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A Spot of Weather at the Portland Bill Lighthouse in the United Kingdom


sunSo finally and controversially - tomorrow's weather forecast. It's a veritable smorgasbord. Sun. Rain. Thunder. Hail. Snow. Cold. Wind. Not worth going to work really." -- Jeremy Paxman, BBC Newsnight's Weather Forecast

It's not the weather I am worried about. It's the cold inside my heart. -- Attributed to a survivor of the Twin Towers Disaster, as reported on NBC, October 2001

Let a smile be your umbrella, and you'll end up with a face full of rain. -- George Carlin

There is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.-- Lord Avebury

The other day in Kilmarnock, it was blustery, rainy day, cold. Two men passed one another. One said, "Weather!" and the other replied, "Yes!" --David W. McFadden, An Innocent in Scotland

Oh the weather's cold outside outside,
But we're all snug in here,
With thee an' me, good company,
An' lots o' barley beer!

Oh the snow comes down outside outside,
An' winter winds do moan,
But sit us by a roarin' fire,
An' you'll not hear one groan!

Oh the night is dark outside outside,
But the soup is good an' hot,
Good food, fine friends an' happy hearts,
I'd say we've got the lot!
-- Old Twoola, from Brian Jacques' "The Legend of Luke"

Whether the weather be hot, or whether the weather be not, the world will still sorely enjoy a sorbet... -- BBC Food Newsletter, July 19, 2007

The sky, ice blue through the encroaching willows and cottonwoods, flares up, a brief rose, before collapsing to indigo. -- Richard Powers, Echo Maker

Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas Weather Sites

Emergency Email.Org Weather Radar
Weather Channel for Pittsburg, KS
KOAM TV7 Pittsburg
KOTV Tulsa
WDAF TV4 Kansas City
NWS Doppler Radar Images
Disaster Center Index Page
NWS Kansas City Missouri
NWS Springfield Missouri
NWS Tulsa Oklahoma
NWS Wichita Kansas
Weather Underground Tulsa-Inola Nexrad Radar Map
Weather Underground US Nexrad Radar Stations

UK Weather Sites

BBC Online Weather Centre
Met Office Weather (UK)
Royal Meteorological Society
Tornado and Storm Research Organisation

World Weather Sites

Australia Bureau of Meteorology
Meteorological Service of Canada (MSC)
RTE Online : Ireland Weather
World Meteorological Organization
Weather Forecasts at Airlines of the Web
Weather Network of Canada
Weather Environment Canada

The History of Weather

50th Anniversary of the First Successful Tornado Forecast
Introduction to Weather and Climate
NOAA's Top Global Weather, Water, and Climate Events of the 20th Century

raincloud gifNSSL and NOAA Sites

Aviation Weather Center
Celsius Fahrenheit Conversion Table
Centers for Environmental Information
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
National Severe Storms Laboratory
NWS Forecast Office (Norman, OK)
Storm Prediction Center

another storm cloud gifWeather Books, Magazines, and Maps

Braving the Elements
Perry-Castaneda Library Map Collection, Weather Map Sites
Weatherwise Magazine

a sun and cloud gifOther Sites

NCAR Societal Impacts Program National Weather Association
UIUC Department of Atmospheric Sciences
Unisys Weather
University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology
University of Maryland MeteorologyUniversity of Maryland Turtle
Weather Underground
NOAA Central Library
Weather One (UIUC)
Weather Interactives">

Clouds, Contrails, Wind, Rainbows, Snow Crystals on the Net

Cloud Appreciation Society
NASA Langley Atmospheric Sciences Data Center
Noctilucent Cloud Observers' Homepage
Plymouth State Cloud Boutique
Snow Crystals
UIUC Cloud Catalog

Atmospheric/Other Sciences

Aurora Page
Earthquake Hazards Program (USGS)
GRIN : Great Images of Nasa
Volcano World (Oregon State)
International Space Station

To see a Q Nova, courtesy NASA,
Astronomy Picture of tthe Day for 2000 April 14

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