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Edna Worthley Underwood (1873-1961), Collection, 1904-1987

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Edna Worthley Underwood (1873-1961)

Edna Worthley Underwood (1873-1961)


Edna May Worthley Underwood was an American writer of poetry, short stories, novels, and essays. Additionally, she translated numerous foreign works into English. Underwood was born in Maine in January 1873 to Albert and Alice (Howard) Worthley. Her grandfather, Joseph N. Worthley, inspired a love of learning in Edna, and told her never to grow weary of it. When she was eleven, her family moved to Arkansas City, Kansas. Upon meeting Arnold Jeannerett, a Swiss immigrant, she was introduced to European books and learned several foreign languages. In time, Underwood could read Latin and fourteen modern languages, including French, Russian, Spanish, and Dutch. She attended Garfield University in Wichita, Kansas, and the University of Michigan from which she graduated with a degree in languages and literature. Following graduation, Underwood returned to Arkansas City where she taught Latin and English in the high school for three years.

In 1897 Edna married Earl Underwood, a local jeweler, who soon after purchased a jewelry store in Kansas City, Missouri. In 1912 the Underwoods moved to New York City where Earl became the head of the wholesale department of a jewelry firm. Edna Underwood would sometimes travel with her husband on business trips abroad to serve as his interpreter. She also spent these years researching materials for her books, writing fiction, plays, and poetry, and translating foreign authors into English.

Edna Underwood was one of the first Americans to translate Russian literature, as well as the Spanish and Portuguese poets of South America, into English. Her first volume of poetry, Songs From the Plains, was published in 1917 and her first novel, The Whirlwind, was published in 1918. Her most prolific years were the 1920s and the early 1930s. Underwood was a member of the Royal Society of Arts, the Archaeological Institute of America, the Authors League of America, the Society of Arts and Sciences, the Modern Language Association of America, the Authors' Fellowship, the Modern Humanities Research Association of England, the Daughters of the American Revolution, a corresponding member of the Institute of France, a Fellow of the Contrafraternite Universelle Balzacienne, and the Hellenic Travelers' Club. She was also a member of writer's associations in several states.

Underwood's publications and translations include: Dear Dead Women; Egyptian Twilights; Garden of Desire; Catherine the Great; The Penitent; The Passion Flower; The Pageant Maker; Attic Twilight; The Slav Anthology; Spirits of the Andes; History of West Indian Literature; The Weaver by the Nile; The Poet of the Indian Ocean; Robert Edward Hart; Poets of Panama; Poets of Martinique; Poets of Santo Domingo; Poets of Cuba; Poets of Haiti; Poets of Mexico; Poets of Dominicana; Wanderers and Minstrels under Moons of Cathay; The Taste of Honey; The Notebook of a Linguist; and Flemish Short Writers of Today.


Collection #35

Underwood, Edna Worthley (1873 - 1961)
Collection, 1904-1987

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A collection of materials from Edna May Worthley Underwood, a writer and translator. The collection consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, writings, scrapbooks, organizational materials, photographs, biographical information, and related materials.





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The Edna May Worthley Underwood collection consists primarily of correspondence, newspaper articles, writings, reviews, announcements, invitations, notebooks, programs, biographical information, and other miscellaneous materials. The bulk of the collection dates from 1904 to 1943. The collection is arranged into nine series identified as:

The Correspondence Series is comprised of letters that date primarily from 1904-1942. This series is arranged chronologically, however, some letters are attached to paper backings and will appear out of order. The letters are mainly between publishing companies, writers, government officials, and friends of Mrs. Underwood. Some of the letters are in a foreign language and the series contains translations of some letters. Several letters include photographs of her correspondents. The letters contain information on Mrs. Underwood's writings and research, other author's works, and letters from admirers.

The Clippings Series contains articles on subjects of general and research interest, articles written by Underwood, advertisements for her works, and articles dealing with Underwood. Some of the articles are written in a foreign language.

The Book Reviews Series consists of reviews of Mrs. Underwood's books. This series also includes materials for books by other authors.

The Writings Series contains articles Mrs. Underwood wrote for various newspapers and several of her short stories. Also included are notebooks used by Underwood.

The Advertisement Series includes broadsides, clippings, catalogs, proof sheets, and other forms of advertising of Underwood's books and publications.

The Organizations Series contains announcements, calling cards, pamphlets, newsletters, and miscellaneous materials received from several organizations of which Underwood was a member.

The Biographical Series contains a copy of Fort Hays Studies for June 1965, which contains biographical information on Mrs. Underwood and a critical review of her works. Various biographical clippings are included in this series as well.

The Scrapbook Series consists of two volumes that contain photographs; translations; correspondence (undated and 1927-1937); poetry; newspaper articles (undated and 1918-1928); advertisements; reviews; and sample writings of foreign authors. Most of this series is written in Spanish and other foreign languages. Most of the materials in this series are attached to paper backings and will not be in chronological order.

The Miscellaneous Series contains an itinerary for a possible book tour, an inventory of Underwood books compiled by an unknown source, two volumes of Big Town Stuff by Robert Earl, blank postcards, bulletins, a playbill, and pamphlets.



Correspondence Series

f. 1 1904-1913
f. 2 1917-1921
f. 3 1922
f. 4 1922
f. 5 1922
f. 6 1922-1923
f. 7 1923
f. 8 1923
f. 9 1923-1924
f. 10 1924-1926
f. 11 1927-1931
f. 12 1931-1936
f. 13 1937-1942
f. 14 Undated
f. 15 Undated

Clippings Series

f. 16 1919-1941
f. 17 Undated

Book Reviews Series

f. 18 1917-1924
f. 19 1924-1937, Undated

Writings Series

f. 20 Articles, 1911-1931, Undated
f. 21 Manuscripts, Undated
f. 22 Notebooks and Notes

Advertisment Series

f. 23 1920-1940

Organizations Series

f. 24 1921-1927

Biographical Series

f. 25 1922, 1965, undated

Scrapbook Series

f. 26 1929, 1933-1937, Undated
f. 27 1934-1937, Undated
f. 28 1933-1937, Undated
f. 29 1919-1937, Undated
f. 30 1918-1929, Undated
f. 31 1922-1935, Undated
f. 32 1922-1936, Undated
f. 33 1922-1934, Undated
f. 34 1923-1937, Undated

Miscellaneous Series

f. 35 1923, 1932, Undated



Adams, Harry C. f. 8
Adams, H. S. f. 3, 6-7
Afrique f. 12
Albert I, King of the Belgians f. 12
Alden, Baxter f. 2-3, 15
Alden, Betty f. 14
Alexander, Letitia Hart f. 9
Alexandre, Albert f. 20
America f. 12
American Women f. 12
Ames, Winthrop f. 10
Anderson, Sherwood (1876-1941) f. 2
Andrade, Jaime Sanchez f. 28-29
Andrews, C. E. f. 2
Anthology of Mexican Poets f. 12,19,26,28,32-34
Applebee, Blanche f. 7-8
Archaeological Institute of America f. 5
Arciniegas, Ismael Enrique f. 29
Ars Egyptica f. 5,7,20,34
Art and Archaeology f. 2
Asia f. 2,10
Atherton, Gertrude Franklin Horn (1857-1948) f. 4
Atkinson, J. Brooks f. 7
Attic Twilights f. 20,30
Authors International Publishing Company f. 13
Author's League of America f. 17,31
Azcorra, Franz Sáenz f. 28-29
Babcock, Charles E. f. 12
Baldwin, Faith f. 31
Barnouw, Mr. f. 5
Beal, Junius E. f. 11
Bélanger, Jean f. 12
Belgian Charge d'Affaires f. 5
Belgische Senaat f. 3
Belgium Chambre des Representants f. 4
Big Town Stuff f. 35
Biro, John f. 14
Blake, Albert W. f. 3,4
The Blue Flame f. 7
Boise, Esther f. 15
Book of Dear Dead Women f. 1,2,7,17
Brambly, H. M. f. 11
Breus, Margaret f. 14
Brock, H. I. f. 7
Brown, Carleton f. 11
Brown, W. C. f. 4
Browne, Sibyl f. 10
Buchanan, J. f. 7
Buddhism f. 31
The Buddhist Annual of Ceylon f. 8,31
Burbank, Luther (1849-1926) f. 2-3, 15
Burgos, Tulio A Cestero f. 29
Burstein, Abraham f. 11
Busch, Carl (1862- ) f. 1
Buss, Kate f. 6
Calpe f. 4
Campora, Vincenzo f. 13
Carrier, Marley f. 14
Carroll, Mitchell f. 2
Charbonneau, Louis f. 34
Chicago Daily News f. 5
A Child and an Old Man f. 21
Chokla, Sarah f. 12
Christian Science Moniter f. 3-4
Chocano, Eduardo A. f. 27
Chocano, Jose Santos f. 27,31
A Cigarra f. 26
Claes, Ernest f. 4
Cliotfield, Ruby f. 5
Coleman, A. P. f. 12
Columbus Publications f. 13
Comite Nobel du Parlement f. 7,9
Conklin, Mary Greer f. 1
Connell, E. P. f. 2
Consul General of the Netherlands f. 7
Coolry, Emma Erwin f. 7
Cornish, George f. 17,23
Cosmos Club f. 2
Crone, Frank f. 3
Cross Currents f. 8,9
Current Opinion f. 3
Cuthrell, Faith Baldwin f. 9
Cyprian, Dom f. 2
Dallas News f. 12
Daniels, Dorothy H. f. 10
Daughters of the American Revolution f. 17
Davis, R. H. f. 5-11
Day, Ernestine f. 17,18,21,34
D. C. Heath and Company Publishers f. 8
De Almeida, Guilherme f. 3,28
De Cartier, Baron f. 6
De Casseres, Benjamin (1873-1945) f. 5,15
De Faremont, Marquisde Champvans f. 12
De Garmendia, Mercedes Torrens f. 29
De Gramont, M. Dumesnil f. 4,6,14
De Ibarbourou, Juana f. 29
De Koningin, H. M. f. 5
De Lacerda, Jorge f. 12,28
De Martos, Ballesteros f. 9, 31
De Mille, Mrs. H. C. f. 1
De Selys, F. f. 5
Del Picchia, Menotti f. 26
Dear Dead Women f. 19
Denver, Grace Atherton f. 3
Der Har, L. Ava f. 11
The Dial f. 2,5
Dodge, Louis f. 4,7
Dominguez, Maria Alicia f. 27
Doubleday, Page & Company f. 6
The Double Dealer f. 3,7
Durant, Will (1885- ) f. 12
Earl, Robert f. 12,35
Egyptian Twilights f. 30
El Sol f. 9
E. Steiger & Company f. 2
Europe f. 16
Everybody's Magazine f. 2
Fairbanks, Douglas (1883-1939) f. 11,26
Famous Stories from Foreign Countries f. 17,30-31
Farrar, Geraldine f. 5,7,9,17,18
Ferguson, M. J. f. 3
Fiallo, Fabio f. 13, 26
Figueira, Gaston f. 13,26,28-29
Finley, John H. f. 10
Fish, H. D. f. 3
Fiske, Harrison Grey f. 1
Flores, Alberto Baeza f. 26
Flores, Carlos f. 7
Follett, Wilson (1887-1963) f. 4
Fort Hays Studies f. 25
The Forum f. 1, 11
The Four Seas Company f. 31
Fowler, William f. 13
Fox Film Corporation f. 3
The Frank A. Munsey Company f. 5-9,11
Frank, Waldo David (1889-1967) f. 4
Frederick A. Stokes Company f. 3
Gacio-Prada, Paulos f. 10
Galvez, Manuel f. 7-8, 26
Gannett, Guy P. f. 12
Garden of Desire f. 1,7
A Garden Tragedy f. 30
Garibaldi, Ferdinando f. 12
Garnier, Auguste f. 4
General Press Cutting Association f. 2
George H. Doran Company f. 6-7
Ghost Stories of the Balkans f. 7
Gibson, Charles Dana (1867-1944) f. 10
The Gift: A Story of a Kansas Farm f. 21
The Golden Book f. 10
Gomez, Antonio f. 26
Gordon, Margery f. 12
Grace, E. G. f. 4
Grant, Frances f. 14
Grasset, Bernard f. 4
Grey, J. C. f. 31
Hagen, Hermann B. f. 31
Haiti f. 34
Hale, Frederick f. 10
Hall, Carolyn f. 7
Hallock, H. G. C. f. 11
Hamilton Grange Station f. 9
Hapgood, Norman f. 4
Harcourt, Brace and Howe, Inc. f. 2
Harre, T. Everett f. 31
Hart, Francis f. 9
Harvey, P. Caspar f. 5
Harvey, Victoria f. 14
The Head of the Baptist f. 10
Hearst International f. 4
Hecht, Ben (1893-1964) f. 3
Hess, Mary Augusta f. 16
Hill, Mary Olive f. 14
Hoch, Edina Wharton f. 14
Hoffman, Arthur S. f. 11
Holt, Guy f. 11
Houghton Mifflin Company f. 7,11,18,23
House, R. T. f. 13
Howe, Edgar Watson (1853-1937) f. 5
Howes, Durward f. 12
Hubreitié, B. f. 4-5, 7
Hume, Samuel J. f. 2
Hungary - Royal Consulate f. 3
Hurwitz, Henry f. 2
Institute of International Education f. 4
International Near East Association f. 10
International Studio f. 5,10
"Invention of the Sandwich" f. 30
Isaacs, Nathan (1895-1966) f. 2
Iyengar, K. K. f. 12,34
Jackson Brothers, Boesel and Company f. 12
Jacob, F. W. f. 13
Johannsen, Albert f. 7
John B. Stetson Company f. 10
The John Day Company f. 11
Johnson, Charles S. f. 8,9
Jones, A. M. f. 8
"The Jungle Sweethearts" f. 17
Juventa f. 16, 29,31
Kansas f. 17,31
Kansas - Arkansas City f. 17
Kansas City Star f. 9
Kelly, Geraldine f. 14
Kemnitz, Leland Stanford f. 1,7-9
Kennerley, Mitchell (1878-1950) f. 1
King Features Syndicate f. 4
King of Love f. 10
Kjersmeréz, Carl f. 11
Knickerbocker, William f. 12
Knox Academy of Arts and Sciences f. 11
Knutsford, Viscount f. 11
Koninklisk Museum f. 13
Kreymborg, Alfred (1883-1966) f. 7
Laemmle, Carl f. 12
Lamb, Flora M. f. 11-12
The Land of Primrose Moons f. 10
Lange, Norah f. 29
Lanier, Henry Wysham (1873- ) f. 10
Lardner, Ring W. (1885-1933) f. 16
Latham, H. S. f. 8
Lawton, Thais f. 6
Leao, C. A. Carneiro f. 7
Leavenworth Times f. 2
Ledbetter, Eleanor f. 12
Lester, Carl H. f. 6
Letters from a Prairie Garden f. 5,7,9,18,30-31
Lewin, I. f. 13
Lewiston Daily Sun f. 10
Lindsey, A. V. f. 28
Lindsey, Robert C. f. 28
Linscott, R. N. f. 9
Lipman, Charles B. f. 13
The Literary Digest f. 5,7
Little, Brown, & Company f. 1,7
Llanos, Antonio f. 13
Lleó, Raimundo f. 29
Lothaire, Jacques f. 4
Loti, Pierre f. 7-8,18,32-33
Lucille f. 6
Lull, Laura V. f. 9
Macmillan Company f. 8
Magoffin, Ralph V. D. f. 5,6
Maine f. 16-18,20,30,32
Maine Summers f. 13
Manning, Clarence f. 11
Marau, Rene f. 34
Marin, Juan f. 26
Markham, A. R. f. 7
Markham, Edwin (1852-1940) f. 1
Marotz, Mary P. f. 3
Marshall Jones Company f. 8
"Masque of the Autumn Moon" f. 1
Masque of the Moons f. 20,23,30
Masters, Edgar Lee (1868-1950) f. 5
Maucci, Manuel f. 28
Maurice, Arthur B. f. 6-10
Mazon, Andre f. 12
McCarter, Margaret Hill (1860-1938) f. 4,6,15
McClure, John f. 3,7
McClures Magazine f. 11
McCormick, William Bernard (1868- ) f. 5
Meader, Clarence Linton (1868- ) f. 2-3,14
The Measure f. 4,7
Menorah Educational Conference f. 2
Menorah Journal f. 2
Menzies, G. K. f. 4,6-7
Mexican Life f. 12
Michel, Albin f. 3
The Michigan Alumnus f. 24
Michigan Author's Association f. 8
Michigan Women f. 25
Mickey, J. M. f. 2
Middlebury College f. 10
Miller, Beatrice f. 1, 17
Ministere des Colonies f. 13
Miramon, Alberto f. 27
Missouri Writers Guild f. 2,4-5,14,24,30
Mitchell, Stewart (1892- ) f. 2
Mitre Press f. 23
Modern Humanities Research Association f. 2,24
Modern Language Association of America f. 11,31
Moe, R. f. 7, 9
Moody, Charles Amadon f. 1
Moons of Nippon f. 2
Moreno-Lacalle, J. f. 10
Morgenthau, Henry (1891-1967) f. 10
Mosher Press f. 11-14, 16-17,23,29-30
Mosher, Thomas Bird (1852-1923) f. 11
Muller, Georg f. 3
Murdock, Marsh M. f. 12
Murphy, Elsie Josephine f. 2
Negro of Peter the Great f. 9
Nello, Coelho f. 29
Netherland Charge D'Affaires f. 4,7
New Assembly f. 1
New York Herald f. 6-10,19-20
New York League of American Pen Women, Inc. f. 24,35
New York Public Library f. 9
New York Sun f. 18-20
New York Times f. 7
New York Tribune f. 6-7, 9
Nietzsche, Friedrich Wilhelm (1844-1900) f. 31
Nimmo, David Chalmers f. 8
"Nioble of the Long Trail: A True Story" f. 20
Nocturn f. 10
Novier, Howes, Jr. f. 5
Obecuy, Edmund f. 2
Ohio State University f. 2
Oko, A. S. f. 2
An Old Chinese Painting f. 3,30
"The Old Lady and the Rose" f. 21
O'Neill, Natolia Therese f. 8
Opportunity f. 8-10
Orchid of Asia f. 2,10
Order of Bookfellows f. 4, 9
Osborn, Chase f. 11
Out West f. 1
Overton, Grant Martin (1887-1930) f. 6-8
Pagan's Prayer f. 2
Pageant Maker f. 10,11,30-31
Pan American Union f. 12
Panorama f. 17,19
Parry, Albert (1901- ) f. 11
Passion Flower f. 6,9-10,16-19,23,30,32-33
Paterson, Isabel f. 6-7,9
Patrick, Sallie S. f. 2
The Penitent f. 3-10,16-19,22-23,27,30-33
People's Popular Monthly f. 11
Piña , Pedro I. Pérez f. 28,29
Perkins, Randolph f. 10
Perry, Ralphe R. f. 6
Phillips, Howard f. 12
The Piper f. 23
Poets of Haiti f. 19
The Poetry Society f. 24
Point of View Publishing Company f. 9
Popper, William f. 2
Portela, Severo f. 26
"Portrait of the Youthful Buddha" f. 30
Pratt, Robert Murray f. 4,7,31,35
Prichard, Alvin f. 9
Prichard, Ira C. f. 7,9
Print Connoisseur f. 5
Proper, Carl C. f. 11
Publishers Weekly f. 10
Pulsifer, W. E. f. 6
Pushkin, Aleksandr Sergeevich (1799-1837) f. 10,18-19,30
Real Academia Espanola f. 34
Redman, Ben Ray f. 6,19,31
Reed, Amanda f. 30
Relator f. 13
Remishardt, Conrado f. 29
Restrepo, Antonio Gomez f. 26
Reyes, Alfonso (1889-1959) f. 9
Rhythmus f. 7
Richards, Grant f. 11, 31
Richards, Paul f. 31
Robert, Eugen f. 3
Robledo, Alfonso Mejia f. 26,29
Rodriquez, Luis Felipe f. 28
Roosbroeck, Gustave L. van f. 2
Rose, Anthony f. 11
Rose, George B. f. 1
Royal Consulate General of Hungary f. 3
Royal Society of Arts f. 4,6-7,24,30-31
R. R. Bowker Company f. 10
Russell, Bertrand (1872-1970) f. 16
Russia f. 18
Russky Golos Publishing Company f. 11
Saenz, Franz f. 29
Salon Des Poetes Algerians f. 13
Salvation Army f. 10
Sanborn, Gertrude f. 9
Sandburg, Carl (1878-1967) f. 4-5
Saphier, William f. 2
Saunders, Lyle f. 31
Scaife, Roger f. 3, 9
"The Scar" f. 20
Schlesinger, Beatriz Arciniegas f. 34
Schomburg, Arthur f. 1, 11, 13
Seaverns, Charles F. f. 11
Seldes, Gilbert Vivian (1893- ) f. 5
Sewanee Review f. 12
Seymour, Flora Warren f. 4,10
Shaw, Allen f. 10
Shawn, Ted (1891-1972) f. 17,34
Sherman, Mrs. f. 11
Shiv, George G. f. 4
Shoemaker, Floyd C. f. 11
Shompson, Hamilton f. 3
Shompson, Luther f. 3
Sigerson, Wilfred C. f. 10
Silva, C. de Brigard f. 10,26
Sinclair, Upton (1878-1968) f. 10
Skinner, Maud f. 10
Skinner, Otis (1858-1942) f. 10
Slav Anthology f. 11-12,33
Smith, F. Stoddart f. 10
Smyth, Clifford f. 7
Snow, Florence f. 6
The Society of Arts and Sciences f. 34
Sociedade Editora Portugal-Brasil f. 3
Sothern, Sara f. 14,17,31
Southwoerth, Deane f. 3
Spirit of the Andes f. 31
Spiugarn, J. E. f. 2
Sprague, John Francis f. 3
Sprague's Journal of Maine History f. 3
The Spur f. 3,6,19
Squires, D. D. f. 14
Starrett, Vincent f. 3,5
State Historical Society of Missouri f. 11
Step Ladder f. 10
Sternheim, Emanuel f. 11
Stories of the Balkans f. 2
Story, Julia f. 17
Stout, R. E. f. 9
St. Petersburg Night f. 1
Strachan, H. B. f. 8
Stratton, Ross f. 14
"The Streets of New York" f. 20
Streuvels, Stijn f. 7
Stribling, Thomas Sigismund (1881-1965) f. 3,5,9
Strikes, England f. 16
Strong, Edward K., Jr. f. 12
The Sun f. 7,31
Szebenyei, Joseph f. 3
Taste of Honey f. 5-6,8,10,20,31,34
Teixeira, Gustavo f. 26
Thiry, Antoon Frans f. 8
Thomas, Alfred f. 11,19
Thomas, Edith M. f. 10
Three Chinese Masterpieces f. 23,30
Thwing, Mr. f. 5
"To A Great Vault in a New York Bank" f.31
"To A Portrait" f. 34
"To Bessie Grady Sharp: A Tribute" f. 20
"To Celia Thaxter" f. 20
"Toilet Case in Gold Lacquer" f. 32
Toulmin, Humphrey f. 11
Travels f. 16-17,31-32
Truesdell, Winifred Porter f. 5
Tu Fu f. 16,17,19-20,23,30,33
Underwood, Edna Worthley (1873-1961) f. 1-35
Underwood, Robert Earl f. 7,10,12
United India and Indian States f. 12,34
United States - House of Representatives f. 10
United States - Senate f. 10
Universal Pictures Corporation f. 12
Urena, Pedro Henriquez f. 3-4
Valencia, Guillermo f. 29
A Valley of Enchantment for the Autumn Motorist f. 20
Van den Oever, Karel f. 6
Van Roosbroeck, Gustave L. f. 2-3, 5-6
Villaespesa, Francisco f. 29
Vincent, Stenio f. 13
Vlaams Che Arbeid f. 5
Vrchlicky, Jaroslav f. 17
Vrooman, John W. f. 8
Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker f. 3,7,14
Walrond, Eric D. f. 5,7
Wanamaker, John f. 7
Watts, Mary f. 7
The Wave f. 3,5
Weil, Elsie F. f. 2,5
Where Right Was Wrong f. 1
Wichita Eagle f. 12
Wickersham, George Woodward (1858-1936) f. 10
The Whirlwind of Fashion f. 2
White, William Allen (1868-1944) f. 2
Who's Who in America f. 2
Who's Who in New York f. 2
Wieboll, Louise T. f. 4
Wijayatilake, S. W. f. 8
Williams, Ben Ames f. 7
Williams, Robert H. f. 4
Wind and the Widow f. 10
Woods, William Seaver f. 5
Woodson, Mary Blake f. 14
Woodward & Lothrop f. 10
Worthley, Mary Genn f. 14
Wrigley, M. H. f. 10
Yajima, Tadashi f. 12
Yale University Press f. 4-5
Yasmolsinz, A. f. 9
Young, George f. 6,14
Young, Gordon Ray f. 7,10
Young's Book Exchange f. 23


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