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The Orla Samuel Casad Collection

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Orla Samuel Casad (1846-1928)

Orla Samuel Casad (1846-1928)

Orla Samuel Casad (1846-1928), born in Clinton County, Illinois and educated at McKendree College of Illinois. During his life he was a lawyer, postmaster, justice of the peace, city clerk, police judge, and member of the Republican Party. Casad served in the Civil War from 1861 until 1865, held numerous offices in the Grand Army of the Republic, and served as captain of the Kansas National Guard. Casad married Allie Mary Babcock on September 20, 1876 in Summerfield, Illinois. Allie Babcock was born in Taylorville, New York on July 22, 1853. Orla Casad passed the bar examination in 1876 and moved to Messilla, New Mexico, where he practiced law and helped to conduct a local newspaper. In 1880 the Casad's came to Kansas. They settled first in Beulah, then moved to Pittsburg in 1885. In Kansas, Orla Casad taught school, practiced law, and had interests in the real estate and insurance business. From 1890 to 1894 he was postmaster of Pittsburg. Later he became a letter carrier and was elected to the positions of police judge, city clerk, and justice of the peace. The Casad's had five children including: Ethel Estella, who married James F. Larkin; Allie Lenora, who married Alfred G. Hazen; Orlena Fay, who married Fred A. Palmer; Marguerite Finch, who died a year after her birth; and Josephine Mildred, who married Charles E. Smith. Orla Casad was an active member of the Pittsburg community, including membership in the Methodist-Episcopal Church, the Masonic Lodge, and the Modern Woodmen of America. Casad died at his home in Pittsburg on May 24, 1928.

Collection #27

Orla Samuel Casad (1846-1928 )
Collection, 1858-1938

1.4 linear feet


A collection of correspondence, family history, biographical information, clippings, photographs, and other related materials pertaining to Orla Samuel Casad and his family. The majority of the materials pertain to Casad's life in Pittsburg, Kansas. See also Collection 28, Ethel E. Casad Larkin, Papers, 1882-1967.


The bulk of the Orla Samuel Casad Collection was received by the Leonard H. Axe Library of Pittsburg State University from Gene DeGruson in the early 1980s. A few letters were donated to the Collection by Julie Dagenais in March 1984.


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The Orla Samuel Casad Collection consists primarily of correspondence, genealogical information, clippings, photographs, and related materials. The collection is arranged into six series:

The Correspondence Series consists of personal and a few professional letters from 1861 to 1933. This series is arranged chronologically with undated material at the end. The majority of the letters pertain to the Casad and Babcock families. They discuss family news, gardening, farming, illnesses, and life in Illinois and New Mexico. Many of the earliest letters are between Orla Casad and Allie Babcock, before and after their marriage. The later letters and postcards are primarily from the children of O. S. Casad, to their parents.

The Genealogy Series includes genealogical information gathered from 1858 to 1938 by the Casad family. The series includes a letter from a Casad relative encouraging the family to purchase a family history, membership applications to the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution, a notarized document from the family bible, as well as the obituary of Edgar Finch Casad, brother to O. S. Casad.

The Military Pension Series includes documents dating from 1928 to 1931, regarding Allie Casad's anticipated widow's pension for the Civil War service of O. S. Casad.. This series contains an affidavit of Marcus L. Moore, a letter to Mrs. O. S. Casad from Arthur Capper, a pension claim form, and a pension certificate.

The Clippings Series contains newspaper articles that date from 1879 to 1933 pertaining to O. S. Casad and members of the family. Articles collected from the Pittsburg Sun and the Pittsburg Headlight make up the majority. Included is a copy of a July 1879 edition of the Mesilla Valley Independent newspaper from Mesilla, New Mexico with which Casad was involved, and a January 1908 issue of The Kansas Issue, a temperance newspaper. The second folder of this series contains a volume filled with various clippings regarding political issues of the Republican Party and Casad's own elections.

The Photographs Series consists of portraits of Orla Casad, photos of Casad as a postal employee and elected official, family photos, travel photos, and numerous unidentified photographs of family members and friends. Many of the photographs show children and document clothing and dress from the 1860s to the 1930s.

The Miscellaneous Series includes poetry and other materials written by Orla Casad, financial documents, appointments and certificates, political and legal documents, various unidentified written materials, programs and invitations, souvenir memorabilia, a membership directory for the Pittsburg Methodist Episcopal Church for 1912, and a painting done by Josephine Casad. Of note are writings on patriotism and volunteer soldiers, wedding invitations, commencement programs from McKendree College and Pittsburg High School, programs from the Pittsburg Opera House and the Southeast Kansas Logrolling Association, and ephemeral materials from various Crawford County and Pittsburg, Kansas, elections.


Correspondence Series

f.1 1861-1874
f.2 1874-1875
f.3 1875-1877
f.4 1878
f.5 1878
f.6 1879
f.7 1880
f.8 1882-1907
f.9 1907-1933

Genealogy Series

f.10 1858-1938

Military Pension Series

f.11 1928-1931

Clippings Series

f.12 1879-1933
f.13 Volume, undated

Photographs Series

f.14 Casad portraits
f.15 Group photos and Post Office
f.16 Casad family and residence
f.17 Casad family photos
f.18 Casad grandchildren, Casad relatives
f.19 Identified photos of relatives and friends
f.20-26 Unidentified photos

Miscellaneous Series

f.27 Written materials by Casad
f.28 Financial materials
f.29 Appointments, certificates, recommendations
f.30 Political and legal documents
f.31 Writings
f.32 Programs, invitation, cards, commencement programs
f.33 Souvenirs, membership directory, painting by Josephine Casad


Alcohol Treatment, Kansas City, Missouri, 1907 f.8
Anderson, Emma (1892- ) f.19
Automobiles, 1920s f.24
Babcock, Earl F. f.1,12
Babcock, George Cassius (1861 - ) f.10,12,18
Babcock, Maggie Campbell f.8,9,18
Babcock, Martha Ann (Wood) f.12
Babcock, Martha Estella (1865 - ) f.1,4,7,10
Babcock, Roscoe f.9
Babcock, William S. (1826 - ) f.1,4,10
Bank of Italy, 1924 f.9
Barr, Esther Elizabeth (1903 - ) f.19
Barr, Gordon Wallace (1908 - ) f.19
Barr, W. H. (1870 - ) f.19
Barrow, Maggie f.3
Brewer, John W. (1849-1903) f.15
Brick Manufacturing f.33
Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen f.32
Bull, Thomas J. f.28
Camping f.16

Capper, Arthur (1865-1951) f.9,11
Carlton, Robert Edwin (1844-1928) f.8,19
Casad, Allie Mary Babcock (1853-1933) f.1-11,16,17
Casad, Anna Stites (1796-1838) f.10
Casad, Annie f.5,18
Casad, Anthony Wayne (1791-1857) f.10
Casad, Edgar Finch (1842-1925) f.1,8-10,18
Casad, Elizabeth Ann (Moore) ( - 1902) f.1
Casad, Hannah C. f.10
Casad House, Pittsburg, Kansas f.9,16
Casad, John Milton (1817 - ) f.1,10
Casad, Laura ( - 1929) f.9,10
Casad, Orla Samuel (1846-1928) f.1-33
Casad, S. C. f.1
Casad, Samuel L. (1825 - ) f.10
Casad, Thomas (1763-1808) f.2-4,10
Cherokee-Lanyon Zinc Smelter, Pittsburg, Kansas f.33
Cholera, Lebanon, Illinois, 1873 f.1
Civil War f.1,12
Clark, Ethel f.9,12,18
Clothing and dress f.14-26
Coal mines and mining f.33
Colorado, El Moro, 1878 f.4
Cox, Willard Jefferson f.19
Cozart, James A. f.10
Crawford County Elocutionary and Musical Association f.32
Crowell, Thomas f.8
Currency, Mexico, 1896 f.8
Curtis, Dete f.8
Denney, Lucille Babcock f.10
Deramus, Lucille f.9
Dreher, Fred L. f.9
Dreher, P. J. f.9
Dillon, Sallie E. f.1,7
Dropsy, St. Louis, Missouri, 1874 f.2
Education f.13,29,32
Erysipelas, Summerfield, Illinois, 1873 f.1
Fabric Prices, 1860 f.7
Farming, Illinois, 1860s f.1
Farming, New Mexico, 1880s f.7
Fashion, Illinois, 1873 f.1
Fashion, Kansas, 1907 f.9
First Methodist Episcopal Church, Pittsburg, Kansas f.33
Ford, W. D. f.15
Freedman's Aid Society, Mississippi, 1873 f.1
Glick, George Washington (1827-1911) f.30
Gold, La Mesilla, New Mexico, 1880 f.7
Green, John L. f.2
Grondal, B. G. f.19
Hazen, Alfred G. (1877-1937) f.8,10,12
Hazen, Alfred G. Casad (1901- ) f.12,18
Hazen, Allie Lenora (1881-1959) f.8-10,12,16,17,32
Hazen, James Q. Harvey (1912 - ) f.9,18
Hazen, William Alfred f.12
Hendrickson, Annie f.8
Hiedman, Emma Theodosia ( - 1891) f.19
Hill, E. C. f.3
Holtslander, Carl H. f.10
Holtslander, Harriet f.19
Holtslander, Samuel f.1
Holtslander, Ethel O. f.19
Home life, Chicago, Illinois, 1878 f.3,4
Home Life, Louisville, Kentucky, 1877 f.3
Hotel St. James, Girard, Kansas f.8
Houser, Bud f.3
Howe, Fred f.19
Howe, Jeannie C. f.4,5,7
Howe, Spencer f.19
Hull and Dillon Packing House, Pittsburg, Kansas f.33
Illinois, Litchfield, 1870s f.2
Illinois, Summerfield f.1-7,9,10,12
Indians, New Mexico, 1880s f.7
James, A. F. f.3
James, Edward J. f.8,19
Kansas, Beulah f.2,3,7
Kansas City, Pittsburg and Gulf Railroad f.33
Kansas, Crawford County f.7-9,12,13,15,16,28-30,32,33
Kansas Issue f.12
Kansas, Pittsburg f.7-9,12,13,15-17,28-30,32,33
Kansas, Settlement, 1905 f.8
Kinney, John f.7
Lane, Jennie C. f.19
Lang, George f.15
Larkin, Ethel Estella Casad (1877-1971) f.6-10,12,16,17,32,33
Larkin, James F. (1878-1919) f.10,16-18
Leindly, Joe f.4
Leitzell, P. J. f.13
Liquor, Kansas, 1894 f.8
Locke, John W. f.2
Lorentzen, Ada Vivian Lane f.10
McKee, Pat f.4
McKendree College, Lebanon, Illinois f.2,32
Marshall, John f.12
Medical treatment, St. Louis, Missouri, 1874 f.2
Merrill, John f.15
Mesilla Valley Independent f.1,12,28
Modern Woodmen of America f.33
Moon, Ben f.8
Moon, Jane P. f.8
Moon, Mary f.1
Moore, Marcus L. (1838 - ) f.11
Morrill, Edwin Needham f.8
Morris, John T. f.15
Mount Olive Cemetery Association, Pittsburg, Kansas f.28
Native Americans, New Mexico, 1879 f.6,7
New Mexico, La Mesilla f.2-7, 12, 28
New Mexico, Las Vegas, 1880 f.7
Norris, Fred f.1
Oklahoma, Enid f.9
Oliver, Will f.8
Padfield, Annie f.1
Palmer, Anna f.12
Palmer, Fred A. f.12
Palmer, John f.12
Palmer, Mary f.12
Palmer, Orlena Fay (1890 - 1963) f.8-10,12,16,17,32
Palmer, Parker f.12
Palmer, Patricia (1912 - ) f.12,18
Palmer, Philip Paul f.12,18
Patmor, James (1851-1909) f.15
Patriotism f.27
Pension, Civil War f.11
Pikes Peak, Colorado f.4
Pittsburg, Frontenac and Suburban Street Railway Company f.33
Pittsburg Vitrified Paving Brick Company f.33
Postcards f.9
Post Office, Pittsburg, Kansas f.12,14,15,29
Prohibition Party, Crawford County, Kansas f.30
Religion, Illinois, 1860s f.1
Rent, Chicago, Illinois, 1878 f.5
Rent, Kansas, 1894 f.8
Republican Party, Kansas f.8,13,30
Republican Party, Kansas, Crawford County f.13,30
Rheumatism, 1924 f.9
Roberts, Jim C. f.1
St. John, John Pierce (1833-1916) f.30
Schools, Kansas, 1880s f.7
Schwan, Sarah E. f.2
Scott, S. B. f.3
Scott, W. R. f.2
Smallpox, La Mesilla, New Mexico, 1878 f.5
Smallpox, St. Louis, Missouri, 1873 f.1
Smith, Charles E. f.12,15
Smith, Josephine Mildred (1897 - ) f.8-10,12,16,17
Socialism, 1924 f.9
Soldier and Sailors Reunion Association, Pittsburg, Kansas f.8
Southeastern Kansas Log Rolling Association f.33
Stilwell Hotel, Pittsburg, Kansas f.33
Strycker, L. H. f.1
Strycker, Lenora f.1
Stuessi, George H. f.12
Temperance Movement, Kansas f.12
Tintype f.23
Train Schedule, Crawford County, Kansas, 1898 f.8
Transportation, Evanston, Illinois, 1876 f.3
Valle, F. f.4
Van Winkle, Amos f.4
Wallace, Nellie f.8,19
Wear Coal Company, Kirkwood, Kansas f.33
Wisconsin, LaCrosse f.33
Wood, Debbie f.2
Wood, Sarah B. f.3
Wood, Sarah E. f.2
World War, 1914-1919 f.9
Zinc Smelters f.33

Selected local material

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