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The Rose Cordes Gebo / Lembit Rauk Collection

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Lembit Rauk, photo taken in 1991

Lembit Rauk, photo taken in 1991

Rose Cordes Gebo was born on October 8, 1906 in Dallas, South Dakota. Her family originated from the Axstedt-Harrendorf area of Germany. Her parents, Hinrich Cordes and Anna Matilda Lahmann, emigrated to America during the 1880s. Her father settled in Pittsburg, Kansas, and operated a tailor shop for twenty years at 217 North Broadway then, later, at 104 West 4th. Her mother landed in New York where she worked as a domestic for four years. She later moved to Pittsburg, Kansas, after much encouragement from aunts and cousins who had already settled there. It was in Pittsburg that Rose's parents met and married. After many years in Pittsburg, Hinrich decided to take advantage of the "free land" the government was offering in South Dakota. He settled on a claim three miles south of Dallas, South Dakota, in an area known as Rosebud Indian County. Rose Cordes was born there in 1906 and was named after the area.

Rose Cordes Gebo, in her lifetime, lived in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, and finally, Gig Harbor, Washington, where she died on November 6, 2000. Lembit Rauk's mother was a first cousin of Rose Cordes Gebo. Gebo and Rauk corresponded and exchanged genealogical materials and information until Gebo's death in 2000.

Collection # 18

Rose Cordes Gebo/Lembit Rauk
Papers, (1885 - 1999)

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Photographs and biographical materials relating to the Cordes, Lahmann, Gebo, Coerlin and related families collected by Rose Cordes Gebo and Lembit Rauk. The families were originally from the Axstedt-Harrendorf area of Germany and emigrated to America during the late 19th century and early 20th centuries. Members of the Cordes, Lahmann, and Coerlin families have either visited or lived in Pittsburg, Kansas.


The Rose Cordes Gebo and Lembit Rauk Collection was donated to the Leonard H. Axe Library of Pittsburg State University by Lembit Rauk on February 4, 2003 and March 3, 2003.


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The Rose Cordes Gebo/Lembit Rauk Collection is arranged into two series: Biographical and Photographs.

The Biographical series consists of a sketch of Lahmann and Cordes family history as told by Rose Cordes Gebo. The series also includes a list of the children of Henry (Hinrich) Cordes and Anna Matilda Lahmann; a biographical essay about Henry Lutz; and a family/pedigree chart compiled by Lembit Rauk.

The Photographs series is arranged alphabetically by family name. It includes wedding photographs, family groups, and portraits. The series also includes a photograph of the Cordes tailor shop located in Pittsburg, Kansas.


Biographical Series

f.1 Lahmann-Cordes History
f.2 Children of Henry Cordes and Anna Matilda Lahmann
f.3 Biographical essay on Henry Ludwig Frederick Lutz, 1886-1973
f.4 Pedigree Chart

Photographs Series

f.5 Bardenhagen Family
f.6 Coerlin Family
f.7 Cordes, Anna Lahmann
f.8 Cordes, William
f.9 Cordes, Carl
f.10 Cordes, Henry and wife, Anna Matilda Lahmann
f.11 Cortzohan, Anneta
f.12 Cortzohan, Matilde
f.13 Cortzohan, Meta
f.14 Flattermann's wife and niece
f.15 Flomer, Johonna
f.16 Gebo, Rose Cordes
f.17 Heisanbuttel family
f.18 Holtkamp, Gesine Lahmann and family
f.19 Jacobs, Jacob and Katharina
f.20 Kahre, Anna Bardenhagen and children
f.21 Lahmann, Fritz and wife, Lahmann, Rebecka
f.22 Lahmann-Cordes Family
f.23 Lahmann, Minnie
f.24 Rauk, Lembit
f.25 Spreck family
f.26 Tailor shop, Pittsburg, Kansas
f.27 Unidentified photograph


Bardenhagen, Herman f. 5
Bardenhagen, Maggie f. 4,5
Bardenhagen, Meta Lahmann, (?-1896) f. 4,5
Boschen, Anna f. 1
Cordes, Anna Matilda Lahmann f. 4,7,10,22,23
Coerlin, August f. 4,6, 22
Coerlin, Benny f. 4,6
Coerlin, Catherine Lahmann f. 4,6,22
Coerlin family f. 4,6,22
Coerlin, John f. 4,6
Coerlin, Lizzie f. 4,6
Cordes, Anna Marie, (1898-?) f. 2, 10
Cordes, Bertha Sophie, (1903-1993) f. 2
Cordes, Carl Peter, (1896-1968) f. 2,9
Cordes family f. 1,2,4,16,22, 27
Cordes, Hinrich, "Henry" f. 1,2,10,22
Cordes, Henry John (1894-1968) f. 2
Cordes, Johann Joaquin, (1822-?) f. 1
Cordes, Johanna, (1908-1993) f. 2
Cordes, John f. 1
Cordes, Louise Katherine, (1901-1998) f. 2
Cordes, Minnie II, (1892-1938) f. 2, 23
Cordes, Minnie Meta, (1890-1892) f. 2
Cordes, Netta f. 1
Cordes, Peter f. 1
Cordes, William Frederick, (1888-1961) f. 2,8,18
Cortzohan, Anneta f. 11
Cortzohan, Matilde f. 12
Cortzohan, Meta f. 13
Feldman, Marie f. 1
Flattermann's family f. 14
Flomer, Johonna f. 15
Forstman family f. 4
Gebo, Rose Emilie Cordes f. 1,2,4,16
Heissanbuttel family f. 17
Holtkamp, Louis f. 18
Holtkamp, Gesine Baur McGovern Smith f. 4,18,22
Jacobs, Katharina Seedorf f. 4, 19
Jacobs, Jacob f. 4, 19
Kahre, Anna Bardenhagen f. 20, 22
Kansas, Pittsburg f. 26
Lahmann family f. 1,2,4,21,22,23
Lahmann, Fritz, (1837-1918) f. 21
Lahmann, Johann Friedrich Christian f. 4
Lahmann, Matilda f. 2
Lahmann, Minnie f. 23
Lahmann, Rebecka Seedorf f. 4,21
Long Photography, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 17,19
Lutz, Henry Ludwig Frederick, (1886-1973) f. 3,4,6
Lutz, Hulda Coerlin f. 2,3,4,6
Meier, Gesche f. 1
Rauk, Lembit Ilmar f. 4, 24
Rauk, Meta Schroeder f. 4
Schroeder family f. 4
Schroeder, Johann Mangels f. 4
Schroeder, Minna Lahmann f. 4
Smith, E.W., Photographer, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 4
Spreck family f. 25
Tailor shop, Pittsburg, Kansas f. 26

Selected local material

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