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The Count, circa. 1779
A bust of The Count as he appeared in 1779.

If you would like to read a luncheon address dealing with a new approach to Archetypes, with wide applications for both film theory and contemporary literature, read: "Re-Vamping Bram Stoker's Dracula"
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This is the cover design for Drakulya.

DRAKULYA book cover

If you would like to read a series of recent reviews of Drakulya : the Lost Journal of Mircea Drakulya, Lord of the Undead, go to: Reviews of DRAKULYA

If you would like to look at a bibliography of articles on Censorship and Libraries, Freethought and the Religious Right, Libraries and Automation, or other Civil Liberties issues, go to: Articles

To read about Kathy DeGrave's new book Swindler, Spy, Rebel: The Confidence Woman in 19th Century America, go to: Kathy De Grave Faculty Author page.

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