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Checklist of Books and Publications in the Gordon Parks Collection

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Bush, Martin H. The Photographs of Gordon Parks (Wichita, KS: Wichita State University), 1983

Easter, Eric, et. al., eds. Songs of My People: African Americans, A Self-Portrait (Boston: Little, Brown and Company) {Introduction by Gordon Parks}, 1992

Eastman Kodak Company. The Joy of Photography (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company), 1979 [Photographs and biography of Gordon Parks pp. 60-67]

Halpern, Daniel, ed., Antaeus 61 (New York: Ecco Press), {Autumn 1988} 1988. [Includes selections from Gordon Parks' diary]

Kansas State University. The Gordon Parks Collection: Kansas State University, Department of Art (Manhattan, KS: The Department), [1983]

Logan, Fern. The Artist Portrait Series: Images of Contemporary African American Artists (Carbondale: Southern Illinois University Press), 2001

Paramount Pictures. Leadbelly: Paramount Press Book and Merchandising Manual (Paramount Pictures Corporation), 1975

Parks, Gordon. Arias in Silence (Boston: Little, Brown and Company), 1994

________. Born Black (Philadelphia: Lippincott Company), 1971

________. A Choice of Weapons (New York: Harper and Row), [1966]

________. A Choice of Weapons (New York: Berkley Publishing Company), 1967

________. A Choice of Weapons (New York: Harper and Row), [1973]

________. Flash Photography (New York: Franklin Watts), 1947

________. Flavio (New York: Norton), 1978

________. Glimpses Toward Infinity (Boston: Little, Brown and Company), 1996

________. Gordon Parks: Whispers of Intimate Things (New York: Viking Press), [1971]

________. Half Past Autumn: A Retrospective (Boston: Bulfinch Press), 1997

________. In Love (Philadelphia: Lippincott), 1971

________. The Learning Tree (New York: Harper and Row), [1963]

________. The Learning Tree (New York: Fawcett), 1963

________. The Learning Tree (New York: Fawcett Crest: Ballantine), 1989

________. A Poet and His Camera (New York: Viking Press), 1968

________. Shannon (Boston: Little, Brown and Company), 1981

________. Voices in the Mirror: An Autobiography (New York: Doubleday), 1990

Siskind, Aaron. Harlem Documents: Photographs 1932-1940 (Providence, RI: Matrix Publications) {Foreword by Gordon Parks}, 1981

U. S. Camera. Volume 6, Number 9 (December 1943). Contains "Gordon Parks' Photographs," pp. 16-19

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