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Checklist of the Little Blue Books (1501-1915)

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and by

HENRY J. HALDEMAN (1951-1976)

Numbers 1501-1915

1501. Mussolini and the Pope [by] Joseph McCabe.

1502. Why I Believe in Fair Taxation of Church Property [by] Joseph McCabe.

1503. How to Use Effective English in Speech and Writing [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1504. How to Overcome Self-Consciousness [by] Lloyd E. Smith.

1505. Africa, Its Geography, People and Products [by] W. E. Burghardt du Bois.

1506. How Capitalism Developed [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1507. A Rational View of the Sex Issue [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1508. What Your Should Know about Poisons [by] Heinz Norden.

1509. The Gay Chronicle of the Monks and Nuns [by] Joseph McCabe.

1510. The Epicurean Doctrine of Happiness [by] Joseph McCabe.

1511. War Guilt and the Present European Situation [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1512. Is This Century the Most Admirable in History? [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1513. Statistics: How to Use and Interpret Them [by] Lawrence A. Barrett.

1514. The Famous Inventions of Thomas Edison [by] Heinz Norden.

1515. The Love Affair of a Priest and a Nun (Abelard and Heloise) [by] Joseph McCabe.

1516. Facts You Should Know About Gonorrhea [by] Heinz Norden.

1517. Land, and Old Man and His Wife [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1518. The Beggar of Alcazar [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1519. Blood and Lava [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1520. For Love of Zaska and Other Stories [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1521. When Faith in Love Returns [by] Konrad Bercovici.

1522. Why We Write Like Human Beings [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1523. How to Avoid Catching Venereal Diseases [by] Heinz Norden.

1524. Famous Eccentric Americans [by] J. V. Nash.

1525. The Menace of the Modern Prison [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1526. Peace Plans From Kant to Kellogg [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1527. Herbert Hoover, the Man [by] Heinz Norden.

1528. Getting into Print, a Practical Guide [by] Isaac Goldberg.

1529. Why I am Not an Atheist [by] John Haynes Holmes, with a reply by E. Haldeman-Julius.

1530. Why I Believe in God; Science and Religion: As a Scientist Sees It [by] Prof. Arthur Stanley Eddington, with a reply by E. Haldeman-Julius.

1531. Can We Follow Jesus Today? A Debate. YES: by Joseph Myers . . . NO: by L. M. Birkhead . . .

1532. Don Quixote: The Ingenious Gentleman of La Mancha [by] Miguel Cervantes de Saavedra, edited by Heinz Norden.

1533. Famous Infant Prodigies [by] J. V. Nash.

1534. How to Test Your Urine at Home [by] B. C. Meyrowitz.

1535. How to Throw a Party [by] Heinz Norden.

1536. Facing Death Fearlessly [by] Joseph McCabe.

1537. The Essence of Unitarianism [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1538. A Rational Sex Code [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1539. A Debate with a Jesuit Priest [by] Joseph McCabe.

1540. How We Can Live Happily, a Practical Rule of Life [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1541. What Life Means to Me at Seventy-Two [by] Clarence Darrow.

1542. Who Started the World War? [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1543. Is War Inevitable? [by] Joseph McCabe.

1544. Why I Do Not Believe in Capital Punishment [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1545. Why I Do Not Fear Death [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1546. An Encyclopedia of Sex [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1547. How Can We Wipe Out the Crime of War? [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1548. Popular Chinese Cook Book [by] Lorene Campbell Gibbs.

1549. Why I Do Not Believe in Censorship [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1550. How People Lived in the Middle Ages [by] Joseph McCabe.

1551. Why I Believe In Freedom of Thought [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1552. Africa - Its Place in Modern History [by] W. E. Burghardt Du Bois.

1553. Beneficial Exercises for Nervousness and Indigestion [by] C. O. Benson and Dr. C. L. Smith.

1554. Beneficial Exercises for Heart Disturbances [by] C. O. Benson and Dr. C. L. Smith.

1555. Rules for Success in Business [by] William Feather.

1556. How the Sun's Rays Will Give You Health and Beauty [by] William J. Fielding.

1557. What is a Liberal? [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1558. A Peep at 19th Century Americans [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1559. Can We Change Human Nature? [by] Joseph McCabe.

1560. Why I Quit Being a Prohibitionist [by] Harry Hibschman.

1561. That Horrible French Revolution [by] Joseph McCabe.

1562. How to Live Long [by] T. Swann Harding.

1563. The Marvels and Oddities of Sunlight [by] William J. Fielding.

1564. Homosexuality in the Lives of the Great [by] J. V. Nash.

1565. The Danger of Catholicism in the Public Schools [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1566. How to Conduct a Love Affair [by] Betty Van Deventer.

1567. Making Men Happy with Jams and Jellies [by] Elizabeth Palmer.

1568. Full Text of Edison's Famous Scholarship Questionnaire (with authoritative answers).

1569. Boccaccio - Lover and Chronicler of Love [by] William J. Fielding.

1570. Is Man a Rational Animal? [by] T. Swann Harding.

1571. Should Church Property be Tax Exempt? [by] Harry Hibschman.

1572. How America was Forced into the World War: The Walter Hines Page Legend [by] C. Hartley Grattan.

1573. Herbert Hoover - The Fatuous Failure in the White House [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1574. What Price Tolerance? The Story of Suffering for Conscience's Sake [by] Harry Hibschman.

1575. The History of Venereal Diseases [by] Leo Markun.

1576. Facts You Should Know about Masturbation [by] Leo Markun.

1577. Can American be Made Good by Law? [by] Clay Fulks.

1578. Was President Harding Murdered? [by] John W. Gunn.

1579. How Newspapers Deceive Their Readers [by] Arthur Shumway.

1580. The Serious Lesson in President Harding's Case of Gonorrhea [by] Haldeman-Julius.

1581. Environment vs. Heredity: Debate between Clarence Darrow and Albert Edward Wiggam.

1582. A Liberal View of Divorce [by Bertrand Russell.

1583. A Book about Texas, by Texans.

1584. The Crisis that Threatens the Church [by] Holland Patterson.

1585. From Sin to Psychiatry, an Interview on the Way to Mental Health with Dr. Karl A. Menninger [by] L. M. Birkhead.

1586. Were the Founding Fathers Pious Angels and Plaster Saints? [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1587. The Amazing Loves of King Carol of Rumania [by] Raymond Everett Wilson.

1588. Debunking the Myth of Calvin Coolidge [by] Harry Elmer Barnes.

1589. Facing Life Realistically [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1590. How the Great Corporations Rule the United States [by] Theodore Dreiser.

1591. How "Wicked" is Hollywood? [by] H. A. Woodmansee.

1592. A History of Gambling [by] Leo Markun.

1593. Romantic Heroes of the Confederacy [by] J. V. Nash.

1594. Does the Death Penalty Curb Crime? Judge Marcus A. Kavanagh, Affirmative Argument; Warden Lewis A. Lawes, Negative argument.

1595. Facts You Should Know about the Calendar [by] Frank Vincent Waddy.

1596. Should the 18th Amendment be Repealed; Yes, Clarence Darrow; No, Clarence True Wilson.

1597. The Meaning of Atheism [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1598. Is "Knowledge" of God a Delusion? A Debate between Professor Deeington and E. Haldeman-Julius.

1599. Advice to the Godly Who Fear Atheism [by] Maynard Shipley.

1600. Questions and Answers about Birth Control [by] Margaret Sanger.

1601. Hoover's Record as President [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1602. Principles of International Law [by] Leo Markun.

1603. Is Christianity Dying? [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1604. The Venereal Disease Problem (a general survey) [by] T. Swann Harding.

1605. The Girl in the Snappy Roadster [by] Marcet and E. Haldeman-Julius.

1606. Clarence Darrow: "Evangelist" of Sane Thinking [by] George G. Whitehead.

1607. Einstein's New Space-Substance Theory [by] Isaac Newton.

1608. Facts You Should Know about the Art of Love [by] William J. Fielding.

1609. How a Roast Goose Vendor Was Paid, a Sixteenth Century Satire [by] Francois Rabelais (1483-1553).

1610a. Love Among the Haystacks [by] D. H. Lawrence.
1610b. One Lover Among Many [by] D. H. Lawrence.

1611. Sinclair Lewis's Speech Accepting the Nobel Prize.

1612. Herbert Hoover's Record before He Became President [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1613. What Knowledge is of Most Worth? [by] Herbert Spencer.

1614. How to Improve Yourself Intellectually [by] Herbert Spencer.

1615. How to Improve Yourself Morally [by] Herbert Spencer.

1616. How to Improve Yourself Physically [by] Herbert Spencer.

1617. The Evil of Error [by] the Rt. Hon. J. M. Robertson.

1618. Why I Reject the Idea of God [by] Julian Huxley: Discussions by Dean Inge, Father Woodlock and E. Haldeman- Julius.

1619. Sir James Jeans' "Mathematical God"; A Debate-Analysis by E. Haldeman-Julius.

1620. Merry Tales [by] Anatole France.

1621. How Man Will Live in the Future [by] Professor William F. Ogburn.

1622. Five Women and the Grand Passion [by] Anatole France.

1623. Who Seduced the Cook? [by] Anatole France.

1624. The Woman Who Inspired Fatal Passion [by] Anatole France.

1625. Is There a Return to Religion? A Debate. Yes, Gilbert K. Chesterton; No, E. Haldeman-Julius.

1626. When Youth Burns [by] Theophile Gautier.

1627. A Piece of the Princess [by] Theophile Gautier.

1628. Merry Tales of Childhood [by] Anatole France.

1629. The Comedy of the Saint's Breeches [by] Masuccio.

1630. How to Play Stud Poker [by] George Henry Fisher.

1631. Life's Little Ironies [by] Thomas Hardy.

1632. A Tragedy of Two Ambitions [by] Thomas Hardy.

1633. The Seductive Exploits of a Fiddler [by] Thomas Hardy.

1634. The Dance of Death [by] Gustave Flaubert.

1635. The Gods in Exile [by] Heinrich Heine.

1636. What Doctors Have Learned about Birth Control, a Symposium.

1637. Absurdities of the Bible [by] Clarence Darrow.

1638. Notes on Case of Sexual Suppression [by] Frank Vincent Waddy.

1639. The Story of British Imperialism [by] Leo Markun.

1640. Is Science Vindicating Religion? A Modern Controversy. Yes, John Haynes Holmes; No, E. Haldeman-Julius.

1641. The Rabbi and Beautiful Sara [by] Heinrich Heinie [sic].

1642. Maidens and Women [by] Heinrich Heine.

1643. Under the Hill [by] Aubrey Beardsley.

1644. The Prostitute and Her Lover (Arsene Guillot) [by] Henrich Heine.

1645. Strange Flowers of Passion (Florentine Nights) [by] Heinrich Heine.

1646. Girls, Virgins and Wine (from the Memoirs of Herr Von Schnabelewopski.) [by] Heinrich Heine.

1647. The Abbe Aubain Falls in Love [by] Prosper Merimee.

1648. The Love of Life and Other Essays [by] William Hazlitt.

1649. Are Manners Important? and Other Essays [by] William Hazlitt.

1650. What I Have Learned about Life from Fools and Sages (Characteristics) [by] William Hazlitt.

1651. Tremendous Trifles about Important Commonplaces, Reactions to the Circus of Human Life [by] William Hazlitt.

1652. The Origin of War and the Philosophy of Conflict [by] Havelock Ellis.

1653. The Fallacies of American Historians [by] Harry Elmer Barnes, Ph.D.

1654. The Record of Felicite's Life (A Simple Soul) [by] Gustave Flaubert.

1655. The Accused Woman (Herodias) [by] Gustave Flaubert.

1656. The Girdle of Aphrodite, Love Poems of the Palatine Anthology, translated by F. A. Wright.

1657. The Gentle Art of Making Enemies [by] James McNeill Whistler.

1658. The Handbook of Swindling [by] Douglas Jerrold (1839).

1659. On Murder as One of the Fine Arts [by] Thomas De Quincey.

1660. A Woman's Heart and Other Stories [by] H. G. Wells.

1661. The Man Who Could Work Miracles [by] H. G. Wells.

1662. The Valley of Spiders and Other Stories [by] H. G. Wells.

1663. The Treasure in the Forest and Other Stories [by] H. G. Wells.

1664. A Slip Under the Microscope [by] H. G. Wells.

1665. Moral Swindlers and Other Essays [by] George Eliot.

1666. Letters of the Courtesans [by] Alciphron [translated by F. A. Wright].

1667. Debasing the Moral Currency [by] George Eliot.

1668. Do You Lose Your Temper? (Only Temper) and Other Essays [by] George Eliot.

1669. The Jolly Beggars [by] Robert Burns.

1670. Death's Old Comedy, a Masque of Dead Florentines [by] Maurice Hewlett.

1671. Queer People and a Damning Passion (DeGrey: A Romance) [by] Henry James.

1672. The Sweetheart of M. Briseux [by] Henry James.

1673. The Runaway Wife [by] Henry James.

1674. Spiritual Magnetism [by] Henry James.

1675. The Mad Lovers and the Emperor's Topaz (Adina) [by] Henry James.

1676. How the World's Greatest Scholar Can Help You [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1677. How the Army and Navy Fight Venereal Diseases [by] T. Swann Harding.

1678. Moral And Social Aspects of the Venereal Disease Problem [by] T. Swann Harding.

1679. Various Types of Venereal Disease and Their Treatment [by] T. Swann Harding.

1680. The Position of the Greek Woman and Other Essays [by] Freidrich Nietzsche.

1681. The Warfare of Religion Against Science [by] Horace M. Kallen.

1682. The Story of American Imperialism [by] Leo Markun.

1683. My Life at the U. S. Naval Academy [by] Neil Borgquist Musser.

1684. To Please His Wife [by] Thomas Hardy.

1685. The History and First Principles of Insurance [by] Leo Markun.

1686. Unemployment Insurance: America's Big Issue, and Analysis of conditions that Demand Social Protection for the Workers [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1687. The History and First Principles of Banking [by] Leo Markun.

1688. 100 Cocktails. How to Make Them and What to Eat With Them (A Laboratory Manual of Cocktail Making with Appetizers to Offset Them) [by] Anderson Fredericks (not Formerly of the Hotel Knickerbocker) "A Cocktail is a Blend of Liquors Which Develops a Flavor of Its Own."

1689. Socialism and the Farmers' Problem: The Way Out of Agricultural Bankruptcy [by] Algernon Lee.

1690. Socialism and Culture [by] Upton Sinclair.

1691. Why I am a Socialist [by] Heywood Broun.

1692. Socialism and the City: How to Remove Chaos and Put Order and Beauty into American Cities [by] Daniel W. Hoam, mayor Of Milwaukee.

1693. Will Socialism End the Evil of War? [by] Devere Allen.

1694. Socialism and Communism [by] Norman Angell.

1695. Pioneers of Socialism [by] McAlister Coleman.

1696. Incentives Under Socialism [by] G. D. H. Cole.

1697. Socialism and the Trade Unions: The Present Needs and Future Functions of Labor Organizations [by] James O'Neal.

1698. Certain Misconceptions: A Few Current Objections of Socialism Answered [by] John M. Work (author of What's So and What Isn't).

1699. The Socialist Goal [by] Fred Henderson.

1700. The Betrayal of the Workless [by] McAlister Coleman.

1701. Can Socialism Prevail in America? [by] James O'Neal.

1702. Forces Making for Socialism [by] Paul Blanshard.

1703. Organizing the World for Socialism [by] Clarence Senior.

1704. Socialism and the Individual [by] Norman Thomas.

1705. Socialism and Women [by] Marion Phillips.

1706. The Practical Accomplishments of Socialism [by] Morris Hillquit . . . , in Collaboration with Nathan Fine. . . .

1707. The Practical Program of Socialism [by] Harry W. Laidler.

1708. The Political Philosophy of Socialism [by] Morris Hillquit.

1709. The White Slave Traffic [by] Leo Markun.

1710. The Magic of Numbers [by] Leo Markun.

1711. The Economics of Taxation [by] Leo Markun.

1712. Great Dates in History [by] Leo Markun.

1713. Sexual Impotence - Its Causes and Treatment [by] Morton Grad.

1714. The Case of Determinism and Against Free Will, Notes and Reflections, with a Selection of Statements by Many Philosophers . . . [by] J. Raymond Solly.

1715. Funeral Services without Theology: A Series of Addresses Adapted to Various Occasions [by] F. J. Gould.

1716. The Superstition of "Sin" [by] William Archer.

1717. Religion as a Bar to Progress [by] Charles T. Gorham.

1718. A Nasty Story [by] Fedor Dostoevski (1821-1881).

1719. Dean Inge's Apology for Christianity [by] William Archer (1923).

1720. Surrendering to Catholicism: A Letter to a Young Friend [by] William Archer.

1721. Gambler's Luck [by] E. T. A. Hoffmann (1776-1822).

1722. Fortune Telling From Dreams [by] Leo Markun.

1723. The Amazing Career of Al Capone [by] Leah Gregg.

1724. The Next World War: How It Is Being Prepared [by] Leo Markun.

1725. The Story of Tammany Hall [by] Leo Markun.

1726. How to Think Creatively [by] Leo Markun.

1727. Fifty Famous Sauces: How to Make Them [by] Frederick Anderson.

1728. The New Aim in the Care of Teeth [by] Howard R. Raper.

1729. Technocracy - From the Viewpoint of an Editor [by] Robert Cromie: An Address by Robert Cromie, editor of the Vancouver Sun, to the Engineering Institute, Board of Trade Luncheon, Wednesday, January 18, 1933, Vancouver, B.C.

1730. How Man Made God [by] Joseph McCabe and E. Haldeman-Julius.

1731. Atheism in Russia [by] Joseph McCabe and E. Haldeman-Julius.

1732. What Gods Cost Man [by] Joseph McCabe and E. Haldeman-Julius.

1733. The Blood of Martyrs [by] Joseph McCabe and E. Haldeman-Julius.

1734. The Indignations of E. W. Howe, with Introduction by J. E. House, Corra Harris and N. P. Webb.

1735. Worldly Wisdom [by] Max Ehrmann.

1736. Sexological Dictionary, by Lester Hutter.

1737. Sex and Blackmail Rackets Exposed [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1738. How to Win Prize Contests [by] Stanley M. Langberg.

1739. Hints on Developing Personality [by] J. W. Klapman.

1740. True Prison Escapes [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1741. The Case Concerning Incest [by] J. W. Klapman.

1742. A Short Introduction to Mental Hygiene [by] J. W. Klapman.

1743. What You Should Know About Sleep [by] J. W. Klapman.

1744. A Short Treatice [sic] on Abnormal Psychology [by] J. W. Klapman.

1745. The Story of Cancer [by] J. W. Klapman.

1746. An Exposure of Mediums' Tricks and Rackets [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1747. Standard Games of Solitaire [by] Donald Coveyou.

1748. Scientific Crime Detection [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1749. How to Play Backgammon [by] George Henry Fisher.

1750. Curiosities of Language [by] Anson D. Eby.

1751. Methods of Criminals [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1752. How to Become a Detective [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1753. Why Many Women are Sexually Unattractive [by] J. W. Klapman.

1754. How to Read Finger Prints [by] C. Samuel Campbell.

1755. How to Be a Fur Trapper [by] conservation director, American Trappers' Association, Raymond S. Spears.

1756. The Simplified Cook-Book: Hints on Cookery [by] Albert Hohl.

1757. Sayings of a Sourdough [by] William Sulzer.

1758. Is Adolph Hitler a Maniac? The Truth About the Terror of Hitlerism [by] E. Haldeman-Julius.

1759. Abraham Lincoln - Lawyer: The Legion on Honor; Charge to a Grand Jury; Stepping Stones [by] Richard J. Hopkins, United States District Judge of Kansas.

1760. The United States of Europe [by] Richard J. Hopkins, United States District Judge of Kansas, in collaboration with Lida Hafford Hopkins.

1761. America's Little Hitlers: Who's Who and What's Up in U. S. Fascism [by] Roy Tozier (research directory for Friends of Democracy).

1762. What is Wrong with the World [by] Joseph McCabe.

1763. How an Ape Became a Man [by] Joseph McCabe.

1764. The Evolution of Animal Life [by] Joseph McCabe.

1765. The World We Live In [by] Joseph McCabe.

1766. The Body Machine and How It Works [by] Joseph McCabe.

1767. The Mysteries of Embryology and Heredity [by] Joseph McCabe.

1768. The Plant World Simplified, the Main Principles of Modern Botany, by Joseph McCabe.

1769. Has Man a Mind? [by] Joseph McCabe.

1770. Man the Creator, Physics as the Basis of Engineering, by Joseph McCabe.

1771. The Wonders of Modern Chemistry, the Principles on Which They Are Based, by Joseph McCabe.

1772. How Religion Began: Primitive Man Stumbles into a Blind Alley, by Joseph McCabe.

1773. Philosophers and Their Dreams, the History and Nature of Philosophical Speculation, by Joseph McCabe.

1774. Real and Unreal Moral Law, the New Ethic and Its Timely Revolution, by Joseph McCabe.

1775. How Christianity Grew Out of Paganism, the Real Origin of the Christian Religion, by Joseph McCabe.

1776. The Ancient World, from the Dawn of Civilization to the Greeks [by] Joseph McCabe.

1777. The World of the Greeks and Romans: How a New Age Opened 2500 Years Ago [by] Joseph McCabe.

1778. The Middles Ages: The Longest Reaction in History [by] Joseph McCabe.

1779. The Historical Truth about the Rebirth of Civilization: The Material Factors [by] Joseph McCabe.

1780. Asia's Great Atheist Religions: An Account of Confucianism and Buddhism, by Joseph McCabe.

1781. Skeptics the Great Leaders of Progress: Historical Absurdity of the Alleged Menace of Skepticism, by Joseph McCabe.

1782. The Making of the Modern World, Civilization Advances as Obscurantism Decays, by Joseph McCabe.

1783. Lies and Bunk about Racial Superiority: The Aryan and Other Races, by Joseph McCabe.

1784. Asia and Its Problems: The Asiatics Just as Capable of Progress as the Whites [by] Joseph McCabe.

1785. Japan and America: Why America was Caught Napping [by] Joseph McCabe.

1786. Russia in the Light of the War: A Revolution in World- Opinion [by] Joseph McCabe.

1787. Socialism and Capitalism: A Short Statement of the Economic Issue [by] Joseph McCabe.

1788. Evolution or Revolution: Fallacy of the Slow and Steady Theory of Progress [by] Joseph McCabe.

1789. Can We Change Human Nature? Social Psychology Slays the Popular Myth [by] Joseph McCabe.

1790. Sham Fighting about Matter and Spirit: Current Bunk about Materialism and the Spiritual [by] Joseph McCabe.

1791. Freethought and Agnosticism: Lies and Confusion in Conventional Literature [by] Joseph McCabe.

1792. The Literature of Myths and Legends: Books that Dupe Half the World [by] Joseph McCabe.

1793. Great Poets and Their Creeds: The Fallacy that Religion Inspires Great Poetry [by] Joseph McCabe.

1794. The Theaters and the Cinema: A Critique of Them as Organs of Public Education [by] Joseph McCabe.

1795. Pessimism in Modern Literature: Why So Much Cynicism in Brilliant Writers [by] Joseph McCabe.

1796. Modern Fancy Religions: When Do They Become Rackets [by] Joseph McCabe.

1797. The Futility of All Mysticism: The Claim that There is a Superscientific Knowledge [by] Joseph McCabe.

1798. Fundamentalist and Superior Believers: Fallacy of the Belief that Refining Orthodoxy Pays [by] Joseph McCabe.

1799. Is Our Degenerate? All Talk about Superior Earlier Ages Bunk [by] Joseph McCabe.

1800a. The Chief Aspects of Western Civilization's Decline: Part One, by Albert E. Page.
1800b. The Crying Need of School Reform: How to Make Education Attractive and Effective [by] Joseph McCabe.

1801a. The Chief Aspects of Western Civilization's Decline: Part Two, by Albert E. Page.
1801b. The Chief Aspects of Western Civilization's Decline by Albert E. Page.
1801c. The Question of Democracy: A Critical Study of First Principles [by] Joseph McCabe.

1802. The Man and the Woman: Science and Common Sense on the Sex Question [by] Joseph McCabe.

1803. What Is the End of Life? Bunk about the Aimlessness of Modern Life [by] Joseph McCabe.

1804. Bunk about Marriage: The Synthetic Zeal of the Bigots [by] Joseph McCabe.

1805. Should the World Federate? The Question of the Federation of All Nations [by] Joseph McCabe.

1806. H. G. Wells and His Creed: An Examination of the Chief Constructive Proposals in Literature [by] Joseph McCabe.

1807. Is America Religious? A Candid Examination and Critique of Claims [by] Joseph McCabe.

1808. Death Control and Birth Control: The Orthodox Attitude Paradoxical and Insincere [by] Joseph McCabe.

1809. Bunk About Free will and Strong Will: Another Revolution in Psychology [by] Joseph McCabe.

1810. The Materialistic Determination of History: A Great Philosophy in Brief Outline [by] Joseph McCabe.

1811. Man Today Faces His Greatest Opportunity: This Tide in Man's Affairs [by] Joseph McCabe.

1812. How to Analyze and Interpret Propaganda [by] John H. Burma. [The How-To Series No. 1.]

1813. How to Become a Public Speaker [by] John H. Burma. [The How-To Series No. 1.]

1814. How to Choose a Mate Scientifically [by] John H. Burma. [The How-To Series No. 12.]

1815. How to Know Common Mental Derangements [by] John H. Burma. [The How-To Series No. 13.]

1816. How to Understand Drug Addiction: Its Causes and Effects [by] John H. Burma. [The How-To Series No. 14.]

1817. How to Understand Mental Deficiency [by] John H. Burma. [The How-To Series No. 15.]

1818. How to Understand Social Problems [by] John H. Burma. [The How-To Series No. 16.]

1819. How to Understand Criminology and Penology [by] Dr. John H. Burma.

1820. How to Understand the Negro Problem [by] Dr. John. H. Burma.

1821. How to Understand the Fundamental Factors in the Social Life of Man [by] Dr. John H. Burma.

1822. How We Solve Our Problems Scientifically, by Ralph Gregory.

1823. How to Understand the Problems of Adolescence [by] John H. Burma.

1824. How to Die Laughing in 62 Easy Lessons.

1825. Stop, Look and Laugh!

1826. How to Cash in On Your Veteran's Benefits, by Albert Coleman.

1827. For Laughing Purposes Only, 62 Gag Cartoons.

1828. Bunk About Marriage [by] Joseph McCabe. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 1] [Reprint of Little Blue Book No. 1804].

1829. Artificial Insemination: How It's Done: The $2,000 Black Market on Babies: Husbands for Hire: Fathers by Proxy, by D. O. Cauldwell. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 2].

1830. The Mystery of Existence, by Joseph McCabe. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 3, and as The Critic and Guide (formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 6].

1831. Sex Life in Russia, by Joseph McCabe. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 4, and as the Critic and Guide (Formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 6].

1832-1842. No Titles Published with These Numbers.

1843. A Sampling of Vaudeville and Radio Gags and More Than 100 Other Short Pieces. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 5].

1844. The Erring Husband, by Joseph McCabe. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 6, and as the Critic and Guide (Formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 2].

1845. Confessions of a Hermaphrodite and More Than 100 Other Short Pieces. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 7, and as The critic and Guide (Formerly Fillers), vol. 2, No. 3.

1846. Belle Starr: The Bandit Queen; the Career of the Most Colorful Outlaw the Indian Territory Ever Knew, by William Yancey Shackleford. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-221].

1847. The Meaning of All Common Given Names [by] Miriam Allen DeFord. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-330].

1848. Wild Stories From the Ozarks [by] Vance Randolph. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-340].

1849. No Title Published with this number.

1850. Carry Nation of Kansas: Who Fought the Liquor Traffic with a Hatchet [by] Anton S. Booker. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-181].

1851. The Art of Intimacy in Marriage.

1852. Girdles of Chastity, and More Than 100 Other Short Pieces. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 9.]

1853. Scientists Look at Homosexuality and More Than 100 Other Short Pieces. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 10, and as The Critic and Guide (formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 4].

1854. Confessions of a Transvestite, and More Than 100 Other Short Pieces. [Also Issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 11].

1855. The Mystery of Womanhood, and More Than 100 Other Short Pieces, by E. Haldeman-Julius. [Also issued as Fillers: Vol. 1, No. 12].

1856. The Story of Bessie: A Transvestite Tells of His Passion for Wearing Women's Clothes. [Also issued as The Critic and Guide (formerly Fillers), Vol. 2, No. 1].

1857-1872. No Titles published with these numbers.

1873. Abraham Lincoln - Lawyer, by Richard J. Hopkins.

1874-1876. No Titles published with these numbers.

*1877. Grins and Giggles, selected by Albert Coleman; 62 Cartoon Gags.

*1878. Your Sex Life After 80.

*1879. Rupture and Hernia, prepared in collaboration with Dr. Robert W. Frigerri.

*1880. Pin-Ups of Now Magazette.

*1881. Pocket Pin-Ups of Now Magazette.

*1882. Tall Tales From the Ozarks, by Vance Randolph. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-343].

*1883. Eat and Get Skinny.

*1884. Memo Book.

*1885. Diary.

*1886. Address Book.

*1887. Notes.

*1888. Survival Under Atomic Attack.

*1889. Wildcats in Petticoats, by Anton S. Booker. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-215]

*1890. Scientific Oddities: Little-Known Facts, Paradoxes & Illusions, Puzzles and Quizzes [sic], etc. [by] Hereward Carrington. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-647].

*1891. Address Book. [Same as 1886 above].

*1892. No Title published with this number.

*1893. Buried Treasure: True Tales of, [sic] Famous, Mysterious and Fascinating Treasures, by T. D. Barrett. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-500].

*1894. Cartoons and Quips.

1895. No Title Published with this number.

*1896. The Wild Adventures of Davy Crockett: Based Mainly on the Writings of the Hero of the Alamo, by Arthur S. Tolliver. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-70b].

*1897. Funny Stories from the Ozarks [by] Vance Randolph. [Reprint of Big Blue Book No. B-339].

*1898. Photographs.

*1899. Joke Book One.

*1900. Joke Book Two.

*1901. Date Book and Diary.

*1902. Appointment Book, Diary, Log Book.

*1903. Salesmen's City Address Book.

*1904. Xmas Card Address Book.

*1905. Daily Log Book.

*1906. The Story of the Independent . . . How It Was Born . . . The People Behind It . . . Vicissitudes of Its Growth and Survival . . . .

*1907. Account Book.

*1908. Housewives' Expense Record.

*1909. Daily Expense Record.

*1910. Travel Expense Record.

*1911. Expense Record.

*1912. Ledger.

*1913. The Secretary's Spelling Book . . .

*1914. 4,000 Most Essential English Words (A Basic Literacy Test). [Reprint of Little Blue Book No. 639].

*1915. Scratch Book . . .

* Titles added to the Little Blue Book Series by Henry J. Haldeman, 1952-1978.

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