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Axe Library - Technical Services Dept.


Technical Services consists of the related functions of acquisitions, cataloging and mending and is in charge of ordering, cataloging, and mending books and other Library materials.. Together with the Systems/Circulation Librarian, the Technical Services staff maintains the Library's on-line catalog system for patron use.


The Acquisitions Department identifies and orders the various Library materials needed to support the academic program of the University. Requests for materials are solicited from Library and other faculty, students and community patrons. Several thousand book requests are received and processed annually, as are many gift donations from Library users.

Choice cards are regularly distributed to faculty in various departments and reviewed by Library staff to assist in the selection of new materials. If an item has been selected, ordered, or received by the Library but is still being processed by Technical Services, the record for the item will display in our on-line catalog and the availability will reflect the current status. If you make a special request for an item which is then purchased by the Library, you will be notified when the item is available for your use.

The Library also provides a "Suggest a Library Purchase" form that members of the PSU community may fill out. We would be glad to know what specific titles our Library users find interesting.


The Cataloging Department describes and classifies all materials acquired by the Library by the Dewey Classification System. The description of the item includes author and title information, bibliographic descriptions (e.g., paging, size, illustrations) and subject headings, as well as other useful notes concerning the item (original title of translation, series titles, etc.). Once an item has been cataloged (described) and classified, the on-line record may be located by various searches, such as author, title, or subject (exact or keyword).

The Library is a member of OCLC, a computerized library network designed to share bibliographical data with other libraries (21,000+) worldwide. The information is used to perform various library functions, including material identification, cataloging and interlibrary loan.

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