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Still Photos from "The Learning Tree"

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Photo still (907-52) 'Pastor Broadnap (Thomas Anderson)'

(907-52)Pastor Broadnap (Thomas Anderson) and a church member visit errant Marcus Savage (Alexander Clarke) at reform school in a scene from "The Learning Tree". The Technicolor and Panavision production is based upon Gordon Parks' autobiographical novel and stars Kyle Johnson, Estelle Evans, Alexander Clarke, Dana Eclar and Richard Ward. Parks produced and directed his own screenplay.

The following are references to 8" x 10" still photographs from the Warner Bros.-Seven Arts motion picture, The Learning Tree, written, directed, and produced by Gordon Parks and filmed in Fort Scott and Mound City, Kansas.
Gifts of Gordon Parks, 1969.

907-1M: Alexander Clarke and Stephen Perry enact a knockout sequence during the filming of a carnival free-for-all.

907-4: Firemen pull the body of Cap'n Tuck (Alfred Jones) from a river in which he has fallen after being gunned down by the sheriff.

907-11: Peter Winger (Phil Roye) and his father Jack Winger (Felix P. Nelson) forsake cattle-herding to search their young brother and son, Newt (Kyle Johnson), missing in the wake of a cyclone.

907-22: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) winces from a blow thrown by Marcus Savage (Alexander Clarke).

907-27: Prosecutor McCormack (Jon Lormer) points an accusing finger at a suspected killer.

907-32: Pandemonium reigns in courtroom when Booker Savage (Richard Ward) snatches pistol from Sheriff Kirky (Dana Elcar) and defies spectators.

907-41: Marcus Savage (Alexander Clarke) races to see his father's body removed from courtroom after suicide.

907-50: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) exchanges Christmas gifts with his sweetheart Arcella (Mira Waters).

907-52: Pastor Broadnap (Thomas Anderson) and a church member visit errant Marcus Savage (Alexander Clarke) at a reform school.

907-57: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) meets Mrs. Jefferson (Lorna Doone), mother of his sweetheart, Arcella (Mira Waters), as his mother Sarah (Estelle Evans) looks on.

907-58: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) denies to his parents, Sarah and Jack Winger (Estelle Evans and Felix P. Nelson), that he has gotten his sweetheart into trouble.

907-61: Doc Craven (Kevin Hagen) tells Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) that his mother, Sarah (Estelle Evans), is critically ill.

907-62: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) sleeps beside his mother's casket to overcome his fear of death.

907-64: Chubby Chappie Logan (Jimmy Rushing) shows tough Marcus Savage (Alexander Clarke) sleeping quarters he is to clean.

907-68: Honky-tonk operator Chappie Logan (Jimmy Rushing) sells his bootleg whiskey.

907-71: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) wields a stick to defend himself.

907-74: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) defends himself with a stick during a fight with his rival, Marcus Savage (Alexander Clarke).

907-75: Chauncey Cavanaugh (Zooey Hall), errant son of a small town judge, entertains a girlfriend in his bedroom.

907-78: School principal Hall (Morgan Sterne) asks teacher McClintock (Peggy Rea) why she has told Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) he can never be more than a janitor.

907-79: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) and his sweetheart Arcella (Mira Waters) prepare to leave after being told they cannot be served in the corner drug store.

907-80: Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) sits with his blind Uncle Rob (Joel Fluellen) and father, Jack Winger (Felix P. Nelson), watching his mother's burial.

907-81: A sister, Clara (Lynn Hamilton), and his blind Uncle Rob (Joel Fluellen) wait as Newt Winger (Kyle Johnson) takes a last look at his mother's casket.

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