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Checklist of the Little Blue Books (1001-1500)

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and by

HENRY J. HALDEMAN (1951-1976)

Numbers 1001 - 1500

1001. Tales of Italian Bandits [by] Washington Irving. [1927.]

1002. A Dictionary of Sea Terms [by] Frank Wells. [1926.] Copyright renewed 4 May 1953.

1003. How to Think Logically [by] Leo Markun. [1926.] Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1004. How to Save Money [by] J. George Frederick. [1926.] Copyright renewed 4 May 1953.

1005. How to Enjoy the Orchestra [by] Isaac Goldberg. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1006. A Book of Children's Games [by] Grace Perkins. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1007. The Revolt Against Religion [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.] Copyright renewed 4 May 1953.

1008. The Origin of Religion [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.] Copyright renewed 4 May 1953.

1009. Typewriting Self Taught [by] Miriam Allen DeFord. [1926.] Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1010. A Handbook for Amateur Magicians [by] George Milburn. [1926.] Copyright renewed 4 May 1953.

1011. Pocket Dictionary, English-French, French-English [by] Vance Randolph. [1927.] Copyright renewed 4 Mar. 1954. Cochran and Luster 135.

1012. The Best Humorous Negro Stories, selected by Clement Wood. [1926.] Cover title of first printing: The Best Humorous Negro Stories Edited by Clement Wood. Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1013. The Best Irish Jokes, selected by Clement Wood. [1926.] Cover title of first printing: The Best Humorous Irish Stories Edited by Clement Wood. Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1014. The Best American Jokes, edited by Clement Wood. [1926.] Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1015. A Book of Comic Dialect Poems, edited by Clement Wood. [1926.] Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1016. A Book of Nonsense Poems [edited by] Clement Wood. [1926.]

1017. Without Benefit of Clergy [by] Rudyard Kipling. [1926.]

1018. A Book of Humorous Limericks, edited by Clement Wood. [1926.]

1019. Bluebeard and His Eight Wives [by] Clement Wood. [1926.] Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1020. Why I Am an Infidel [by] Luther Burbank. [1926.] Copyright renewed 25 May 1953.

1021. Italian Self Taught [by] Isaac Goldberg. [1926.] Copyright renewed 28 Sept. 1953.

1022. An Odyssey of the North [by] Jack London. [1926.] Cover title of first printing: An Odyssey of the North: A Heroic Tale. Cover title of later printings: A Heroic Tale of the Far North. BAL 12010.

1023. A Book of Popular Recitations, selected by George Milburn. [1926.] Copyright renewed 8 June 1953.

1024. Tales of the White Silence [by] Jack London. [1926], c1920. Later cover title: Tales of the Big Snows (The White Silence). BAL 12014.

1025. Casey at the Bat and Other Humorous Favorites, edited by George Milburn. [1926.]

1026. Sherlock Holmes Detective Stories [by] Conan Doyle. [1926.]

1027. Sherlock Holmes Mystery Stories [by] Conan Doyle. [1926.]

1028. Sherlock Holmes Crime Stories [by] Conan Doyle. [1926.] Later cover title: Man with the Twisted Lip: A Sherlock Holmes Crime Story.

1029. Adventures of Sherlock Holmes [by] Conan Doyle. [1926.] Later cover title: Two Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

1030. The World's Great Religions [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1031. How to Own Your Home: A Handbook for Prospective Home Owners [by] John M. Gries and James S. Taylor. [1926.] Re- print of Building and Housing Publication BH4, Bureau of Standards, U. S. Dept. of Commerce (Washington: G.P.O., 1923).

1032. Home Vegetable Gardening [by] R. A. Power. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1033. Masterpieces of Russian Humor. [1926.]

1034. Masterpieces of Spanish Humor [compiled by Isaac Gold- berg]. [1926.]

1035. Masterpieces of Italian Humor. [1926.] Cover title after 1951: Italian Fun and Humor.

1036. Masterpieces of German Humor. [1926.]

1037. Get Ready the Wreaths [by] Fannie Hurst. [1926], c1918. Reprinted from Gaslight Sonatas (New York: Harper, [1918]).

1038. T. B. [by] Fannie Hurst. [1926], c1916. Reprinted from Every Soul Hath Its Song (New York: Harper, 1916).

1039. "Ice Water Pl - " [by] Fannie Hurst. [1926], c1918. Re- printed from Gaslight Sonatas (New York: Harper, [1918]).

1040. A Book of Bedtime Stories [by] Grace Perkins. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1041. How to Cane and Upholster Chairs [by] H. E. Enders. [1926.] Copyright renewed 2 Nov. 1953.

1042. The Red Inn [by] Honore de Balzac [translated by George Milburn]. [1926.] Translation of Auberge rouge.

1043. A Study of a Woman and Comedies of the Counter [by] Honore de Balzac [translated by George Milburn]. [1926.] Transla- tions of Etude de femme and L'illustre Gaudissart.

1044. Another Study of Woman [by] Honore de Balzac [translated by George Milburn]. [1926.] Translation of Autre etude de femme.

1045. The Story of a Mad Sweetheart (Adieu) [by] Honore de Balzac [translated by George Milburn]. [1926.]

1046. A Coquette Versus a Wife (The Peace of a Home) [by] Honore de Balzac [translated by George Milburn]. [1926.] Transla- tion of La paix du menage.

1047. The Mysterious Exiles [by] Honore de Balzac [translated by George Milburn]. [1926.] Translation of Proscrits.

1048. Gargantua: Mighty Monster [by] Rabelais, edited by George Milburn. [1926.] Based on Urquhart's translation of The Inestimable Life of the Great Gargantua.

1049. How to Teach Yourself to Sing [by] Thelma Spear. [1926.] Copyright renewed 2 Nov. 1953. Cover title of last printing: Sing: How to Teach Yourself to Sing.

1050. X-Ray, Violet Ray and Other Rays, with Their Use in Modern Medicine [by] Maynard Shipley. [1926.]

1051. The Cause and Nature of Genius [by] William J. Fielding. [1926.]

1052. The Cause and Nature of Our Instincts and Emotions [by] William J. Fielding. [1926], c1922.

1053. A Guide to New York City's Strange Sections [by] Clement Wood. [1926.]

1054. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1909. Reprinted from In the Midst of Life, vol. 2 of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1909).

1055. The Horseman in the Sky and Other Stories [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1909. Reprinted from In the Midst of Life, vol. 2, and Can Such Things Be? vol. 3 of The Col- lected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1909).

1056. The Devil's Dictionary [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1909. An abridgement of The Devil's Dictionary, vol. 7 of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1909).

1057. The Truth about New York's Chinatown, by Clement Wood. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1058. The Truth about New York's White Light Region [by] Clement Wood. [1926.]

1059. The Myth of Immortality [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1060. The Futility of Belief in God [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1061. The Human Origin of Morals [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1062. Humoresque [by] Fannie Hurst. [1926], c1919-1920. Re-printed from Humoresque: A Laugh on Life with a Tear behind It (New York: Harper, 1920).

1063. The Psychology of Laughter [by] Leo Markun. [1926.] Copy- right renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1064. The Simplicity of Radio [by] Powel Crosley, Jr. [1927], c1926. Reprint of 6th ed. (Cincinnati: Crosley Publishing Co., [1926]).

1065. Lives of the U. S. Presidents [by] George Milburn. [1926.] Copyright renewed 28 Sept. 1953.

1066. The Forgery of the Old Testament [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1067. The Splendors and Miseries of a Courtesan [by] Honore de Balzac, compressed by Ralph Oppenheim. [1926.] Translation of Splendeurs et miseres des courtisanes.

1068. The Best Fun from the Pickwick Papers [by] Charles Dickens, edited by George Milburn. [1926.]

1069. The Conquest of Fear [by] Leo Markun. [1926.]

1070. How to Fight Nervous Troubles [by] James Oppenheim. [1926.] Copryight renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1071. A Psycho-Analysis of Jesus [by] Clement Wood. [1926.]

1072. The Truth about William Jennings Bryan [by] Clement Wood. [1926.]

1073. How to Paint and Finish Woodwork [by] H. E. Enders. [1926.]

1074. A Handbook of Commercial Law [by] J. George Frederick. [1926.] Copyright renewed 28 Sept. 1953.

1075. Tales of Ghouls and Ghosts [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1909. Reprinted from Can Such Things Be? vol. 3 of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1910).

1076. Morals in Ancient Babylon [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1077. Religion and Morals in Ancient Egypt [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.] Copyright renewed 2 Nov. 1953.

1078. Life and Morals in Greece and Rome [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1079. Phallic Elements in Religion [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1080. Tales of Haunted Houses [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1909. Reprinted from Can Such Things Be? vol. 3 of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1910).

1081. Fantastic Debunking Fables [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1909. Selections reprinted from The Monk and the Hang- man's Daughter in Fantastic Fables, vol. 6 of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1911).

1082. The Best Jewish Jokes, edited by George Milburn. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1083. Dying Like a Gentleman and Other Stories [by] E. W. Howe. [1926.]

1084. Did Jesus Ever Live? [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1085. The Love-Life of George Sand [by] Ralph Oppenheim. [1926.]

1086. My Favorite Murder and Other Stories [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1911. Reprinted from In the Midst of Life, vol. 2, and Negligible Tales, vol. 7, of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1909, 1911).

1087. The Facts about Fascism [by] Miriam Allen deFord. [1926], c1911. Spurious copyright notice of the Neale Publishing Company.

1088. The Truth about Mussolini [by] Miriam Allen deFord. [1926.]

1089. The Common Sense of Sex [by] James Oppenheim. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1090. How to Grow Fruits for the Home Table [by] R. A. Power. [1926.]

1091. The Facts about Cancer [by] Joseph Colt Bloodgood, M.D. [1926], c1911.

1092. Simple Beauty Hints [by] Gloria Goddard. [1926.] Copyright renewed 28 Sept. 1953.

1093. A Book of Interesting and Amusing Puns, edited by George Milburn. [1926.] Copyright renewed 7 Dec. 1953.

1094. Insanity and Other Mental Disorders [by] Leo Markun. [1926.] Copyright renewed 28 Sept. 1953.

1095. The Sources of Christian Morality [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926.]

1096. How to Dress on a Small Salary [by] Gloria Goddard. [1926.]

1097. Memory: What It Is and How to Use It [by] Leo Markun. [1926.] Copyright renewed 21 Aug. 1953.

1098. Extraordinary Opinions on Commonplace Subjects [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1911. Reprinted from Tangential Views, vol. 9 of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1911).

1099. A Cynic Looks at Life [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1912. Essays reprinted from Antepenultimata, vol. 11, and Negligible Tales, vol. 8, of The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce (New York: Neale, 1912, 1911).

1100. Iconoclastic Memories of the Civil War, Bits of Autobography [by] Ambrose Bierce. [1926], c1909. Reprinted from The Collected Works of Ambrose Bierce, vol. 1 (New York: Neale, 1909).

1101. Sherlock Holmes Problem Stories [by] Conan Doyle. [1926.]

1102. Pagan Christs [by] Joseph McCabe. [1926], c1911.

1103. A Book of Puzzles and Brainteasers, edited by George Milburn. [1927], c1926. Copyright renewed 15 Feb. 1954.

1104. The Myth of the Resurrection [by] Joseph McCabe.

1105. Pocket Dictionary, Spanish-English, English-Spanish [by] Gaylord Du Bois.

1106. Bohemian Life in N.Y.'s Greenwich Village [by] Clement Wood.

1107. Legends of Saints and Martyrs [by] Joseph McCabe.

1108. The Elements of Woodworking [by] H. E. Enders.

1109. Spanish Self Taught [by] Gaylord Du Bois.

1110. How Christianity "Triumphed" [by] Joseph McCabe.

1111. Prostitution in the Medieval World [by] Leo Markun.

1112. A Psycho-Analysis of the Jews [by] James Oppenheim.

1113. Love from Many Angles [by] Max Ehrmann.

1114. Thrilling Moments and Profound Passages from Victor Hugo, selected by Anson D. Eby.

1115. A Book of Ridiculous Stories [by] Stephen Leacock.

1116. A Book of Funny Dramatics [by] Stephen Leacock.

1117. The Human Animal and Its Folly [by] Stephen Leacock.

1118. This Life as I See It [by] Stephen Leacock.

1119. Follies in Fiction [by] Stephen Leacock.

1120. Essays of Serious Spoofing [by] Stephen Leacock.

1121. The Evolution of Christian Doctrine [by] Joseph McCabe.

1122. The Degradation of Woman [by] Joseph McCabe.

1123. The Facts about Puritan Morals [by] Rupert Hughes.

1124. On the Bum, Sketches of Tramp Life [by] Dan Hennessy.

1125. A Book of American Shams [by] Nelson Antrim Crawford, Bertrand Russell, Joseph McCabe, and others.

1126. Eating for Health, Facts about Vitamins and Calories [by] Lawrence A. Barrett.

1127. Christianity and Slavery [by] Joseph McCabe.

1128. The Church and the School [by] Joseph McCabe.

1129. Proverbs of Persia, translated by Khan Bahadur Mirza Muhammad.

1130. The Dark Ages [by] Joseph McCabe.

1131. How to Write for the Market [by] Joseph McCabe.

1132. New Light on Witchcraft [by] Joseph McCabe.

1133. Love Tales of the Queen of Navarre, from "The Heptameron of Margaret, Queen of Navarre," edited by George Milburn.

1134. The Horrors of the Inquisition [by] Joseph McCabe.

1135. Prostitution in the Modern World [by] Leo Markun.

1136. Medieval Art and the Church [by] Joseph McCabe.

1137. The Moorish Civilization in Spain [by] Joseph McCabe.

1138. What Atheism Means to Me [by] William Cunningham.

1139. Photography Self Taught [by] Lloyd I. Snodgrass.

1140. The Renaissance: A European Awakening [by] Joseph McCabe.

1141. The Reformation and Protestant Reaction [by] Joseph McCabe.

1142. The Truth about Galileo and Medieval Science [by] Joseph McCabe.

1143. How to Prepare Manuscripts [by] George Milburn.

1144. The Jesuits: Religious Rogues [by] Joseph McCabe.

1145. Religion and the French Revolution [by] Joseph McCabe.

1146. A Book of College Humor, edited by George Milburn.

1147. How the Communists Rule Russia [by] Anna Louise Strong.

1148. Sexual Crime and American Law [by] Clement Wood.

1149. Irish Poems of Love and Sentiment, edited, with an introduction, by Brian Folliard.

1150. The Churches and Modern Progress [by] Joseph McCabe.

1151. The Book of Mysterious and Fateful Stories [by] Nathaniel Hawthorne.

1152. The Seven Vagabonds and Other Strange Tales [by] Nathaniel Hawthorne.

1153. The Haunted Mind and Other Strange Tales [by] Nathaniel Hawthorne.

1154. Tales of Hypnotism and Revenge [by] Edgar Allan Poe.

1155. Two Great Mystery Stories [by] Fitz-James O'Brien.

1156. Extraordinary Mystery Stories [by] Florence Marryat [and] Erckmann-Chatrian.

1157. The Sea Beast, the Capture of the Great White Whale (from "Moby Dick") [by] Herman Melville.

1158. Mysterious Tales of the Sea [by] Frank Norris, Richard Middleton [and] W. Clark Russell.

1159. A Book of Mystic-Humorous Stories [by] Algernon Blackwood, Theophile Gautier [and] Guy de Maupassant.

1160. Two Masterly Ghost Stories [by] E. F. Benson [and] Brander Matthews.

1161. Tales of the Mysterious and Weird [by] Chester Bailey Fernald, Pliny, the Younger [and] Arthur Machen.

1162. Mystery Tales of Ghosts and Villains [by] Montague Rhodes James, Katherine Rickford [and] Charles Dickens.

1163. The Policewoman's Love-Hungry Daughter and Other Stories of Chicago Life [by] Ben Hecht.

1164. The Unlovely Sin and Other Stories of Desire's Pawns [by] Ben Hecht.

1165. Jazz: And Other Stories of Young Love [by] Ben Hecht.

1166. Infatuation: And Other Stories of Love's Misfits [by] Ben Hecht.

1167. The Sinister Sex and Other Stories of Marriage [by] Ben Hecht.

1168. Stories of Adventure [by] Jack London.

1169. Stories of Ships and the Sea [by] Jack London.

1170. Funny Ghost Stories Told After Supper [by] Jerome K. Jerome.

1171. Funny Facts About Stageland [by] Jerome K. Jerome.

1172. How to Build Your Own Greenhouse [by] E. B. Jonas.

1173. A Book of Nonsense Alphabets, with drawings by the author [by] Edward Lear.

1174. How to Write Business Letters [by] Miriam Allen deFord.

1175. Amusing and Popular Riddles.

1176. A Mad Love, the Strong Story of a Musician [by] Frank Harris.

1177. Woman and the New Race [by] Havelock Ellis.

1178. The Chorus Girl and Her Lover's Wife and Other Stories [by] Anton Chekhov.

1179. How to Make Desserts, Pies and Pastries [by] Mrs. Temple.

1180. How to Cook Fish and Meats [by] Mrs. Temple.

1181. How to Make Ice Cream and Gelatine [by] Mrs. Temple.

1182. How to Make Your Own Cosmetics [by] Gloria Goddard.

1183. How to Play Checkers [by] W. Patterson.

1184. The Best Scotch Jokes, edited by George Milburn.

1185. The Weather: What Makes It and Why [by] Clifton L. Ray.

1186. A Handbook of the Rules of Golf, compiled by Harold Dix.

1187. The Ghastly Purpose of the Parables [by] Rupert Hughes.

1188. Sex and the Garden of Eden Myth, a Collection of Essays on Christianity [by] Maynard.

1189. Pin Money: One Hundred Ways to Make Money at Home [by] Gloria Goddard.

1190. What Price Love? [by] Anton Chekhov.

1191. A Book of Broadway Wisecracks, edited, with and introduction, by Clement Wood.

1192. Bookbinding Self Taught [by] Ben Davidson.

1193. Woman's Way and Other Short Stories of Italian Love [by] Maiolino Bisaccioni and others.

1194. Love's Heroism and Other Fascinating Stories [by] Pietro Fortini, and others.

1195. First Love and Other Fascinating Stories of Spanish Life [by] Emilia Pardo-Bazan and others.

1196. The Girl with Three Husbands and Other Stories of Modern Spain [by] Fernan Caballero, and others.

1197. A Moral Divorce and Other Stories of Modern Spain [by] Jacinto Octavio Picon, and others.

1198. The Devil's Mother-in-Law and Other Stories of Modern Spain [by] Fernan Caballero, and others.

1199. A Book of Laughable Lyrics [by] Edward Lear.

1200. A Book of Nonsense Stories and Pictures [by] Edward Lear.

1201. Adventures on a Desert Island, from "The Swiss Family Robinson" [by] Johann R. Wyss.

1202. Forbidden Love and Other Stories [by] Barry Pain.

1203. Seven Infidel U.S. Presidents [by] Joseph McCabe.

1204. A Dictionary of Musical Terms [by] Maynard Shipley.

1205. Thomas Paine's Revolt Against the Bible [by] Joseph McCabe.

1206. How to Teach Yourself to Swim [by] Harry Hazlehurst.

1207. French Self Taught [by] Gaylord Du Bois.

1208. Success Easier Than Failure [by] E. W. Howe; introduction by George Jean Nathan.

1209. The Charming Hostess: How to Entertain Economically and Delightfully [by] Gloria Goddard.

1210. A Book of Mathematical Oddities [by] Clement Wood.

1211. The Conflict Between Science and Religion [by] Joseph McCabe.

1212. Marriage and Moral in Soviet Russia [by] Anna Louise Strong.

1213. The Romance That Balzac Lived: Honore de Balzac and the Women He Loved [by] Ralph Oppenheim.

1214. A Book of the Best Ford Jokes, edited by George Milburn.

1215. Robert G. Ingersoll: Benevolent Agnostic [by] Joseph McCabe.

1216. Pocket Italian Dictionary, Italian-English, English- Italian. [by] Helene Paquin.

1217. Why I Did Not Enter the Methodist Ministry [by] Henry W. Thurston (with a symposium on churches by various writers).

1218. Christianity and Philanthropy [by] Joseph McCabe.

1219. How to Make Your Home More Homelike [by] Clarice Cunningham.

1220. The Best Rude Jokes, edited by George Milburn.

1221. Facts You Should Know about Will Power [by] Leo Markun.

1222. Easy Readings in Spanish [compiled] Gaylord Du Bois.

1223. How to Work Your Way Through College [by] William Cunningham.

1224. Religion in the Great Poets [by] Joseph McCabe.

1225. Marital Discords and How to Avoid them [by] Gloria Goddard.

1226a.1926 Price Range of Stocks.
1226b.Easy Readings in French [by] Helene Paquin.

1227a.1926 Price Range of Bonds.
1227b.French Readings for French Students (advanced) [by] Helene Paquin.

1228. The Best Jokes about Drunks, edited by George Milburn.

1229. The Triumph of Materialism [by] Joseph McCabe.

1230a.1927 Dictionary of Radio Stations.
1230b.Her Fifth Marriage and Other Stories [by] E. W. Howe.

1231. Best Jokes of 1926, edited by Clarice Cunningham.

1232. Practical Masonry, Cement and Brick Work [by] H. E. Enders.

1233. Better Meals For Less Money [by] Josephine Headen.

1234. How Business is Carried on in Soviet Russia [by] Anna Louise Strong.

1235. Worker's Life in Soviet Russia [by] Anna Louise Strong.

1236. Peasant Life in Soviet Russia [by] Anna Louise Strong.

1237. The Beliefs of Scientists [by] Joseph McCabe.

1238. Beginning Married Life Right [by] Clarice Cunningham.

1239. Party Games for Grown-Ups [by] Gloria Goddard.

1240. Short Story Writing for Beginners [by] Fiswoode Tarleton.

1241. An Outline of United States History [by] Leo Markun.

1242. The Care of the Skin and Hair and Other General Health Hints [by] Morris Fishbein.

1243. The Failure of Christian Missions [by] Joseph McCabe.

1244. How to Write Love Letters [by] Leo Markun.

1245. How to Get the Most Out of Recreation [by] Leo Markun.

1246. The Best Hobo Jokes, edited by George Milburn.

1247. The Psychology of Love and Hate [by] Leo Markun.

1248. Lies of Religious Literature [by] Joseph McCabe.

1249. The Best Jokes about Lovers, edited by Clarice Cunningham.

1250. Judge Ben B. Lindsey on Companionate Marriage [by] Marcet Haldeman-Julius.

1251. What Do You Know? A Book of Questions and Answers [by] Clarice Cunningham.

1252. Full Text of Butler-Borah Debate on Prohibition; Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler vs. Senator William E. Borah.

1253. A Book of General Information Quizzes, compiled by Lloyd E. Smith.

1254. Contract Bridge Made Easy and the Latest Bridge Laws [by] T. P. Headen.

1255. Who, When, Where and What? A Book of Questions and Answers [by] Josephine Headen.

1256. Dry-Law Debate: Clarence Darrow vs. Wayne B. Wheeler.

1257. How to Become a United States Citizen [by] George Milburn.

1258. Why I believe in Companionate Marriage [by] Marcet Haldeman-Julius.

1259. A Dictionary of Geographical Names, compiled by Leo Markun.

1260. The Story of a Lynching, an Exploration of Southern Psychology [by] Marcet Haldeman-Julius.

1261. Famous $12,000 Prize Winning Tongue-Twisters, edited by Aubrey C. Roselle.

1262. Is Evolution True? Is Evolution, as a Process, Substantiated by the Facts? A Debate between George McCready Price, M.A., and Joseph McCabe.

1263. The Serpent's Tooth [by] Clay Fulks.

1264. The Art of Forgetting the Unpleasant [by] John Cowper Powys.

1265. Is "Elmer Gantry" True? [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1266. Great Fighters for Freedom [by] J. V. Nash.

1267. Are Americans Standardized? [by] Ray Runnion.

1268. Are You A Babbitt? [by] Nelson Antrim Crawford and others.

1269. Does the U.S.A. Need the K.K.K.? [by] Fred Bair.

1270. Visits Among the Mormons [by] Fred Bair.

1271. Prisons or Crime Prevention? [by] Benjamin Glassberg and others.

1272. This Marriage Business [by] T. Swann Harding.

1273. The Truth about American Evangelist [by] Howard T. Dimick and others.

1274. The Truth about American Preachers [by] Genard Harrington and others.

1275. The Truth about the "Deluge" [by] Maynard Shipley and others.

1276. The Truth about American Yokels [by] Frank Milton and others.

1277. Hindu Magic Self Taught [by] Hereward Carrington.

1278. Ventriloquism Self Taught [by] Hereward Carrington.

1279. Side-Show Tricks Explained: Sword Swallowing, Fire Eating, Feats of Strength, Juggling Secrets, etc. [by] Hereward Carrington.

1280. Facts You Should Know about Heat [by] Lawrence A. Barrett.

1281. What is Good and Evil? [by] Friedrich Nietzsche.

1282. Guilt and Bad Conscience [by] Friedrich Nietzsche.

1283. Are Petting Parties Dangerous? The Low-Down on Petting, the Great American Art [by] William Cunningham.

1284. Tips on Theatrical Art and Actors and Actresses [by] Dan Hennessy and John Yowell.

1285. Gamblers' Crooked Tricks: A Complete Exposure of Their Methods l[by] Hereward Carrington.

1286. Do Human Beings Have Free Will? A Debate: Affirmative: Professor George Burman Foster, Negative: Clarence Darrow.

1287. Brann, Who Cracked Dull Heads [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1288. America's Fakirs and Guides, Surveying the Leaders and Misleaders of Our Day [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1289. Facts You Should Know about American Literature [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1290. The Art of Digesting Ideas [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1291. America: The Greatest Show On Earth [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1292. Best Short Stories [by] Nelson Antrim Crawford and others.

1293. What America Needs [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1294. Minneapolis vs. St. Paul, the Holy War Between the Twin Cities [by] Ray Vaughn.

1295. Detroit, Mecca of the Midwest [by] J. Charles Davis.

1296. The Personal Element in Business [by] J. Charles Davis.

1297. Facts You Should Know About Arkansas [by] W. G. Clugston, and others.

1298. How to Select Your Doctor [by] Frederic Damrau.

1299. The Origin of Life [by] Maynard Shipley; Darwin was Right [by] Sir Arthur Keith.

1300. Sources of Intolerance in America [by] Clay Fulks.

1301. The Way of All Flesh, Peeps at the Passing of Puppets and Their Paradoxes [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1302. What Life Mean to Me, a Collection of 59 Lively Little Essays [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1303. Lessons Life Has Taught Me, Glimpses at the Fascinating Circus of Clowns and Philosophers [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1304. How to Go into Business for Yourself [by] Ray Belmont Whitman.

1305. Patents: How to Get and Sell them [by] Ray Belmont Whitman.

1306. The Negro's Contribution to American Culture: The Sudden Flowering of a Genius-Laden Artistic Movement [by] Walter White.

1307. The Word of Satan in the Bible, Christians Rightly Regard Ecclesiastes Suspiciously [by] Louis Adamic.

1308. The Harvard War on Religious Ideas [by] W. P. Norwin.

1309. Is the Yankee Vanishing? [by] Harold D. Carew.

1310. Snyder-Gray Murder Echoes [by] Robert T. Griebling.

1311. The Real Aims of Catholicism [by] Charles Angoff.

1312. The Reasonableness of Skepticism [by] George Saville.

1313. Freedom vs. Fundamentalism [by] Clay Fulks.

1314. The Bigotry Trust in the U.S.A. [by] Linn A. E. Gale.

1315. The Debunking of a Midwestern Lawyer [by] Earl Ludwig.

1316. The Revolt of Modern Youth [by] Ruben Levin.

1317. The Meaning of the U.S. Constitution [by] Nicholas Murray Butler.

1318. The Case for and Against Sexual Sterilization [by] Robert C. Dexter, and others.

1319. How to Study [by] Nelson Antrim Crawford.

1320. How to Get a Husband [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1321. Fasting for Health: How to Fast; Why Fasting Helps; What to Do; How to Break the Fast [by] Hereward Carrington.

1322. Confessions of a Modern Woman, What Does She Say, Think, Feel and Do? [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1323. Facts You Should Know About Light [by] Lawrence A. Barrett.

1324. Practical Mechanical Problems and How to Solve Them [by] Lawrence A. Barrett.

1325. Americans of a Million Years Ago [by] Maynard Shipley.

1326. Origin of the Solar System [by] Maynard Shipley.

1327. Facts You Should Know About Sound [by] L. A. Barrett and Beulah Binns.

1328. Huxley: Who Advanced Human Progress 100 Years, the Story of the Man Who Fought the Battle for Evolution [by] T. Swann Harding.

1329. Facing Life Fearlessly, the pessimistic Versus the Optimistic View of Life [by] Clarence Darrow.

1330. Facts You Should Know About Digestion, a Trip Through the Alimentary Canal and What Happened There [by] T. Swann Harding.

1331. How Much Does Man Really Know? [by] T. Swann Harding.

1332. Debunking the Laws of Moses [by] Joseph Wheless.

1333. The Common Sense of Health, an Interview with Dr. Logan Clendening, author of "The Human Body" [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1334. Why I Am a Skeptic [by] T. Swann Harding.

1335. Can Knowledge be Made Popular? A Debate, C. Hartley Grattan vs. E. Haldeman-Julius.

1336. Greenwich Village in the Jazz Era [by] Clement Wood.

1337. The Breakdown of American Marriage [by] Clement Wood.

1338. Oil Painting for Beginners [by] Archie Music.

1339. Crooked Financial Schemes Exposed [by] George M. Husser.

1340. How to Get a Job [by] Heinz Norden.

1341. Unusual Menus: Eating for Health and Pleasure [by] Gloria Goddard.

1342. Typical Love-Problems Answered [by] Clement Wood.

1343. Sexual Relations in the Southern States [by] Clement Wood.

1344. How to Psycho-Analyze Your Neighbors [by] Clement Wood.

1345. How to Make Sandwiches and Box Lunches [by] Gloria Goddard.

1346. Religion's Blight on American Divorce Laws [by] Harry Hibschman.

1347. Why I Believe in Trial Marriage [by] Clement Wood.

1348. Should Companionate Marriage be Legalized? [by] Harry Hibschman vs. Sam Grathwell.

1349. Lindbergh - The Hero of the Air [by] R. R. Winterbotham.

1350. Curiosities of the English Language [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1351. How to Get Ahead [by] William Feather.

1352. The Chemistry of Familiar Things [by] Lawrence A. Barrett.

1353. Unconscious Love Elements in Psycho-Analysis [by] William J. Fielding.

1354. A Book of Striking Similes [by] Heinz Norden.

1355. A Tour of Europe for Stay-At-Homes [by] Gloria Goddard.

1356. Wills: How to Make and How to Break Them [by] Harry Hibschman.

1357. What You Should Know About Law [by] Harry Hibschman.

1358. How to Acquire Good Taste: What is Culture? [by] Isaac Goldberg.

1359. Is Birth Control a Sin? [by] Harry Hibschman.

1360. The Perfect Pocket Cook Book [by] Gloria Goddard.

1361. Who Killed Jesus? [by] Harry Hibschman.

1362. Law Every Woman Should Know [by] Harry Hibschman.

1363. Law an Auto Owner Ought to Know [by] Harry Hibschman.

1364. How to Use the Dictionary [by] Lloyd E. Smith, with a note on other reference works.

1365. Little Lessons in Vocabulary Building [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1366. How to Become a Writer of Little Blue Books [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1367. Propositions and How to Use Them [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1368. Isaac Newton: Superman of Science [by] J. V. Nash.

1369. How to be a Gate-Crasher [by] Samuel Marx.

1370. Clement Wood and His Loves [by] Clement Wood.

1371. The Sins of Good People [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1372. Why I Am Not a Christian [by] Bertrand Russell.

1373. The Plight of the South [by] Clay Fulks.

1374. Is the Work Getting Better? [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1375. The Meaning of Success in Life [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1376. Henry Ward Beecher - The Barnum of the Pulpit [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1377. John Roach Straton - The Witch Doctor of Gotham [by] E. W. Hutter.

1378. The Notorious Case of Sacco and Vanzetti [by] W. P. Norwin.

1379. President Harding's Illegitimate Daughter [by] Isaac Goldberg.

1380. The Flesh and the Devil, a Portrait of a Fundamentalist Drawn from Life [by] Howard Horner.

1381. The Prostituted Woman, the Sexless One in the Singular Chateau [by] Remy de Gourmont, (translated from the French by Hossoldt Davis).

1382. Is Our Civilization Over-Sexed? Freud has Lifted a Great Incubus of Shame from Man [by] S. Daniel House.

1383. How Galileo was Gagged by the Inquisition, the Tragic Story of the Man Who First Swept the Heavens with a Telescope [by] J. V. Nash.

1384. Gary, Shrine of the Steel God, the City That Has Everything and At the Same Time Has Nothing [by] Arthur Shumway.

1385. A Defense of the Devil; the World, the Flesh and Satan Coming into Their Own [by] Le Roy A. Born.

1386. The Problem of Old-Age Dependence: What is Being Done? What Proposals are being Urged? [by] Benjamin Glassberg.

1387. Racial Intermarriage in the United States, One of the Most Interesting Phenomena in Our National Life [by] George S. Schuyler.

1388. Are the Clergy Honest? [by] Chapman Cohen.

1389. The Truth about the Tobacco Habit [by] T. Swann Harding.

1390. Fact and Fiction about Health [by] T. Swann Harding.

1391. The Magic in Those Ultra-Violet Rays [by] T. Swann Harding.

1392. Confessions of a Gold Digger [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1393. The Fake Way to Health [by] B. C. Meyrowitz.

1394. Confessions of a Minister's Daughter [by] Ethel Brown.

1395. Instantaneous Personal Magnetism [by] Ben Moore.

1396. Our Fading Bill Of Rights [by] Harry Hibschman.

1397. Small Town Humor [by] Robert Peery.

1398. War, What For? [by] Clay Fulks.

1399. Journalism from the Inside [by] Heinz Norden.

1400. Advertising from the Inside [by] Heinz Norden.

1401. Hollywood from the Inside [by] Don Gordon.

1402. How I Went to the Devil [by] Clay Fulks.

1403. The Voice of the Yokels [by] Clay Fulks.

1404. The Myth of the Soul [by] Clarence Darrow.

1405. Dialogue Between a Priest and a Dying Atheist [by] Marquis De Sade (translated by Samuel Putnam).

1406. Voltaire's Weapon - the Smile! [by] J. V. Nash.

1407. Religious Bunk Over the Radio [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1408. What's the Matter with Human Nature? [by] Vincent Burns.

1409. Milwaukee - The Bier of Beer [by] Ruben Levin.

1410. New Orleans - The Civilized and Lively City [by] Sanford Jarrell.

1411. The Real Thomas A. Edison [by] A. L. Shands.

1412. Stories of Tramp Life [by] Lawrence M. Maynard.

1413. My Prison Days [by] David Gordon.

1414. San Francisco - A Credit to the Nation [by] Sanford Jarrell.

1415. How the United States Government Works [by] Harry Hibschman.

1416. Corporations: How to Form and How to Run Them [by] Harry Hibschman.

1417. Paul Whiteman, Glimpses of Tin Pan Alley [by] Samuel Marx.

1418. Broadway Gangsters and Their Rackets [by] Samuel Marx.

1419. Curious and Unusual Deaths [by] Russell R. Winterbotham.

1420. Why Wives Leave Home [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1421. How to Get a Divorce [by] Harry Hibschman.

1422. How Business Men Avoid Litigation [by] Harry Hibschman.

1423. Is the U.S. Immigration Law Beneficial? A Debate, Clarence Darrow vs. Lothrop Stoddard.

1424. The Famous Examination of Bryan at the Scopes Evolution Trial [by] Clarence Darrow.

1425. The Open Shop [by] Clarence Darrow.

1426. Foot Troubles and Their Correction by Simple Exercises [by] C. O. Benson.

1427. Law the Working-Man Should Know [by] Harry Hibschman.

1428. Curious and Unusual Love Affairs [by] Russell R. Winterbotham.

1429. Airplanes and How to Fly Them, a Manual of Aviation for Beginners [by] Everett D. Gunn.

1430. Lightning Shorthand Self Taught [by] George A. Button.

1431. How to Read and Correct Proof [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1432. How to Hyphen and Divide English Words [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1433. Fascinating Pastimes with Words [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1434. How to Think Clearly [by] Grace Adams.

1435. Constipation and Its Correction by Exercise [by] C. O. Benson.

1436. Strange Marriage Customs [by] Leo Markun.

1437. Curiosities of the Law [by] Harry Hibschman.

1438. How to Be a Modern Mother [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1439. Your Intelligence and How to Test It [by] Leo Markun.

1440. Can Man Know God? [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1441. Do You Know How Ignorant You Are? [by] T. Swann Harding.

1442. What You Should Know About Graphology, the Facts about Telling Character from Handwriting [by] Leo Markun.

1443. Daily Exercises for Busy People [by] C. O. Benson.

1444. The Secret of Making Words Work for You [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1445. Wild Women of Broadway [by] Samuel Marx.

1446. Texas Guinan, the Ace of (night) Clubs [by] Samuel Marx.

1447. Can People Be Made Good by Law? [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1448. Character Reading from the Face [by] Leo Markun.

1449. The Love Affairs of John Wesley [by] Leo Markun.

1450. Do We Live Forever? A Reply to Clarence True Wilson [by] Joseph McCabe.

1451. President Hoover and Quakerism [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1452. Does Life Spell Accident or Design? [by] Arthur Wakefield Slaten.

1453. Have We Religious Freedom? [by] Frank Swancara.

1454. A Dictionary of Contemporary Authors [by] Leo Markun.

1455. The End of the World [by] Joseph McCabe.

1456. A Dictionary of the Social Sciences [by] Leo Markun.

1457. Sketches of Naughty Ladies [by] Goethe.

1458. The Princess and the Tiger [by] Goethe.

1459. The Psychology of the Criminal {by} Leo Markun.

1460. A Book of American Statistics [by] Leo Markun.

1461. A Reno Lawyer Looks at Marriage and Divorce [by] Anthony M. Turano.

1462. Science Versus Religion as a Guide to Life [by] Dr. Harry Elmer Barnes.

1463. Has Religion Made Useful Contributions to Civilization? [by] Bertrand Russell.

1464. Clarence Darrow - The Big Minority Man [by] George G. Whitehead.

1465. A Book of European Statistics [by] Leo Markun.

1466. Home Removal of Spots and Stains [by] Josephine Headen.

1467. Party Issues in the United States [by] Leo Markun.

1468. How to Deal with Crime [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1469. American Industrial History [by] Leo Markun.

1470. How to Become a Radio Artist [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1471. How to Become Mentally Superior. What Makes One Rise above the Average [by] Henry M. Le Chatelier (translated from the French by Ralph E. Oesper).

1472. History: Truth or Propaganda? [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1473. How to Find What You Want in a Library [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1474. Roxy: The Moguls of Movieland [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1475. Best Jokes of 1930, compiled by John W. Gunn.

1476. What You Should Know About Your Sensations [by] Grace Adams.

1477. How Glands Affect Personality [by] Grace Adams.

1478. Poor Posture Corrected by Exercise [by] C. O. Benson.

1479. Correction of Underweight and Overweight by Exercise [by] C. O. Benson.

1480. The Causes of the World War [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1481. The New Immorality, a Little Dictionary of Unorthodox Opinion [by] Isaac Goldberg.

1482. The Dramatic Career of U. S. Grant [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1483. Trial by Jury: The Great Burlesque of Modern Criminal Justice [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1484. Why Preachers Go Wrong [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1485. The Religion of a Free Man [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1486. Are Atheist Dogmatic? [by] Joseph McCabe.

1487. A Manual of Debunking [by] Joseph McCabe.

1488. The Age-Old Follies of Man [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1489. What is Christianity? An Answer to Dr. Harry Emerson Fosdick [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1490. Is Einstein's Theory Atheistic? An Answer to Cardinal O'Connell [by] Joseph McCabe.

1491. The Power of Women [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1492. Stories of Gypsy Life [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1493. Wine, Women and Song [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1494. Stormy Hearts [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1495. Steel Against Steel [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1496. The Sexual Factor in Divorce [by] Arthur Garfield Hayes.

1497. Companionate Divorce [by] Arthur Garfield Hayes.

1498. Missouri University Sex Questionnaire and Its Significance [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1499. New Light on the Ten Commandments [by] Maynard Shipley.

1500. Why I Am an Agnostic: Including Expressions of Faith from a Protestant, a Catholic and a Jew [by] Clarence Darrow.

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