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The Eurydice Club Records

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The Eurydice Club was named after the goddess Eurydice, wife of Orpheus the Greek Patron of Musicians. The Club was organized by twelve charter members; five faculty and seven students. It was the group's purpose to promote music, in general, and to advance musicianship at the University and throughout the regional communities. These goals were accomplished through performances on campus and in the neighboring communities.

Collection # 29

Eurydice Club
Records, 1903 - 1929

.2 linear feet


Records of the Eurydice Club, at Pittsburg State University, a women's music organization, that became a chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota fraternity in 1930. The records include a constitution and bylaws, a club history, a scrapbook of photographs, clippings, performance programs, and general information about the University and its music department.




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The Eurydice Club records are arranged into three series. These three series being Constitution and Bylaws, History, and Scrapbook. These materials were compiled as part of the process to petition for a chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota at Pittsburg State University. Included are organizational documents, clippings, photographs, recital programs, and the club's history.

The Constitution and Bylaws series contains the Eurydice Constitution and Bylaws set forth by the club officers and agreed upon by its members. A copy of the initiation ritual is also included in this series.

The History series contains a brief history of the Club, written by its members. The history includes photographs of some members, clippings, and other materials that document the Club's activities. Information on the Music Department at Pittsburg State University is also included in this series.

The Scrapbook series contains clippings and photographs of club members as well as photographs of the campus and buildings of Pittsburg State University. Also included is information on the Music Department, performance programs, and letters in support of the petition to establish a chapter of Sigma Alpha Iota.


Constitution and Bylaws Series

f. 1 Constitution and Bylaws

History Series

f. 2 History

Scrapbook Series

f. 3 Scrapbook


Allen, Oscar f.3
Bailey, W.J. f.3
Booker, Otto f.3
Brandenburg, William A. (1869-1940) f.3
Brandenburg Field, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2
Buchmann, Rose f.2-3
Bumann, A.M. f.3
Butler, Evelyn f.3
Campbell, Gabriella f.2
Camp Brandenburg, Pittsburg, Kansas f.3
Carney Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2
Chandler Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2
Chandler, Sarah f.3
Christmas Concert f.2-3
Cowen, Alta f.3
Dail, Mildred f.2-3
Davis, Cliffine f.2-3
Eurydice Club f.1-3
Fisher, Dr. Charles A. f.3
Fowler, Edna f.2-3
Frogue, Enid f.2
Gold Star Roll f.3
Gymnasium, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2
Hartman Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2-3
Hess, Leona f.3
Hesselberg, Rhetia f.3
Hodges, George H. f.3
Horace Mann School, Pittsburg, Kansas f.3
Jackson, Marjory f.2
Joplin Choral Association f.2
Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs f.2
Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2-3
Kansas State Teachers College Band Pittsburg, Kansas f.3
Kansas State Teachers College Recitals f.2-3
Kansas State Teachers College Spring Festival and Chorus f.2
Kimmell, Vivian f.2-3
Kirby, Florence f.3
Kreyer, Maurece f.3
Lutz, Althea f.3
McCray, Walter (1877-1959) f.2-3
McCray Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2-3
Myers, George E. f.3
Nation, Odella (1880-1956) f.3
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity of America f.2
Pittsburg State University, Festival Chorus and Orchestra f. 2-3
Polymnia Club f.2-3
Porter, Ebenezer F. (1859-1919) f.3
Porter Library, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2-3
Potter, Florence Marie f.2
Printing Department, Pittsburg, Kansas f.3
Ritchey, Hazel f.3
Russ Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2-3
Russ, Russell S. (1860-1962) f.3
Shellabarger, Josephine f.3
Shepardson, Edwin Augustus f.3
Sigma Alpha Iota, Alpha Kappa Chapter f.1-3
Stambach, Wanda f.3
Stamm, Ruth f.3
Stewart, Esther f.2-3
Theis, Barbara f.3
Tye, Esther f.3
Welty, Miriam f.2
Whitesitt Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2
Willard Hall, Pittsburg, Kansas f.2-3
Wilkinson, Jasper N. f.3
Williams, Reese M. f.3
Wilson, Edna Walgrove f.3
Yates, James A.(1865-1933) f.3
Young, Rachel f.3

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