ends of the State." [National Reform Association] 16 pages.

McAllister, David, "The Ultimate Source of the State's Authority." [Studies in Christian Citizenship] 16 pages.

McCrory, James T., "Annual Report of the Pennsylvania State Sabbath Association." [Pennsylvania State Sabbath Association] 8 pages.

McCrory, James T., "The Sunday Law of Pennsylvania and Its Enforcement." [Allegheny County Sabbath Observance Association] 16 pages.

McCrory, James T., "Will the United Presbyterian Church 'Make Good'?" [United Presbyterian General Assembly Permanent Committee on Temperance] [4] pages.

[National Temperance Society], "How John Paid for His Farm." [National Temperance Society] No. 286. 4 pages.

[National Temperance Society], "Ten Reasons for Signing the Pledge." [National Temperance Society] No. 151. 1 page.

Nutting, John D., "The Secret Temple Work Which Binds Mormons Together Under the Power of Their Priestly Leaders." [The Secret Oaths and Ceremonies of Mormonism] 16 pages.

Payne, C. H., "The Duty of the Pulpit Against the Liquor Traffic." [National Temperance Society] No. 287. 4 pages.

Peterson, Elmer T., "American Bolshevism." [Address on the Non-Partisan League, 1919] 8 pages.

Ray, James F., "Practical Suggestions for the Church Temperance Committee or Temperance Secretary." [United Presbyterian General Assembly Permanent Committee on Temperance] [4] pages.

"Sabbath Reform." Volume 1, No. 1 [January 1, 1891] 8 pages.

Scanlon, Charles, "May I Ask?" [Presbyterian Assembly Temperance Committee] [2] pages.

Stevenson, T. P., "The National Reform Movement." [National Reform Association] National Reform Leaflets, No. 1. 16 pages.

Thomas, Thaddeus P., "Why Equal Suffrage Has Been a Success." 12 pages.

Trickett, C. W., "The Cleansing of a Large City. The Beneficial Results Flowing from the Enforcement of the Prohibitory Law in Kansas City, Kas." [Kansas State Temperance Union] 16 pages.

Unknown, "Legislation and Judicial Opinions on the Law of 1794, Commonly Called the Sunday Law." [Pennsylvania State Sabbath Association] [2] pages.

Whitaker, O. W., "The Authority of Sunday." [Protestant Episcopal Church Convention] 12 pages.

Wilhelm II, "Kaiser Wilhelm's Speech on Drink." [Pennsylvania Anti-Saloon League] [4] pages.

Wilson, F. M., "The Christian Citizenship Pledge." [National Reform Association] National Reform Leaflet, No. 18. 24 pages.

Winona Publishing Company, "Best Books for Evangelistic Work, Selected From the Catalogue of Fleming H. Revell Company." 20 pages.

Wylie, R. C., "Our Nation for Christ." [National Reform Leaflets] No. 7. 16 pages.

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