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The William Peake Dillard Collection

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Catechism for Little Water Drinkers, part of the William Peake Dillard Collection

"Catechism for Little Water Drinkers"
part of the William Peake Dillard Collection

William Peake Dillard was born February 4, 1861, at Belmont, Spotsylvania County, Virginia, to Dr. George Buford and Lucy (Peake) Dillard. William attended country schools and completed his legal studies in Virginia. In 1882 he was admitted to the bar of Virginia and practiced law in Orange County, Virginia, for five years before moving to Kansas. Peake was a lawyer and judge in Fort Scott, Kansas, and served as President of the Bourbon County Bar Association. From 1889 to 1897 he was an elected member of the Kansas Senate. He also held memberships in the Crawford County Bar Association, the Kansas Democratic Club, and the Kansas State Bar Association, serving as the State Bar Association president in 1908. He was also a member of the Modern Woodmen of America, the Protective Order of the Elks, and the Baptist Church.

William P. Dillard was the great-great grandson of George Thornel Twyman. His grandfather was James Duval Dillard. William was married twice. With his first wife, Julie (Eckhoff) Dillard, he had three children -- Lucille (Dillard) Sheppard, Buford C. Dillard, and George E. Dillard. After his first wife died he married Lulu Sommers. They had no children. The date of William's death is unknown.

Collection #20

William Peake Dillard (1861- )
Collection, 1883-1931

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Personal papers and materials collected by William P. Dillard, a lawyer, judge, and democratic politician from Fort Scott, Kansas. Includes personal correspondence with lawyers and judges; speeches; and printed materials relating to women's suffrage, temperance, prohibition, Sabbath reform, and religion. Thirty-eight additional pamphlets, leaflets, and other printed materials on these subjects were removed from the Collection for cataloging. A list of the catalogued materials is appended to this guide.


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The William Peake Dillard Collection contains correspondence, speeches, clippings and miscellaneous materials that document his personal life, interests, and activities as a judge in Fort Scott, Kansas. Materials within the collection include letters, printed materials, notes, and speeches on the topics of the Democratic Party, religion, women's issues, the liquor issue, literature, family, and an introduction of Missouri Governor Joseph W. Folk.

The collection is arranged into six series:

The Correspondence series is comprised of letters both to and from Dillard dated 1883, 1913, 1920, 1923, 1925-1928, 1930, and 1931. It consists of letters relating to the activities of the Crawford County Bar Association, Kansas Democratic Club, Bourbon County Bar Association, and the Kansas Senate. Included are two letters from James W. Orr, a lawyer from Atchison, Kansas; a letter from E.D George, Secretary of the Executive Department of the State of Kansas, commenting on Dillard's 1920 speech, "How We Shall Vote." Several other letters contain Dillard's reflections upon the founding fathers and the legal profession in early American history. Other letters contain enclosures, including a copy of Dillard's talk on the "Faith of Our Fathers," a eulogy for Colonel A. M. Harvey, and a tribute to Judge John C. Pollock. The letter of 1883 appears to be a typescript copy of a letter from George R. Peck to his friend [Ross] regarding travels in the West and their mutual friends.

The Speeches series is comprised of speeches from ca. 1904 to 1928. Included are an introduction of Missouri Governor Joseph W. Folk and the opening the Kansas Democratic Club Banquet by Dillard. A speech titled, "An Incident of State Control of Foreign Corporations," and a speech made my George Gordon Battle titled, "Alfred E. Smith As I Have Known Him," are also included.

The Women's Suffrage series contains handwritten notes for a debate on the topic, "Resolved that women should have the right of suffrage," newspaper clippings, a reprint of a speech on the subject of women's suffrage by Senator Henry W. Blair of New Hampshire in 1886, and a reprint of a Senate hearing by the Committee on Women's Suffrage in 1888.

The Temperance and Prohibition series contains handwritten notes, and collected leaflets, flyers, advertisements, and other printed materials on prohibition and temperance. Included is an article from the October 14, 1910, edition of The American Issue: An Advocate of Christian Patriotism by William Jennings Bryan that discusses the topic of local option. This series also contains numerous unidentified clippings with titles such as "No Drinkers Need Apply," Why He Swore Off," "Union Labor's Repudiation of the Saloon," "Was Lincoln a Prohibitionist?" and "The Impending Crisis." Also included are several articles on Frances Elizabeth Willard, president of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, and a speech on the subject of temperance by Richmond P. Hobson delivered in the House of Representatives in 1911.

The Sabbath Reform and Religion series contains handwritten notes, clippings, church bulletins, poems, and ephemeral materials regarding the Sabbath Reform movement and general religion. Most of these materials come from publications such as The Literary Digest, The American Issue, The United Presbyterian, and The Christian Statesman.

The Miscellaneous series contains notes for the opening of a Kansas Bar Association annual meeting, an invitation to the 50th year anniversary of Nelson Case's law practice in 1919, funeral cards for Florence Smith and Bennett S. Gaitskill, and various clippings.


Correspondence Series

f. 1 1883 - 1923
f. 2 1925 - 1927
f. 3 1928 - 1931

Speeches Series

f. 4 Undated
f. 5 1904
f. 6 1928

Women's Suffrage Series

f. 7 Handwritten notes and reprints
f. 8 Clippings

Temperance and Prohibition Series

f. 9 Pamphlets, leaflets, flyers, advertisements.
f. 10 Handwritten notes, clippings, reprints
f. 11 Frances Elizabeth Willard

Sabbath Reform and Religion Series Series

f. 12 Handwritten notes, bulletins, clippings, publications, poetry

Miscellaneous Series

f. 13 Bar Association opening comments, invitation, funeral cards, clippings.


Allen, Henry Justin (1868-1950) f.1
American Peace Congress, 1913 f.1
Barton, Bruce f.3
Battle, George Gordon f.3, 6
Blackwell, Alice Stone f.8
Blair, Henry William (1834-1920)f.7
Brunson, A. f.1
Bryan, William Jennings (1860-1925) f.5
Burr, Aaron (1756-1836) f.1
Case, Nelson (1845-1921) f.13
Chandler,C.Q. f.3
Chant, Laura Ormiston f.7
Corporation law - History f.4
Crawford County Bar Association f.2
Democratic Party f.5,6
Dillard, Buford Clarence f.5
Dillard, George Buford f.5
Dillard, James Duval f.5
Dillard, William Peake (1861- ) f.1-13
Elections - Presidential, 1928 f.6
Evolution f.2
Fayne, Carrie f.2
Folk, Joseph W. (1869-1923) f.5
Gaitskill, Bennett S. (1858-1927) f.13
Games - Children f.13
George, E.D. f.1
Greene, Fredrick S. f.5
Groth, S. Maglesson f.7
Harvey, Alec M. f.3
Harvey, Isabelle Cone f.3
Harvey, Randal C. f.3
Harvey, Sandy f.3
Harvey, Tige f.3
Hastings, Warren f.2
Hobson, Richmond P. f.10
Howe, Julia Ward (1819-1910) f.7
Hungate, Ottis, E. f.1
Indiana, Winona Lake f.12
Kansas Bar Association f.13
Kansas Democratic Club f.5
Kansas Industrial Court Law f.1
Kimber, Helen f.8
McDermott, George f.3
Maher, J. W. f.2
Marshall, John (1755-1835) f. 1
Motter, Harve f. 1
Orr, James W. f.1
Peck, George R. f.1
Phillips, Orie L. f.3
Phillips, Thomas W. f.13
Pollock, John C. f.3
Pope, William H. f.1
Prohibition f.9-11
Ray, Jimmie f.1
Religion f.2,3,12
Rockefeller Education Fund f.13
Sabbath Reform f.12
Saint Mary's Rectory, Fort Scott, Kansas f.2
Sanford, G.N. f.1
Scatcherd, Alice f.7
Scott, W.W. f.1
Smith, Alfred Emanuel (1873-1944) f.6
Smith, Florence Eustace (1860-1922) f.13
Smith, William R. f.1
Spanish-American War, 1898 f.3
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady (1815-1902) f.7
Stone, Robert f.2
Temperance f.9-11
Trygg, Alli f.7
Twyman, George Thornel f.3,5
Waterman, Myron A. f.3
Weir, B.W. f.2
Wells, G. Wiley f.1
Willard, Frances Elizabeth (1839-1898) f.7,11
Woman's Christian Temperance Union f.9
Winona Assembly Review f.12
Women's Suffrage f.7,8
World War, 1914-1918 f.3

Selected local material

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