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Words are the daughters of earth, and things are the sons of heaven. -- Samuel Johnson (paraphrasing Samuel Madden), A Dictionary of the English Language (1755)

It is better to read a little and ponder a lot than to read a lot and ponder a little. -- Denis Parsons Burkitt (1911-1993)

... a book without a reader is nothing more than bound-up paper. -- William Least Heat-Moon, Blue Highways, p. 420

Word Pages, Quote Pages and Rhyming Pages

alt.quotations FAQ
Behind the Name : Etymology and History of First Names
Promethan Quotation Collage
The Octothorpe
Parable of the Monkeys
Quotations : The Yale Book of Quotations
Quotations Page
Rhyme Zone Semantic Rhyming Dictionary
Samuel Johnson Sound Bite Page
They Thought You'd Say This
World Wide Words

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias and Major Works

The Absolute Amazing Web Site of Shakespeare's Sonnets
American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language
Bartlett's Familiar Quotations, 10th Edition
Cambridge History of English and American Literature : An Encyclopedia in Eighteen Volumes
Congresspedia Portal
Onelook Dictionary and Glossary List

Translation Pages

Babelfish : Text Translations
Babylon Translator, Dictionary, Converter
Daily Page for Students of English
Language Tools at Google.Com
Ethnologue : Languages Around the World
Jennifer's Language Page
Word Reference.Com : Online Spanish, German, French, and Italian
Tips for Developing Non-English Web Sites

Other Resources

Archives of PACS-L@
ArtChive (Mark Harden)
AT&T AnyWho Info
Big Book Yellow Pages
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
Elements of Style (Strunk)
English Literature on the Web
Literary Resources on the Net
Onion Patch
Owners Manuals.Com
University of Houston Libraries Home Page

Computer Resources

EASI : Information Technology and Disabilities
Wireless Networking in Libraries
A Gentle Introduction to SQL

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