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The Ira Clemens Photograph Album, 1923

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'Wash house and Mine', one of the photographs from the Ira Clemens Photograph Album

Ira Clemens (1873 - 1943)

Ira Clemens was born on October 27, 1873, in Ray County, Missouri. At age 9, he was forced to leave school and work in the mines around Weir City, Kansas. After low-paying, odd jobs that included wheeling ashes from engine rooms, working underground for 50 cents a day, and working as a brakeman for the Frisco Railroad for three years, Clemens returned to coal mining. He first established the Clemens & Son Coal Company and later organized the Clemens Coal Company. He sold his interests in these companies in 1930 then organized and managed the Commercial Fuel Company until his retirement in 1941.

During his career in coal mining, Clemens held many distinguished positions. He was the Federal Production Manager for mines in Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and Colorado. He was one of the original directors of the National Coal Association in which he served for 22 years. He was the first president of the Associated Industries of Kansas for three years. The American Mining and Metallurgical Engineers Society honored him with a degree for designing the first successful strip-mining shovel.

In 1940 Clemens also received the doctor of laws degree from Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska, for his work in the fields of education and religion. Clemens chaired the construction committee that built an addition to Pittsburg's Mt. Carmel Hospital in 1918 and he chaired the committee that constructed St. Mary's High School in Pittsburg, Kansas in 1919. In a span of 17 years, Clemens financially helped nearly 100 students further their education. Ira Clemens died on August 24, 1943, at the age of 69.

Collection #16

Clemens, Ira, Photograph Album, 1923

1 volume of 56 pages


A collection of photographs, postcards, and notes compiled in 1923 by Ira Clemens. The materials concern mining communities and towns in Crawford and Cherokee Counties in Kansas and Mindenmines, Missouri. The photographs consist primarily of street scenes, churches, public buildings such as libraries and schools, recreational buildings and parks, and residences of miners. The notes typically define the physical location of the community, indicate the population characteristics, identify the major buildings, disclose bank holdings, and other features of the community.




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The Ira Clemens Photograph Album consists primarily of photographs, postcards, and notes compiled in 1923 by Ira Clemens. The album is arranged in its original order; alphabetical by community unless otherwise noted. The album pages have been placed into folders that are numbered consecutively. The album is in fragile condition and the photographs have been pasted to the album pages by rubber cement.


Introduction Page

f. 1
Page 1 A map of the southeast Kansas district with 1910 census figures
Page 2 "General Description of the Southeastern Kansas Coal Field," written by Ira Clemens.


f. 2
Pages 3-4 Arcadia
Pages 5-6 Arma
Page 7 Breezyhill
Page 8 Carona


f. 3
Pages 9-10 Cherokee
Pages 11-12 Chicopee
Pages 13-16 Columbus


f. 4
Pages 17-18 Croweburg
Page 19 Curranville
Page 20 Foxtown
Pages 21-22 Edison
Page 23 Fleming
Page 24 Gross

Franklin-Mindenmines, Missouri

f. 5
Pages 25-26 Franklin
Pages 27-29 Girard
Page 30 Howe
Pages 31-32 Mindenmines, Missouri


f. 6
Pages 33-35 Mulberry
Pages 36-37 Mineral
Pages 38-43 Pittsburg
Page 44 Roseland


f. 7
Page 45 Ringo
Page 46 Skidmore
Pages 47-49 Scammon
Page 50 Stipville


f. 8
Page 51 Turk
Pages 52-54 Weir
Pages 55-56 Yale


Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Depot, Girard, Kansas
Baunta, Gesto
Bell, Frank
Bramblett, Sim
Brand, Herman
Brown, Jonathan
Claybrooks, Babe
Clemens, Ira
Craddock, William
Crawford County Coal Co.
Crowder, Simon
Demerot, Jules, Sr.
Demerot, Jules, Jr.
Evans, Floyd
Favao, Nemos
Gerant, James
Glasgow, Jonathan
Hallam, Henry
Johnson, Charles
Kaluza, Joe
Kansas, Arcadia
Kansas, Arma
Kansas, Breezyhill
Kansas, Carona
Kansas, Cherokee
Kansas, Chicopee
Kansas, Columbus
Kansas, Croweburg
Kansas, Curranville
Kansas, Edison
Kansas, Fleming
Kansas, Foxtown
Kansas, Franklin
Kansas, Girard
Kansas, Gross
Kansas, Howe
Kansas, Mineral
Kansas, Mulberry
Kansas, Pittsburg
Kansas, Ringo
Kansas, Roseland
Kansas, Scammon
Kansas, Skidmore
Kansas, Stipville
Kansas, Turk
Kansas, Weir
Kansas, Yale
Kilger, George
LaFayette, Joe
Leroy, Jules
Loss, Victor
McElvaine, J.W.
Mack, Jim
Maxwell, William
Missouri, Mindenmines
Mitchell, James
Pittsburg State University
Porter, Ebenezer F.
Post Offices--Kansas
Potter, Jonathan
Robinson, Luke
St. Louis and San Francisco ("Frisco") Depot, Pittsburg, Kansas
Schools - Kansas
Schools - Missouri
Shimmer, Frank
Snyder, Frank
Snyderwitch, Matt
Waggoner, Walter
Y.M.C.A. Building, Pittsburg, Kansas

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