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> Adapted from "Vampires in Print," _The Vampire's Crypt_
> No. 11 (Spring 1995, slated for March 1995 publication)
> Review by Cathy Krusberg
> Earl W. Lee.  _Drakulya: The Lost Journal of Mircea
> Drakulya, Lord of the Undead_.  Tucson, Ariz.: See Sharp
> Press, 1994; hardcover $21.95, ISBN 1-884365-01-9; paperback
> $10.95, ISBN 1-884365-02-7.
> _Drakulya_ purports to give background to Bram Stoker's
> novel as we know it and to present the true version of the
> highly edited falsehoods that Stoker published.  Revision
> of _Dracula_ has been a fad for some time (I still think
> Saberhagen did it best in _The Dracula Tape_), and I don't
> mind seeing another face on the bandwagon.  If the creature
> we know as Dracula was not in fact Vlad but his brother
> Mircea; if vampires are tied to snake-worship; if there was
> more, and worse, to Van Helsing and Renfield than Stoker
> even hints at: well, I'm prepared to read a good yarn....
> Many journal entries that were
> originally the writing of John Seward have become the words
> of Mina Harker, who is virtually Von Helsing's right arm.
> And that's Von, not Van; Joachim Heinrich Von Helsing, now a
> scientist ready to dabble in a disease that yields
> resistance to all other diseases, that will halt or even
> reverse the aging process.  Jonathan Harker has become more
> than himself through the less than kind offices of his
> Transylvanian host.  And Dracula is given a voice with which
> he addresses readers as a creature at once more benevolent
> and more menacing than Stoker's creation....
> Earl Lee spent twenty years working on this novel and
> collecting quotes to tie into vampirism, quotes on topics as
> diverse as King Arthur, Moby Dick, and St. George. 
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> review from -The Midnight Drive- (p.o. box 1392, Mechanicsburg, PA
> 17055-1392)
> Drakulya - by Earl Lee - See Sharp Press PO Box 1731 Tucson AZ
> 85702-1731 - $10.95
> Highly literate vampire novel based on Bram Stoker's Dracula.  The
> primary narrator is the Count, but the notebooks and diaries of the
> other characters give the narrative a kaleidoscope-like quality, and
> are intricately woven in this rich tapestry of the Vampyre....  Well
> written in understandable prose.  A must for any Vampyre enthusiast.
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>  from -The Unicorn- (p.o. box 0691, Kirkland, WA 98083-0691) vol.XVIII
>  #3, Feb. 1995.
> Drakulya, Earl Lee, See Sharp Press, 224 pp., $10.95
>         Working within the framework of Bram Stoker's classic, this is
> a fascinating approach and interpretation of vampire myths.  Although
> the 'Ann Rice' approach has stirred many folks' imagination and sold
> infinite pages, I prefer the manner in which Lee has explored the
> topic.  Drakulya is a genuine, classic approach.  There are universal
> qualities which link the tale to all threads of civilization's
> evolution and I felt as if this book restores the soul-wrenching
> emotions found in the classical black-and-white movie versions in
> contrast to the richly-coloured but modernized approach of Rice.  I
> know that some of you are fans of vampire literature.  You will want
> this book....
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>  from The Topeka Capital-Journal, Sunday, December 25, 1994 3-D
>  'Drakulya': Vampire for the literate. (Book Review)
> "Drakulya, by Earl Lee, See Sharp Press, Tucson: AZ, 213 pages.
> Softcover $10.95 ISBN 1-884365-02-7.
>         "There is popular fiction, and then there is literature.  Anne
> Rice is popular fiction.  Earl Lee's "Drakulya" is literature.  This is
> a book to be read slowly, savoured - not wolfed down like a McDonald's
> Quarter Pounder.  It requires the reader to use brain cells, and
> achieves its own chilling horror without spurting arteries and oceans
> of blood.... Lee, 40, a cataloger/collection development librarian at
> Pittsburg State University, said he has been interested in vampires for
> years....  Lee calls the book, his first, 'kind of an intellectual
> Chinese fingertrap.'"
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>_Drakulya_ by Earl Lee, and as I hinted
> earlier, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Now I should note that it will not be
> everyone's "cup of tea/blood/whatever". It is a somewhat demanding read,
> with its intertextuality and its combining of sections from Stoker's
> novel (heavily edited) with fresh material. Stoker "purists" might object
> to the somewhat wild liberties that Lee takes with _Dracula_ : for
> example, it is Renfield who kills the sailors on the "Demeter", and those
> boxes were not just for transporting native soil! There are even bigger
> alterations, but I don't want to spoil the story for others.
> I do admit that the story line does get a bit confusing at a couple of
> points. But on the whole, I found it a good book (for me, anyway). I
> like a broad spectrum of vampire novels, not only the so-called
> "intellectual" ones. And I wold certainly not want a steady diet of books
> such as this one. But if you want something challenging, as a break from
> the more predictable type of novel, then this one is worth checking out.
> Bloofer
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> Dear Creatures,
> _Drakulya_, by our own Earl Lee, is indeed a challenging read, but I
> think it's worth the effort.  As I read the book, I found that the
> point of the quotes and the text often eluded me, but just barely.
> It was rather like those moving shadows you sometimes glimpse from the
> corner of your eye, but no matter how quickly you turn your head you
> can't see the source of the shadow.  I always felt like I *almost* knew
> what was happening.  However, by the end of the book I believe I
> actually *had* figured it all out, and it raised some very interesting
> possibilities.  In a way the book is reminiscent of a Magic Eye
> puzzle.  You have to stare at it a while, but eventually you'll be
> able to see the picture within.
> Hemogoblin
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>  _Drakulya_ by Earl Lee
>  Review by Mark Williams in "Omega: the Final Word in Science Fiction,
>  Fantasy, and Horror" March 1995, vol.1, no.3
> "_Drakulya_ is a truly fresh look at the Dracula mythos with a new
> twist.  This novel is told as a narrative from the "Count's lost
> journal" and contains excerpts from letters, diaries, and notebooks
> from the other characters.  I found this novel very different from what
> I expected.  As with Marie Kiraly's _Mina_, this novel takes a new look
> at the whole Dracula tale and retells it with information that makes it
> very interesting and a more complete story than Stoker's _Dracula_.  I
> would recommend that anyone who likes good horror or would like to know
> "more of the story" about Dracula get a hold of this novel....
>     See Sharp Press, PO Box 1731, Tucson AZ 85702-1731
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