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The Shirley Holmes Cochell Papers

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Shirley Holmes Cochell, 1946

Shirley Holmes Cochell (1922-2003)


Shirley Cathryn Holmes Cochell was born in Fort Madison, Iowa, on October 26, 1922. She attended secondary school in Iola, Kansas, and then Iola Junior College, now Allen County Community College, from 1940 to 1942. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Saint Mary of the Woods College in 1945 and a Masters degree in telecommunications from the University of Southern California in 1952. In addition to free-lance writing, she taught secondary English and journalism classes in Los Angeles for more than a decade. She published many articles in education journals and numerous poems. In 1972 Iowa State University Press published Land of the Coyote, Cochell's story of a frontier farm in South Dakota in the early 1900s.

Shirley Holmes married Earl Cochell on September 6, 1952. The couple had no children. Shirley Cochell played clarinet, piano, and organ. Her other hobbies included golf, swimming, and traveling. She died in Omaha, Nebraska, on December 29, 2003, and was buried in Ft. Madison, Iowa.


Collection #32

Shirley Holmes Cochell (1922 - 2003)
Papers, 1950-1975

2.5 linear feet Restricted


Publications, unpublished manuscripts and research materials of Shirley Holmes Cochell, an educator and free-lance journalist. Includes book manuscripts, essays, short stories, poems, research materials, a bibliography of published works, and promotional materials for her book, Land of the Coyote.



The Shirley Holmes Cochell, Papers, were donated to the Leonard H. Axe Library of Pittsburg State University on 21 July 2004 by Earl Cochell, husband. An addition to the Cochell Papers was received on 4 March 2005.



The Donor retains all rights of copyright and publication which the Donor has in the Materials during his lifetime and grants all rights of copyright and publication which the Donor has in the Materials to his heirs during their lifetime or for a period of twenty-five (25) years from the date of 21 July 2004.


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The Shirley Holmes Cochell Papers contain manuscripts and research materials of published and unpublished writings. Included are book-length manuscripts, essays, articles, short stories, poetry, and educational research.

The book-length manuscripts include juvenile and adult fiction, a narrative poem on the Pony Express, and an edited collection of short stories on the theme of astrology.

The series of articles and essays are on such general topics as genealogy, education, economics, public speaking, and journalism.

Numerous topics appear in the short story and poetry series. Only a few of the works in these series have been published.

The most extensive series relates to the history of American businesses. The manuscripts, research files, correspondence and other materials in this series pertain to a proposed book project, ca. 1958, called "America's Oldest Companies: Symbols of Free Enterprise."

The final bibliographical series contains a typed checklist of Cochell's publications and promotional materials for Land of the Coyote.



Book Manuscript Series

"Just Bobo," by Shirley Holmes Cochell and George Holmes Beine
f. 1 author notes, story synopsis, and promotional informational
f. 2-5 typescript copy of manuscript with editorial changes
f. 6-7 photocopied pages of selected chapters

"Persimmon in Wall Street"
f. 8 notes, story background, and table of contents
f. 9-11 typescript copy of manuscript with editorial changes

"The Pony Express"
f. 12-14 typescript copy of manuscript
f. 15-19 photocopy of the edited manuscript
f. 20-23 research notes and typed drafts with corrections and changes

"Ten for the Age of Aquarius"
f. 24 title page and table of contents
f. 25 Foreword and historical overview of astrology
f. 26 multiple versions of introduction to collection of stories

Essays and Articles Series

f. 27 The Age of Involvement
f. 28 Are You Overlooking Your Best Source?
f. 29 Black Genealogy
f. 30 Career For a Young Musician
f. 31 A Changing Constellation
f. 32 Classroom Cheating: What To Do About It
f. 33 E. O. M. - Your Budget's Friend
f. 34 Freedom: Everyone's Responsibility
f. 35 Genealogy, A New Interest For Children
f. 36 Genealogy For the Bicentennial
f. 37 Helping Children Overcome Word Confusion
f. 38 How Can the United Nations Be Strengthened to Maintain a Just and Durable Peace?
f. 39 Interest Your Students in Genealogy
f. 40 Nancy Needs English
f. 41 One Hundred Years of Income Tax
f. 42 So You Want to Be Published
f. 43 Stamps With Stories
f. 44 Studying the National Debt
f. 45 Three Speeches I Remember
f. 46 Upon Finding a Purse
f. 47 Visual Aids for Speakers - Their Variety and Use
f. 48 What High School Journalism Can Do For You
f. 49 Writing Your Family History
f. 50 You Can Write Your Family History
f. 51 The Zodiac in Literature

Short Stories Series

f. 52 The Broken Bell
f. 53 The Coffee House
f. 54 Dark December
f. 55 Going South With Music
f. 56 Industry in the Suburbs
f. 57 The Messenger Boys Christmas
f. 58 Music At Eleven
f. 59 Ten O'Clock Music

Poetry Series

f. 60 A-B
Across the Bay; Adam and Eve and the Garden; Adult Lament; Ancestors; Approach of Winter; April; Arriving on Track 7; Auction; The Beach at 5 p.m.; Beach House; Beauty Sense; The Bee-Box-Boy; Bethlehem; Birthplace of a President; Blooming Gift; The Boy Who Read Kipling at Midnight; Bridal Gown

f. 61 C
The Campanero of Mazatlan; A Child's Christmas; Christmas; Christmas 1973; Christmas Flora; Christmas House; Christmas Night; Christmas Night Homestead; Christmas Past; Christmas Prayer; Christmas Scene; Christmas Sensed; Christmas Stitchery; Christmas Story; Christmas To a Child; Christmases Remembered; Communication; Country School

f. 62 D-G
A Day in June; Demolition: Job No. 133; Departure; Doorstep; The Early Bird; Easter; Elegy; Faithful Correspondent; Finding a Frame; Flowers of Christmas; Former Resident; Gift to the Universe; Gift to the World; God's People; Guest of Honor

f. 63 H-L
Halloween; Halloween Treats; The Hands of Christ; Have I Got a Bird For You; Heritage Décor; He's Our Moses; Into the Unknown; Irish Love; Last Day of the Year; Liberated Woman; Lighthouses of Marin; The Little Country Church; Love Letter

f. 64 M-P
Man From Genoa; The Man With the Rake; Meeting for Lunch; Mod Wedding; Musical Memories; My Evergreen; My Exotic Job; Myopia Joy; No More Tomorrow; Notes for Tomorrow; Old Home Revisited; On Stage; Our Christmas Tree; The Parrot and The Bus; Passing Through; Piedras Blancas Point Light; The Post Office At Night; Presents Under the Tree; Progress

f. 65 R-T
Recognition; Reluctant Seamstress; Remembrance; Retirement; Santa Claus; School Year; Self-Help; Silent Words; The Singer And the Fly; Slightly Used; Spelling Bee; Spring Delight; Starting Anew; Thanksgiving; Three in the Age of Involvement; Travel

f. 66 U-Z
Understanding; The U. S. Flag; Village Tea Room; Wildflowers; Winter Fun; Wish You Were Here; Young and Brave; Your Gift; The Zodiac and You

Educational Study Series

f. 67 "Case Study of John Strong," 1950. University of Southern California

Business Histories Series

f. 68 Introduction, Synopsis, and Tentative Table of Contents

Manuscripts of Selected Chapters
f. 69 Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Corporation; Colgate-Palmolive Company
f. 70 Lukens Steel Company; Owens-Illinois and Libbey Glass
f. 71-72 Remington Arms Company
f. 73 Revere Copper and Brass, Incorporated; Samuel Kirk and Son
f. 74 Submission correspondence with publishers
f. 75 General research notes and photographs
f. 76 Aeolian American Corporation
f. 77 American Crayon Company
f. 78 American Optical Company
f. 79 Ashaway Line and Twine Manufacturing Company
f. 80 Baker's Chocolate Company
f. 81 Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton Company
f. 82 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad
f. 83 Baltimore Wire and Iron Works
f. 84 Bank of New York
f. 85 Bevin Brothers Manufacturing Company
f. 86 Bigelow-Sanford Carpet Company
f. 87 Castle and Cooke, Incorporated
f. 88 Colgate-Palmolive Company
f. 89 Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company
f. 90 Crane and Company
f. 91 Deere and Company
f. 92 Devoe and Raynolds Company
f. 93 Diamond Gardner Corporation
f. 94 Dixon Crucible Company
f. 95 Dodge and Olcott, Incorporated
f. 96-98 E. I. DuPont de Nemours and Company
f. 99 Fairbanks, Morse and Company
f. 100 J. A. Folger and Company
f. 101 C. F. Hathaway Company
f. 102-105 Samuel Kirk and Son, Incorporated
f. 106 D. Landreth Seed Company
f. 107 Lehigh Navigation-Dodson Company
f. 108 J. B. Lippincott Company
f. 109-110 P. Lorillard Company
f. 111-113 Lukens Steel Company
f. 114 Merck and Company
f. 115 Otis Elevator Company
f. 116-117 Owens-Illinois and Libbey Glass
f. 118 Pearce Woolen Mills
f. 119 Phelps Dodge Corporation
f. 120-121 Philadelphia Contributorship
f. 122 Quaker Oats Company
f. 123 Remington Arms Company
f. 124 Revere Copper and Brass, Incorporated
f. 125-126 J. E. Rhoads and Sons
f. 127 Saturday Evening Post
f. 128-129 Scovill Manufacturing Company
f. 130 Seth Thomas Clock Company
f. 131 Singer Manufacturing Company
f. 132 J. P. Stevens and Company
f. 133-134 Taylor Chair Company
f. 135 Terminal Shipping Company
f. 136 Western Union

Bibliography and Promotional Series

f. 137 Bibliography of published works by Shirley Holmes Cochell
f. 138 Publisher's advertisement and catalog for Land of the Coyote



Beine, George Holmes - f. 1-7
Business enterprises - United States - History - f. 68-136
Cochell, Shirley Holmes (1922-2003) - f. 1-138
Land of the Coyote - f. 137-138
Poetry - f. 60-66
Pony express - History - f. 12-23


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