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The Henry Laurens Call Collection

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The Mayfly

Henry Laurens Call's "The Great Dream", Girard, Kansas, Airship. Photograph, Bell Studio, Girard, Kansas, 1908
Gift of Sue Haldeman-Julius.

Henry Laurens Call (1867-1917), born in New York City and educated at the College of Manhattan, was a Socialist lawyer, economist, and inventor, most notably of the airships built between 1908 and 1912 in Girard, Kansas. Call was twice married: in 1904 to Jessie Lewelling, daughter of Lorenzo D. Lewelling, twelfth Governor of Kansas; then, in 1906, to Emma Johns, a Carthage, Missouri pianist and composer. According to a letter from Marcet Haldeman-Julius, found in the Haldeman Collection at the Lilly Library, Indiana University, dated September 15, 1912, Call was a Christian Scientist. His first association with Girard occurred in 1893 while conferring with Governor Lewelling, whose lieutenant governor, Percy Daniels, was from Girard. A mutual interest in economics welded a friendship between Call and Daniels that lasted until Daniels' death in 1916. A year later, Call was killed in an aviation accident in Wyoming.

Collection #26

Call, Henry Laurens (1867-1917)
Collection, 1895-2003

.25 linear feet


A collection of clippings, photographs, research materials, writings, and publications pertaining to Henry Laurens Call and his airship venture in Girard, Kansas, known as the Aerial Navigation Company.


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The Henry Laurens Call Collection consists primarily of newspaper clippings, photographs and biographical research materials. The collection is arranged into five series:

The Clippings Series includes newspaper articles that date from 1895 to 1928 tracking the activities and progress of Call's airship venture with the Aerial Navigation Company. Typed transcriptions of related articles from the Girard Press, 1908-1930, are in folder two.

The Photographs Series includes photographs, negatives and postcard images of the airships built by Call from 1908 to 1912. Also included in this series is a sketch of one of Call's planes, drawn by W.K. Higgie.

The Writings Series consists of works written by Call from 1896 to 1907. Included are photocopies of the changes made in chapter titles and punctuation in the second edition of "The Coming Revolution"; a photocopy of his speech "The Concentration of Wealth"; and a photocopy of "Justice." Bibliographic notes on Call's writings are filed at the end.

The Miscellaneous Series includes biographical notes on Call collected from various sources dating from 1965 to 1968. One item discusses Call before his airship endeavors. An article recalling Girard's airship history and Charles Lindbergh's flight over the town is also included.

The Research Materials Series includes newspaper articles, magazine articles, a library bulletin, and student research papers and theses pertaining to Call's airship endeavors in Girard, written from 1931 to 2003.


Clippings Series

f.1 1895-1928
f.2 1908-1930

Photograph Series

f.3 1908-1910
f.4 1908-1912

Writings Series

f.5 1896-1907

Miscellaneous Series

f.6 1965-1968

Research Materials Series

f.7 Clippings from 1931-2003
f.8 Library Bulletin devoted to aviation in Girard, 1974
f.9 Research papers by various students, 1933-1982


Aerial Navigation Company of America f.1,2,7
Airplanes f.1-9
Appeal to Reason f.4,9
Barnsley, U.S. f.1,2,7
Call, Henry Laurens (1867-1917) f.1-9
Coming Revolution, The f.1,5
Concentration of Wealth, The f.5
Gaitskill, Ben S. (1858-1927) f.2,7
Holbrook, Arthur f.2
Justice f.5
Kansas, Girard f.1-9
Lindbergh, Charles Augustus (1902-1974) f.1,6
McClellan, William f.1,2,6
Missouri, Monett f.1,2,7
Richardson, E.N. f.1,2
Socialism f.1,2,5-7
Struble, Hie W. (1864-1908) f.1-2,9
Warren, Ben P. (1876-1967) f.1,2,7
Warren, Fred D. (1872- 1959) f.1,2,7

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