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The Carver Social League of Pittsburg Collection

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'Carver League Leaders' - photgraph from the Pittsburg Headlight-Sun, Oct. 13, 1968

CARVER LEAGUE LEADERS-Left to right: Mrs. Mayme Martin, Mrs. Florence Martin, Mrs. Juanita Dial, Mrs. Elvira Williams, Mrs. Amah Hawkins, Mrs. Frances Danforth, Mrs. Marie Tosy, Mrs. Clara Wilson and Mrs. Leola Estaes holding Kathy Denny (Staff Photo by Hugh Tessendorf)

The Carver Social League, named after George Washington Carver, was established in Pittsburg, Kansas in 1947. In 1951 land was purchased at 1007 South Elm Street and construction of the Carver League Building began. Earlier, meetings were held at member's homes and at the Douglass school building in Pittsburg, Kansas. The Carver Social League and building was developed to provide a place for social activities for the black residents of Pittsburg and the surrounding communities. Membership for blacks in many of the community groups and organizations in Pittsburg was denied during the early history of the Carver League. The organization worked through auxiliary groups such as the Modern Matrons, Adult Serving Group, Teen Town, and Carver Proper. From the late 1960s to 1990, the Carver League was a participating agency of the Pittsburg United Way. Some of the social activities sponsored by the League included picnics, game nights, wiener roasts, lectures, and motion picture tours. League members also participated in charity work, including donations to the Parsons State Training School and seasonal assistance to the Salvation Army.

Prominent members associated with the Carver Social League were S.J. Estes, a carpenter and cement finisher, who served as president for fourteen years and was instrumental in obtaining the site for the Carver League Building. His wife, Leola Estes, was involved in many of the organization's projects and served as president of the auxiliaries for several years. Others who served as president of the League were Hugh Wilson, Charles Whitcomb, and Cecil Mitchell.

On January 21, 2002, Pittsburg State University students and other community members, helped begin restoration of the Carver Building.

Collection #17

Carver Social League, Pittsburg, Kansas, Records, 1949-1993

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Records of the Carver Social League of Pittsburg, Kansas. The records consist of minute books, a history, correspondence, clippings, ownership and operation records, financial records, United Way of Pittsburg records, social and rehabilitation service records, and related materials.


The Carver Social League Records were donated to the Leonard H. Axe Library through Johnnie Brown in January 2003.


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The Carver Social League records consist primarily of administrative and financial records of the organization from 1949 to 1989. The records are arranged into nine series identified as:

The minute books and financial records series are the most comprehensive and provide the best overview of the organization's activities. Each series is arranged in chronological order unless noted.

The Minute Books contain minutes of monthly meetings, membership rolls, dues, lists of officers and board members, budgets, and other financial records. The minutes from 1940 to 1970 are especially useful for information about the organization's progress, leadership, and projects.

The History Series consists of one letter from Leola Estes to Cecil Mitchell, dated October 8, 1984. Enclosed with the letter is the early history of the Carver Social League as written by Leola Estes. The history primarily discusses the construction of the Carver League building.

The General Correspondence series is comprised of letters that date from 1970 to 1989. This series contains business letters, employment listings from Pittsburg city offices, and other miscellaneous correspondence.

The Clippings series is comprised of a 1968 article from The Pittsburg Headlight Sun detailing the organization's activities and its officers.

The Ownership and Operation series is comprised of a 1959 Deed to the Property, a 1989 Property Valuation, 1970 and 1973 Tax Exemptions, and a 1983 membership card.

The Financial Records series is comprised of bank statements and checks, warrant registers, deposit books, cash receipt registers, ledgers, notebooks, city of Pittsburg bills, Kansas Gas and Electric invoices, Kansas Power and Light invoices, insurance policies, and other miscellaneous reports, notes, and bills. The records in this series date from 1948 to 1993, but contain many gaps.

The United Way of Pittsburg series is comprised of agency financial worksheets that date from 1986 to 1990, monthly reports that date from 1988 to 1990, and correspondence that dates from 1973 to 1989.

The Social and Rehabilitation Services series contains correspondence from the Kansas State Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services. Included are assistance forms and Low Income Energy Assistance application forms. Records in this series date from 1985 to 1989.

The Christmas Program series contains a Carver League Christmas program dated December 19, 1986.


Minute Books

f.1 1949-1950; 1959-1973
f.2 1964-1967
f.3 1967-1970


f.4 1984

General Correspondence

f.5 1970, 1983-1985
f.6 1985-1989


f.7 1968

Ownership and Operation

f.8 Deed to property, 1951
f.9 Property Valuation, 1989
f.10 Tax Exemption, 1970, 1973
f.11 Membership Card, 1983

Financial Records

f. 12-13 Bank statements and checks, 1983
f. 14-15 Bank statements and checks, 1984
f. 16 Banks statements, 1987
f.17-18 Bank statements and checks, 1988
f. 19-20 Bank statements and checks, 1989
f. 21-22 Bank statements and checks, 1990
f. 23-24 Bank statements and checks, 1991
f. 25-26 Bank statements and checks, 1992
f. 27 Bank statements and checks, 1993
f. 28 Warrant registers, 1966-1968
f. 29 Warrant registers, 1969
f. 30 Warrant registers, 1970-1972
f. 31 Warrant registers, 1982-1988
f. 32 Deposit books, 1948-1989
f. 33 Cash receipt register, 1981,1984,1991
f. 34 Ledger, 1981-1990
f. 35 Notebook, 1961-1967
f. 36 City of Pittsburg, Bills, 1988-1993
f. 37 Kansas Gas and Electric Company, 1987-1993
f. 38 Kansas Power and Light Company, 1986-1992
f. 39 Insurance Policies, 1967-1976
f. 40 Insurance Policies, 1976-1993
f. 41 Miscellaneous Reports, Notes and Bills, ca. 1970-1988

United Way of Pittsburg

f. 42 Agency financial worksheets, 1986-1987
f. 43 Agency financial worksheets, 1989-1990
f. 44 Monthly reports, 1988
f. 45 Monthly reports, 1989
f. 46 Monthly reports, 1990
f. 47 Correspondence, 1973, 1983-1985
f. 48 Correspondence, 1985-1986
f. 49 Correspondence, 1987-1989

Social and Rehabilitation Services

f. 50 Correspondence, 1985
f. 51 Correspondence, 1985
f. 52 Correspondence, 1988
f. 53 Correspondence, 1989

Christmas Program

f. 54 1986 Program


Alex, Bill f. 4
Alexander, Lem f. 4
Bank IV, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 17-27
Beezley, Marty f. 49
Benskin, Tosha f. 54
Berger, Ericka f. 54
Berger, Loretta f. 54
Blacks, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 1-54
Brunson, Virginia f. 54
Carver Social League, Pittsburg Kansas f. 1-54
Cole, Percy G. f. 8
Crawford, R.H. f. 8
Danforth, Earth f. 1,4
Danforth, Frances f. 4,7,28
Denny, Kathy f. 7
Dial, Charles f. 1, 28
Dial, Juanita f. 1, 7
Douglass Elementary School, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 4
Estes, Leola f. 1-4, 7, 28
Estes, S.J. ( - 1968) f. 1-4, 28
Foxx, Mattye f. 1,54
Goodwin, Michael f. 54
Greene, Archieleen f. 11, 49
Greene, Gregory f. 54
Hawkins, Amah f. 7
Jamison, Carrie f. 28
Kansas, Crawford County f. 8
Kansas Gas and Electric f. 6, 37
Kansas, Pittsburg f. 1-54
LEAP (Low Income Energy Assistance), Kansas f. 50,51
Marshall, Marguerite M. f. 54
Martin, Florence f. 7, 28
Martin, Mayme f. 1,7,28
Mitchell, Dottie f. 1
Mitchell, Cecil f. 4, 11-27, 49, 54
Mitchell, Darlene f. 54
Mitchell, Henry L. f. 8
Mitchell, Levi f. 1
Modern Matrons, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 1,2,3,28
National Bank of Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 12-15, 32
Pittsburg Community Theater, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 6
Pittsburg NOW! Pittsburg, Kansas f. 6
Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 5
Poncil, Ashley f. 54
Scott, Robert D. f. 49,54
Spencer, Mary f. 47
Tinsley, Nancy f. 6
Tosy, Marie f. 7
Teen Town, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 2, 28
United Way of Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 7, 42-49
Walker, C.B. f. 1
Webb, Simeon f. 1
Wheeler and Mitchelson, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 8
Whitcomb, Charles f. 1
Whitehead, Christin f. 54
Williams, Elvira f. 1,7,10
Wilson, Clara f. 7
Wilson, Donald W. f. 6
Wilson, Hugh f. 1,3
Wilson, Louise f. 28
Wuerdeman, Pat f. 6
Young, John f. 1

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