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The following is a listing of books dealing primarily with Kansas authors from the private library of Zula Bennington Greene. Gifts of Zula Bennington Greene to the Kansas Collection over the years, and, after her death, of her children, Dorothy Hangar and Willard Greene, Jr.

Anthology of Verse, 1950-1951. Long Island, Kan.: Division of Literature, 6th District, Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1951. Inscribed: "Sincerely, Ina Marvin Durnil, Long Island, Kansas." Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.5408 An86

Atlantic Monthly. Jubilee: One Hundred Years of the Atlantic, ed. Edward Weeks and Emily Flint. Boston and Toronto: Little, Brown and Company, [1957]. Signed: "Edward Weeks / and / Emily Flint"; "Zula Greene." 810.82 At63j

Averill, Thomas Fox. Passes at the Moon: Stories from Kansas. Topeka, Kan.: Woodley Press, [1985]. Inscribed: "4-8-85 / For Peggy-- / whose love of this / state and its people / I share. / Your friend, / Thomas Fox Averill." 813.54 Av35p

Baldwin, Faith. Widow's Walk: Variations on a Theme. New York and Toronto: Rinehart & Company, Inc., [1954]. Signed: "Zula Greene." 811.52 B193w

Barry, William Crocker. Broken Dreams and Other Poems Published Posthumously by His Wife--Frances Guild Barry. 2nd ed. Topeka, Kan.: F. G. Barry, 1980. "This second edition of Broken dreams with a total of 77 poems, of which 13 are not in the original edition, is published in Topeka KS by Mrs. Barry at her own cost." Inscribed: "For Peggy of the Flint Hills / from Frances Barry / who comes from Bern Ks. / (see page 29)." Tipped-in photograph is captioned: "Our Mildred Joyce at 10." 811.54 B279b

Bell, Eleanor. Flights Through Inner Space... Topeka, Kan.: Bob Woodley Memorial Press, 1980. Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.54 B413f

Bill, Edward Elijah. Poems of the Plains and the Prairies. New York: Exposition Press, 1948. Inscribed: "To Peggy of the Flint Hills from Edw E. Bill 3/24/48." 811.5 B493p

Bird, Paige Weaver. Pages. Ill. Ella Park. Tulsa, Okla.: Ena Press, 1981. "Pages... is published in a limited edition of three hundred copies. This is number 204." Inscribed: "From Jane / Mar. 2, 1982 / For Peggy Greene." 811.54 B532p

Brown, Forman. Small Wonder: The Story of the Yale Puppeteers and the Turnabout Theatre, with a foreword by Ray Bradbury. Metuchen, N. J., and London: Scarecrow Press, 1980. Inscribed: "For Peggy, / Forman Brown / Roddy [Richard Brandon] / Harry [Burnett] / May 14, 1981." 791.53 B813s

Burres, Floyd. Let the Chips Fall. [Topeka, Kan.: The Floyd Burres Printing Service, 1966.] 811.52 B941l

Burton, Thomas E., and Grace D. Chamade. [Topeka, Kan.: Printed for the authors by the Paul Pinet Printing Company], 1954. 811.52 B9564c

Carter, Lillian, and Gloria Carter Spann. Away from Home: Letters to My Family. [New York]: Warner Books, [1978]. Signed: "Miss Lillian" and "Gloria Spann." 954.040924 C246a

Chapman, Frances Clausen. Grandmother's House. Ill. Robert Alden Rubin. [Chapel Hill, N.C.]: Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill, 1987. 813.54 C366g

Clugston, W. G. Animal Crackers: A Play in Three Acts. Boston: Four Seas Company, [1925]. Signed: "Zula Greene." 812.52 C627a

_______. Politics in Kansas: A 4-Act Farce. Topeka, Kan.: The Helm Press, [1945]. 812.52 C627p

A Compilation of Poems. Sedgwick, Kan.: [Division of Literature, Kansas Federation of Women's Clubs, 1939]. "For the second year Dr. [Earle R.] Davis has judged the poems for the State Poet Laureate Contest." 811.5208 C738

Cooper, Kathryn Croan. Chained to a Memory. [Kincaid, Kan.]: Privately Printed for the Author, 1972. Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.54 C786c

_______. Hooterville Party Line. Iola, Kan.: Printed for the Author by the Central Publishing Company, 1971. Signed: "Zula Greene." 811.54 C786h

_______. Kissin' Cousins. Iola, Kan.: Central Publishing Company, 1973. Inscribed: "Excuse printers mistakes and dark pictures. We are all white but it was the 1st book for this printer." 811.54 C786k

_______. Yesterday's Rainbow. [Arcanum, Ohio: Lew Williams Printing], 1973. Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.54 C786y

Covey, Basil R. School's Out! Reflections of a Kansas Teacher, 1987. Topeka, Kan.: Printed for the author by Jostens, 1987. Inscribed: "To Peggy Greene / 1987 / Basil Covey." 370.9781 C838s

Crahan, Ann, and Dorothy Harvey, eds. Heart Songs: Poems from Capper's Weekly. Topeka, Kan.: Capper's Books, [1986]. 811.5408 H3512

Cutler, Bruce. A Voyage to America and Other Places. Ill. Cecil Howard. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, [1967]. Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.54 C973vo

Daniels, Goldie Piper. Rural Schools and Schoolhouses of Douglas County Kansas. [Baldwin, Kan.: The Author, 1975]. Inscribed: "For Peggy Greene." In ZBG's hand: "Address of author / 1525 Vermont / Lawrence, Kans. 66044." 372.10421 P661r

Davenport, Mariana B. Storm and Stars. Portland, Me.: House of Falmouth, Inc., [1963]. Inscribed: "To Mrs. Peggy Greene / With Very Best Wishes / Lieuween and Hamilton Chase / 4-4-64." 811.54 D247s

Davis, Mable Eighmy. Little Miss Blunderbus: The Autobiography of Susie Q from Three to Twelve Years Old. Norton, Kan.: Printed for author by the Wilson Carter Printers, 1961. Inscribed: "Complimentary to / Peggy of Flint Hills" and signed on title page. In the hand of ZBG: "109 S. Norton, Norton, Kans." 978.103 D295Bd

Dawson, Bertha Howard. Looking Back. Eskridge, Kan.: [The Author], 1978. Signed by author on dedication page. 978.1163 D323Bd

Dobie, J. Frank. The Mustangs. Ill. Charles Banks Wilson. Boston: Little, Brown and Company, [1952]. Inscribed: "Dear Peggy Greene-- / You are better than any horse / I have put in a book / or seen out of one-- / Frank Dobie / Austin, Txs / July 5, 1955 / (Just back from Kansas)." Also inscribed: "To my Friend, / Peggy / Aug 1, 1955 Everett Rich." 636.168 D653m

Donaldson, Bess Allen. Prairie Girl: Memoirs of the Midwest. Galesburg, Ill.: Mother Bickerdyke Historical Collection, 1971. 978.151 D714Bd

Doster, Irma, ed. Freedom Has a Happy Ring: A Kansas Bulletin for Kansas Schools. Topeka, Kan.: Printed by Burge Print Company, 1960. Inscribed: "To / Peggy in appreciation / Irma Doster." 323 D742f

Dotson, Carrol Baker. The Reporter's Handbook: The Texts and Reference Manual of a Training Course in Practical Newspaper Writing, Employing the Copy Desk Method. New York: Newspaper Institute of America, [1926]. 070.407 D742r

Dunraven, Earl of. Ill. Valentine W. Bromley. The Great Divide: Travels in the Upper Yellowstone in the Summer of 1874. Lincoln, Neb.: University of Nebraska Press, [1967]. With extensive marking by ZBG throughout text. 917.8752042 D923g

[Edson, Charles Leroy]. "The Great American Ass": An Autobiography. New York: Brentano's, [1926]. Signed: "C L Edson." 818.52 Ed76Be

Emery, Katharine Keyes. On Our Street. [No publication data given], 1969. Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.54 Em36o

Eresch, Josie. Elegant Amusement: Block Prints and Sketches by the Author. Half title: Flower Arrangement in Japan, an Elegant Amusement. [Beloit, Kan.: Printed for the author by the Gazette Press, 1937.] Inscribed: "For / Peggy of the Flint Hills--To / recall the visit to Beloit-- / Aug 15, 1940--Josie Eresch / In profound admiration, my deepest bow / and all good wishes! J." 745.92252 Er35e

Ferber, Edna. Giant. Garden City, N. Y.: Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1952. Signed: "Zula Greene." 813.52 F373g

Fish, Walter Ervin. Golden Rays of Truth and Beauty. New York: The Pyramid Press, Publishers, [1941]. Inscribed: "Walter Ervin Fish / to / Zula Bennington Greene." 811.52 F526g

Fisher, Harry W. Reflections of a Jayhawk Lawyer. Fort Scott, Kan.: Sekan Printing Co., 1983. With markings throughout by ZBG. 340 F533Bf c.2

Fleming, Roscoe. The Man Who Reached the Moon: And Other Poems, Including "Kansas," A Saga of Our Forefathers. [Denver, Colo.: Golden Bell Press, 1957.] Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.52 F629m

Galt, Charles A. Terse Verse. Capsule Quatrains: Judge not a man's wisdom and power to think by the length of his speech or consumption of ink. Junction City, Kan.: Printed for the author by Republic Print, 1943. Signed: "Chas A. Galt." 811.52 G139t

_______. The Bystander Birthday Book: Selections from the Bystander. Junction City, Kan.: Republic Print, 1943. Signed: "Charles A. Galt." 818.52 G139b

Galvani, William, comp. Rolla Clymer: Poet of the Flint Hills. El Dorado, Kan.: Butler County Historical Society, 1984. 070.4 C639Br

Garrett, Diane Goff. A Mother's Prayer. [No publication data given.] Inscribed: "To / Miss Greene, / For her interest / and kind words / in this my first / book. / Sincerely, / Dianne Goff Garrett / 12-3-71." Annotated by ZBG: "Mrs. Michael Garrett / 7717 W. 60th Terrace / Overland Park, Kans. 66202." 811.54 G192m

Gayman, Esther Palm. Tock sa Mecka: (A Phonetic Spelling of Swedish Words Meaning "Thank You"): Swedish Pioneer Life on the Prairie, Experienced by the Palm Family. Ill. Barbara Ann Burns. Galesburg, Ill.: Log City Books, 1978. 977.349 G256t

Glenn, Andrea, ed. Kansas in Color: Photographs Selected by Kansas! Magazine. Lawrence, Kan.: Published for the Kansas Department of Economic Development by the University Press of Kansas, [1982]. With an introduction by Zula Bennington Greene. Inscribed: "To Peggy / Thanks for your / Kansas intro-- / Governor John Carlin / 10-11-82"; "Peggy-- / Your contribution to this / book will be treasured for / years by Kansans. Thank you / for your part in the book's / success and for your friendship. / Andrea Glenn / 12-22-82." 978.1 K133 c.2

Goodman, Sula Saltsman. Precious Jewels: Sula's Story of Her Father, Thomas Francis Saltsman, 1873-1958. [Oklahoma City: The Author, 1958]. 976.674 Sa37Bg

Grace Cathedral. [Topeka, Kan.: The Book Committee, Grace Cathedral], 1976. Signed: "Peggy Greene." 726.6509781 G753

Greene, Zula Bennington. Skimming the Cream: Fifty Years with Peggy of the Flint Hills. [Topeka, Kan.]: Baranski Publishing Company, [1983]. Perspectives: Library News Bulletin (Mar. 1964) laid in, containing "An Indian Version of the 23rd Psalm," an article by Peggy of the Flint Hills.

Hafer, Vera Hamill. As I Remember: 1903-1973. [North Newton, Kan.: Mennonite Press, 1973]. Inscribed: "To Peggy Greene this complimentary / copy with best wishes for pleasant / reading! / Vera H. Hafer / Wesley Towers / Hutchinson, Ks. 67501." Signed on front cover: "Peggy Greene." 929.2 H178h

_______. My Husband, Frank, 1884-1960. [North Newton, Kan.: Mennonite Press, 1976.] Inscribed: "To Peggy of the Flint Hills, with / Best Wishes / Vera H. Hafer." 929.20973 H119m

_______. Stories & Verse. [Hutchinson, Kan.: Mennonite Press, 1974]. Inscribed: "To Peggy of the Flint Hills, / with / Best Wishes, / Vera H. Hafer." 813.54 H119s

Haggart, Virginia, and Dorothy Harvey, comps. and eds. My Folks Claimed the Plains: A Treasury of Homestead Stories from the Readers of Capper's Weekly, Presented as a Sequel to "My Folks Came in a Covered Wagon." Topeka, Kan.: [Capper's Books], 1978. 978.02 M993

Harris, Jack. Busman's Holiday. [Hutchinson, Kan.: Author, 1939]. 942.084 H242b

Haywood, C. Robert. The Preacher's Kid. Topeka, Kan.: Woodley Memorial Press, [1985]. 813.54 H336p

Heat Moon, William Least. Blue Highways: A Journey into America. Boston and Toronto: Little, Brown and Company, [1982]. Inscribed: "For my friend and / colleague Zula / Bennington Greene, who / is teaching me about / the Flint Hills, I wish / you good cheer. / William Least Heatmoon / Topeka, 1984." 917.304927 H351b

Hobbs, Mary Deborah King. Pot-Luck: Odds and Ends of Light Verse for a Light Moment from a Light Mind. [Appalachia, Va.: Young Publications, 1965.] In ZBG writing: "Box 215, Abilene, Kans." 811.54 H653p

Hodge, L. Cady. Poems. [No publication data given.] Signed: "Peggy Greene." 811.54 H663p

Hogoboom, John B. The Long Line Kansas Skinner. [Columbus, Kan.: Printed for the author by Ward Printing Service, 1986.] With tipped-in typed letter of Brian Beattie, library director of the Bradford Memorial Library, El Dorado, Kan., re the author. 636.15 H679Bh

Hunt, Elvid. History of Fort Leavenworth, 1827-1937. 2nd ed. Fort Leavenworth, Kan.: The Command and General Staff School Press, 1937. Signed: "Peggy Greene / Dec. 30, 1943." 355.7097813 H911h

Hunt, Gertrude Lyle, ed. Radiant Days. Los Angeles, Cal.: DeVorss & Co., [1952]. Signed: "Zula Greene"; "Faithfully, / Gertrude Lyle Hunt." 820.82 H912r

Imes, Grace Apiz. I Paint with Words, with Notes by the Author. [No publication data available.] Name on cover: Grace Apitz Imes. 811.52 Im2i c.1, c.2

Jackman, Marguerite. The Story of the Kansas Kitty. Ill. Milruth Unruh Busby. [Hutchinson, Kan.: Armour-Brown], 1961. On front free end sheet: "Professional Comments," by Peggy Greene. 813.54 J131s

Jackson, Lydia M. Wild Rose Petals. Topeka, Kan.: The Geo. W. Crane Publishing Company, 1889. Inscribed: "To Bessie Shufflebothom / by Mr Jackson / 200 Jefferson St / Topeka Kans." In ZBG writing: "now Peggy Greene's book." 811.4 J135w

Jones, Paul A. Coronado and Quivira. [Lyons Kans.: The Lyons Publishing Company, 1937]. Inscribed: "For my good friend, / Peggy of the Flint Hills / Paul Jones / March 20, 1940." 978.1 J723c

Kansas Pioneers. Topeka, Kan.: Topeka Genealogical Society, 1976. 978.102 K133

Krammes, Hanna Moore. Interludes. [Lawrence, Kan.: The Allen Press], 1953. Inscribed: "Sincerely Hanna Moore Krammes." 811.52 K861i

Laman, Russell. Manifest Destiny. Chicago: Henry Regnery Company, 1963. Inscribed: "For Peggy with best wishes / Russell Laman." 813.54 L161m

Lape, Fred. Along the Schoharie. [Esperance, N. Y.: George Landis Arboretum, 1968.] Signed: "Fred Lape." 811.52 L312a

Laverty, Ada Sage. Youthful Lyrics of the 1920's. [Alma, Kan.: Printed for the Author by H. M. Ives & Sons, 1981]. 811.54 L389y

Lee, Mary, comp. A Quotation a Day. "Presented by your county superintendent, W. E. Lee, for the purpose of providing something new and different for each school day." [Smith Center, Kan.: Printed for W. E. Lee by the Review Printers, n.d.] 808.882 Q574

Leonard, George, Gladys Wendt, Cleo Herpich, Mildred Potts, Lucille Granzow, Mildred Westrup, and Laura Schumacher, eds. Clarks Creek Township. Abilene, Kan.: R & D Printers, 1980. Mailing label from Mrs. Leo Schumacher, Route 2, Herington, KS 67440, affixed to title page: "To / Mrs. Willard Greene / 1205 Mulvane / Topeka, Kansas 66604." 978.158 C56

Lerrigo, Charles Henry. A Son of John Brown. Ill. Orson Lowell. New York: Thomas Nelson and Sons, 1937. Inscribed: "To Flint Hills Peggy / from the author / Nov/37 / Charles H. Lerrigo." 813.52 L562s

Lewis, George, and Joan Lewis. Ill. James R. Hamil. Rolling in the Isles. Ill. James R. Hamil. Lawrence, Kan.: The Allen Press, [1957]. Inscribed: "August, 1957 / Presented with very best wishes / from the authors-- / George and Joan Lewis." 914.2 L586r

Lockard, Ray W. The Homesteader and Other Poems. [No publication data given.] Signed: "Ray W. Lockard"; "Peggy Greene." 811.54 L789h

Lowry, Leon E. The Northwest Route. [No publisher stated, 1972]. Inscribed: "To Peggy of the Flint Hills from Leon Lowry." 385.09781 L955n

Lyons, Richard. One Squeaking Straw: Eclogues. Fargo, N. D.: The North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, [1958]. Signed: "Zula Greene." 811.54 L995o

Mathews, Mabel Butterfield. Anneta: A Christmas Story. [Topeka, Kan.: School of Psychology Press, no date]. 813.52 M424a

May, Edgar. The Wasted Americans: Cost of Our Welfare Dilemma. New York: Harper & Row, [1964]. Inscribed: "To Peggy-- / With my very best wishes, / Edgar May." 361.6 M452w

Mayer, Jane Smith. Lest We Forget. Cover title: Greetings: 1963. Salina, Kan.: Author, [1963]. Holograph corrections by author. Inscribed: "I am sending this now--before I have / time to 'dwell upon the consequences before / I act.' (Joseph Conrad)--There were mistakes / omissions and misplacements as you see- - / but your letter raised my morale again / for which I am deeply grateful." Signed: "Jane Smith Mayer." Annotated by ZBG: "415 W. South / Salina, Kansas." 811.54 M542l

McAleer, John. Rex Stout: A Biography. Boston and Toronto: Little, Brown and Company, [1977]. Signed: "Zula Greene." 813.52 St76Bm

McCargish, Ed. Odes and Poems by a Hard Rock Miner. [Creede, Colo.: Author, 1948.] Signed: "Zula Greene." 811.54 M126o

McCarter, Margaret Hill. Cuddy: And Some Other Folks. [Topeka, Kan.: Crane & Co.], 1902. Inscribed: "To Lois from Grace. / Christmas 1902." 813.52 M127cs.

_______. Cuddy's Baby. Ill. J. Allen St. John. Chicago: A. C. McClurg, 1917. 813.52 M127cud

_______. The Cottonwood's Story. Ill. Lydia Wehe Crambill. Topeka, Kan.: Crane & Company, 1907. Inscribed: "A Merry Christmas / To mama"; "Presented [to the Kansas Collection of Pittsburg State University] by / Zula B. Greene / Dec. 1969." 813.52 M127cot

McDermed, Bill, ed. Meriden, Kansas, Centennial: 1872-1972. [Meriden, Kan.: Jefferson County Historical Society], 1972. 978.137 M543

McVey, Jim. Pioneering in the West, ed. Eugene Patterson. Ill. Dorothy Hocker. [Hill City, Kan.: The Author, 1973.] Signed: "Jim McVey." 978.1163 M253p

Mechem, Kirke. John Brown: A Play in Three Acts. Manhattan, Kan.: The Kansas Magazine, Kansas State College, [1939]. Inscribed: To Mr & Mrs Willard Greene / from their friend / W. P. Lambertson"; "For / 'Peggy of the Flint Hills,' / one of my favorite / authors, with best / wishes / Kirke Mechem / 12/3/39." 812.52 M465j

Menninger, Karl. Whatever Became of Sin? New York: Hawthorn Books, [1973]. Inscribed; "for / Peggy Greene / from her fellow Kansan citizen, ex- / fellow Thespian, fellow / Democrat, fellow lots / of things, including / a little writin' & such-- / Karl Menninger MD." 241.3 M527w

Neibarger, Walt. Footprints in Kansas: Delaware Narrative--Addendum: A Supplement of Delaware History Affecting the Original Bicentennial Account Entitled "Tonganoxie and the Last of the Delawares in Kansas," with 23 additional pages of History. Tonganoxie, Kans.: Legal Printing Company, 1977. Inscribed: "Complimentary Copy / Walt Neibarger." 978.138 T613Bn

Neihardt, John G. When the Tree Flowered: An Authentic Tale of the Old Sioux World. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1951. Inscribed: "Kindest thoughts and / good wishes for / John E. King / from a grateful / friend, / John Neihardt / Emporia, 7-1-55"; "Endorsed to / Peggy Greene / who can write / good as well as / well, I'm finding / John E. King." 813.52 N316w c. 2

Newman, Steven M. Letters from Steven: Stories from the First Solo Walk Around the World. Topeka, Kan.: Capper's Books, [1987]. Inscribed: "1/14/88 / Bethel, Ohio / To Zula Bennington Greene / 'Peggy of the Flinthills', / You are an amazing / lady, who serves to remind / all us young folk that the / human spirit is as tough as a nail / and yet as soft as a flower / at the very same time. / We who would think that / life is something ordinary should / try wearing your shoes for a while. / Thanks for always making room / for me on your typewriter. / Love, / Steven M. Newman / 'The Worldwalker'." 910.41 N468l

Nusbaum, Willene Hinson. These I Love. Dansbury, Conn.: T.N.P.C, 1967. Inscribed: "To Peggy-- / whose friendship / and encouragement / have been such a blessing-- / Willene." 811.54 N941t

Owen, Jennie Small. "Kansas Folks Worth Knowing: Zula Bennington Greene, Peggy of the Flint Hills," Kansas Teacher and Western School Journal 47.1 (Apr. 1938): 36-38. 818.52 G836Bo

Paul Adams Memorial Index of Bulletins, December 1956-December 1962, The. Topeka, Kan.: Shawnee County Historical Society, 1963. Includes reference to Mrs. Greene's article, "Bishop William Alfred Quayle" (Dec. 1958). 016.9781 P281

Paulsen, Lois. Sonnets To My Son. [Denver]: Big Mountain Press, 1963. Signed: "Zula Greene." 811.54 P285s

Peacock, Thomas Bower. The Rhyme of the Border War: A Historical Poem of the Kansas-Missouri Guerrilla War before and during the Late Rebellion, the Principal Character Being the Famous Guerrilla, Charles William Quantrell. New York: G. W. Carleton & Co., 1880. 811.49 P313r

Peden, Rachel. Rural Free: A Farmwife's Almanac of Country Living. Ill. Sidonie Coryn. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1961. Signed: "Zula Greene." 630.1 P341r

Plymell, Charles. Rod McKuen reads In Memory of my Father. [Silver Springs, MD.]: Cherry Valley Editions, [1977]. Audio record in leaflet at back of book. Typed letter tipped to front end paper: "Dear 'Peggy of the Flint Hills': / We thought you might enjoy this poem about a / fellow Kansan. / Thank you for your consideration. / Sincerely, / [signed] / Pamela Beach Plymell." Annotated by ZBG: "Ans." 811.54 P749i

Poems for the Desert by the Members of the Eighth Army. New York and London: Harper & Brothers, [1944]. Foreword by General Sir Bernard Montgomery. Signed: "Peggy Greene." 821.91208 P7518

Reicherter, Emma Cones. A History of Silver Lake, Kansas. [Topeka, Kan.: Printed for the author by the Topeka Printing Co., 1910.] Signed: "Emma Cones Reicherter." Annotated by ZBG: "1910." 978.163 R271h

Reiter, Lora D. From the North Slope of the Solomon: A Collection of Essays and Poems, comp. and ed. L. K. Reiter. [Simpson, Kan.]: Coronado Press, 1967. Inscribed: "For Peggy / whose column I have read / and enjoyed for many years- - / With affection-- / Lora D. Reiter" and also: "Simpson, Kans." 818.54 R278f

Ripley, John W., Robert W. Richmond, and Mary Ritchie Jarboe, eds. Town Hall Tonight: A Pictorial History of Topeka's Theaters. Topeka Kan.: Shawnee County Historical Society and the Arts Center of Topeka, 1988. Dedicated to Zula Bennington Greene with photograph by Carol Neff, Barton Photography, p. [vii]. 728.82 T66

Robinson, May Griffee. Immortal Dream Dust: A Story of Pioneer Life on a Kansas Homestead. Kansas City, Mo.: Burton Publishing Company, [1931]. Inscribed: "To-- / Peggy of the Flint Hills / from / Peggy of the prairies / Lyons, Kansas. / Jan. 18, 1935." 813.52 R564i

Rogers, Charles B. The Great West Illustrated. [Ellsworth Kan.: Rogers House Museum-Gallery, 1973]. Inscribed: "To my friend Peggy Greene / 1973 / Charles B. Rogers." 759.13 R631g

Rose, O. J. Just Ridin' 'Round Stories: In the Land of Cotton, Cattle and Oil. Lyndon, Kan.: [Author, 1936]. 818.52 R72ju

Russell, Ethel Green. Lantern in the Wind. Dallas, Tex.: The Kaleidograph Press, [1942]. Singed: "Ethel Green Russell." 811.52 R912l

Schwarz, C. H. A. Charles Gottfried Schwarz and the Dutch Wind Mill of Reamsville. [Topeka, Kan.]: Published by the author for the Historical Society of Smith County, Kansas, 1962. Signed by the author and Peggy Greene. 978.1213 Sch96Bs

Shuart, Avis E. Honey Tea Poems. [Topeka, Kan.: Author, 1980.] Inscribed: "'Earth is crammed with Heaven, / and every common Bush is afire with god. / But only he who sees takes off his shoes.' / Elizabeth Barrett Browning-- / Avis Shuart / 1980 / Blessings--." Inscribed by Zula Bennington Greene: "Avis gave it to me Jan. 11, 1984" and "Born Nov. 18, 1888." 811.54 Sh91h

Siegele, H. H. The First Leaves. Boston: Chapman & Grimes, [1948]. Signed: "H. H. Siegele"; "Zula Greene." 811.52 Si15f

_______. Off the Chest. Boston: Bruce Humphries Publishers, [1965]. Signed: "H. H. Siegele" on front free end sheet. 818.52 Si15o

_______. The Wailing Place. Boston: Chapman & Grimes, Inc., [1951]. Signed: "H. H. Siegele" and by ZBG: "Peggy Greene" on the front free end paper. 816.52 Si15w

Simpson, Lawrence R. Brother Sam: A Biographical-Historical Novel. Santa Barbara: The Fithian Press, 1988. Inscribed: "To Mrs. Zula B. Green, with much / appreciation and best wishes. / Lawrence R. Simpson." 813.54 Si58b

Snow, Florence L. Sincerely Yours. Muscatine, Iowa: Prairie Press, 1937. "Three hundred copies have been printed and the type distributed. All copies are signed by the author." Inscribed: "For Peggy's collection of Kansiana, / some lines from a Lawrence / writer. / --Jane / December 1938." Also inscribed: "And now this 'Kansas writer' / has found your Jane, and You. / 'See the flash of scarlet, / red-bird flaming by!' / November, 1944. F.L.S." With review by E. E. Kelley tipped onto front pasted down end paper. 811.52 Sn61s

Steck-Stanley, Marian. Sod-Breaker. [Salina, Kan.: Printed for the author by Paul A. Kuhn Printing Co., 1949.] Signed: "Marian Steck-Stanley." 811.52 St31s

Steinmetz, Bob. More Sun in the Funshine. [Boynton Beach, Fla.: Futura Printing, Inc., 1979.] Inscribed: "Best regards-- / Bob Steinmetz / 1/7/80." 814.54 St36m

Strate, David Kay. Sentinel to the Cimarron: The Frontier Experience of Fort Dodge, Kansas. Dodge City, Kan.: Cultural Heritage and Arts Center, [1970]. 978.1761 St82s

Stuart, Jesse. The Life of Jesse Stuart. Cover title: The Year of My Rebirth. [Ashland, Ky.: Economy Printers, 1958]. Inscribed: "To Peggy Greene / with greeting's and / all good wishes-- / Jessie Stuart / Nov. 19, 1958 / Greenup, Ky." 818.52 St92Bs2

Sullivan, Chester, ed. Volunteer Periwinkles: A Collection of Stories. Lawrence, Kan.: Lantana Press, [1976]. Inscribed: "For Peggy Greene / With Best Wishes, / Tom Averill / Jan '77." 813.508 V889

Sullivan, Patricia. From the Prairie. Ill. Stephanie Scott. San Francisco: Printed for the author by Oceanprint, 1985. Inscribed: "1/1/86 / Dear Peggy, / Special thanks to a very special / person and a great influence. / Love, / Patti." Annotated by ZBG: "412 Laurel / San Francisco, Ca. / 94118." 811.54 Su55f

_______. Honeysuckles at Five: A First Volume of Poetry. Atchison, Kan.: Benedictine College, 1980. Inscribed: "For Peggy." No. 7 of 50 copies. 811.54

Su55h Swenson, J. H. Poems. Cover title: The Sculptor Wind and Homeward Bound. [Jamestown, Kan.: Author, n.d.] Inscribed: "Compliments of J. H. Swenson." 811.52 Sw42p

Territorial Days: A Story of Historic Lecompton, Kansas. Rev. ed. [Lecompton, Kan.: Lecompton Historical Society, 1980]. 978.137 T278

Tucker, Dorothy. Verse. Dexter, Mo.: Candor Press, 1951. Inscribed: "Best wishes, always! / Dorothy Tucker." 811.54 T795v

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