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American Association of University Women, Pittsburg Branch

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Cover of the 1943-44 AAUW directory

Cover of the 1943 - 1944
AAUW Directory - Pittsburg Branch

The Pittsburg Branch of A.A.U.W. dates its founding from March 1926. Officers were elected in April of that same year and the organization took shape by establishing membership fees, study groups, and plans to recruit eligible members. In keeping with the purposes of the national A.A.U.W. organization, the Branch was organized to encourage and promote national and international education among all women and to bring together women of higher education. During its existence, the Pittsburg Branch has emphasized the study of contemporary literature, international relations, and the creative arts. Organization projects have included the recognition of outstanding women students in higher education, children's theatre, citizenship and naturalization classes, and education courses for the homebound.

Collection #1

American Association of University Women,
Pittsburg Branch, Records, 1926-1973

1.25 linear feet


Records of the Pittsburg, Kansas, branch of the American Association of University Women. The records consist of newsletters, scrapbooks, membership lists, programs, histories, correspondence, financial records, photographs, by-laws, and other related materials.


The American Association of University Women, Pittsburg Branch, Records were deposited in the Leonard H. Axe Library by the Branch through Dr. Helen Kriegsman. Date unknown.


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The A.A.U.W., Pittsburg Branch, Records consist primarily of historical and administrative records of the organization from its founding in 1926 up to 1973. The records are arranged into twelve series:

The Bulletins series and the Historian and Publicity series are the most comprehensive and provide the best overview of the Branch's activities.

For purposes of arrangement, and to accommodate future additions to the collection, each series is designated by a letter of the alphabet, A through L, and folders within each series are numbered consecutively from one to the end. Each series is arranged in chronological order unless otherwise noted. Many of the materials in this collection consist of acidic newspaper print and/or were affixed to acidic paper by glue, tape, or staples. Some materials, therefore, have been photocopied for preservation purposes.

The Anniversaries (Ser. A) is comprised of materials used to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Pittsburg Branch in 1946 and the 25th anniversary in 1951. Included are brief organizational histories, program materials, reminiscences, and correspondence. The correspondence consists of replies from founding and early members of the Pittsburg Branch invited to attend the 25th anniversary celebration.

The Bulletins series (Series B) consists of Pittsburg Branch newsletters dating from 1943 to 1973. Typically, the Bulletins were issued on a monthly basis to the membership. They contain information about general meetings, study groups and committee activities, membership, and announcements. There are occasional gaps in this series due to missing issues, and it is believed that Bulletins were not issued every month. The Bulletin series is especially useful for information about the Branch's history, projects, and leadership. Occasionally it includes attached financial information (see also Series E), membership lists (see also Series G and H), and program information (see also Series J).

The By-Laws series (Series C) consists of two copies of the by-laws for the Pittsburg Branch. Copy one is noted as revised 1 February 1965. Copy two is undated.

The Correspondence series (Series D) is very incomplete. Included are a few letters from 1944 and 1945 addressed to Elizabeth Anderson, editor of the Bulletin, and four letters of a general nature from 1946, 1950, 1965 and 1966. Series A, F, and L also contain correspondence.

Treasurer's reports, financial statements, and budgets comprise the Financial series (Series E). The records in this series date from 1942 to 1971, but contain many gaps.

The Historian and Publicity series (Series F) documents the activities of the Pittsburg Branch from 1926 to 1973. Included in this series are scrapbooks and other materials compiled and collected by Branch historians and publicity chairwomen. The scrapbooks, retained in their original order, contain histories, membership records, newspaper clippings, programs, photographs, correspondence, and excerpts clipped from other A.A.U.W. records. The arrangement approximates chronological order, however, the dates of the scrapbooks and other compilations sometimes overlap. Some materials in this series have been photocopied for preservation reasons.

The Membership series (Series G) contains annual Branch membership rolls from 1937 to 1971. Only a few years are missing from this series. The rolls contain member's names, addresses, the name of the college or university from which the member graduated, and, sometimes, a notation identifying concurrent membership in the state or national A.A.U.W. organizations.

The Officer and Committee Lists series (Series H) contains annual listings of Pittsburg Branch officers and standing committee appointments. In some instances, only committee chairwomen are listed. The series dates from 1944 to 1972 with a few years missing. Some lists also include information for officers of the national organization and the Kansas state division. Related information can be found in Series B and J.

The Photograph series (Series I) contains only photographs of Branch members in attendance at a January 1973 meeting. Additional photographs are located in Series F.

The Program and Yearbook series (Series J) contains annual booklets and mailings from 1936 to 1964. Included are listings of Branch officers and committee chairs, meeting and program agendas, and information about meeting speakers and hosts. Related information is found in Series B and F.

The Kansas Division series (Series K) consists primarily of issues of the Kansas Division Bulletin from 1945 and 1962 through 1969. Also included are a program from the 1926 annual conference of the Kansas Division; a copy of the A.A.U.W. Kansas Division, Mental Health Bulletin (volume 1, no. 1, November 1947) published in Pittsburg; and a program for the September 1966 Kansas Division Fall Workshop hosted by the Pittsburg Branch.

The Children's Theatre series (Series L) consists of correspondence, publicity, and other materials relating to the Pittsburg Branch's sponsorship of the National Children's Theatre Association productions. Also included are newsletters and drafts of press releases from the National Children's Theatre Association. Records in the series date from 1963 to 1965.


Series A - Anniversaries Series - 20th Anniversary, 1946

f. 1 "A Historical Pageant", program and dialogue
f. 2 Branch history and questionnaire 25th Anniversary, 1951
f. 3 Organizational history and speech
f. 4 Correspondence
f. 5 Program

Series B - Bulletins Series

f. 1 1943-1944
f. 2 1945
f. 3 1946
f. 4 1947
f. 5 1948
f. 6 1949
f. 7 1950
f. 8 1951
f. 9 1952
f. 10 1953
f. 11 1954
f. 12 1955
f. 13 1956
f. 14 1957
f. 15 1958
f. 16 1959
f. 17 1960
f. 18 1961
f. 19 1962
f. 20 1963
f. 21 1964
f. 22 1965
f. 23 1966
f. 24 1967
f. 25 1968
f. 26 1969
f. 27 1970
f. 28 1971
f. 29 1972
f. 30 1973

Series C - By-Laws Series

f. 1 n.d., 1965

Series D - Correspondence Series

f. 1 Newsletter and Bulletin, 1944-1945
f. 2 General, 1946, 1950, 1965-1966

Series E - Financial Series

f. 1 1942-1964
f. 2 1964-1971

Series F - Historian and Publicity Series

f. 1 1926-1937
f. 2 1937-1947
f. 3 1942-1944
f. 4 1944-1946
f. 5 1946-1947
f. 6 1947-1954
f. 7 1948-1949
f. 8 1954-1962
f. 9 1962-1964
f. 10 1965-1968
f. 11 1969-1973

Series G - Membership Series

f. 1 1937-1944
f. 2 1944-1949
f. 3 1951-1955
f. 4 1955-1959
f. 5 1959-1965
f. 6 1965-1971

Series H - Officer and Committee List Series

f. 1 1944-1960
f. 2 1960-1966
f. 3 1966-1972

Series I - Photograph Series

f. 1 1973

Series J - Program and Yearbook Series

f. 1 1936-1941
f. 2 1941-1944
f. 3 1954-1964

Series K - Kansas Division Series

f. 1 Bulletin, 1945, 1962-1964
f. 2 Bulletin, 1965-1967
f. 3 Bulletin, 1968-1969
f. 4 Miscellaneous

Series L - Children's Theatre Series

f. 1 1963-1965


Anderson, Elizabeth McKay
Boone, Emajeane S.
Bowman, Mary Nell
Carney, Helen Kelso
Cochran, Elizabeth
Curfman, Winifred Sue
Ellis, Elsie Heisten
Farris, Marjorie F.
Galligar, Gladys C.
Gibson, E. Louise
Graham, Elmina E.
Hatton, Ferda
Hashbarger, Frances
Haughawout, Margaret
Holroyd, Flora
Howard, Guy
Hughes, Isabel Savage
J. J. Players
Kriegsman, Helen
Mahan, Maurine Mendenhall
Massey, Josephine Burgard
Mendenhall, Marcia Miller
Nation, Odella
Overman, Doris Van Duser
Pittsburg State University, 1920s
Roberts, Mary M.
Shaw, Judith Griffin
Shirk, Anna Gevene McCoy
Smith, Lena Martin
Smith, Shirley Z.
Street, Florence Richardson
Theater, Pittsburg
Viets, Lottie
Von Schriltz, Winona
World War II

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